1. NotSafeForWork says

    Transaltion: The phobic shift manager and GM fired her, but the franchise owner fearing expensive legal bills and a settlement did not sign off on the termination and is hoping “pretty please” that she will just let it go.

  2. colleen says

    I never understand this. Ladies’ rooms are invariably equipped with stalls for privacy. Any concern that a trans woman is merely a man posing as a woman for the opportunity to be a restroom predator is insulting, barring actual predatory behavior.

    I know it has happened in some schools, but have there been any cases of an adult transgender man being refused the use of a Men’s room by their employer?

  3. Tyler says

    Enchantra (Rick), you care. That’s why you posted that transphobic comment under the name Litper above, as well transphobic comments on the Le1f thread. It’s already been established you’re the same person. Just own up to your trolling.

  4. Timmy says

    Hey, if Towleroad is gonna be a tranny news source, it really should cover ALL the transgender news? You know, like this story from ABC News, which is being covered by news media all over the world:

    “A transgender woman accused of being a serial killer is blaming the 1990 murders of three prostitutes in Washington State on Douglas Perry, the person she identified as before her transition.

    Police allege that Perry shot the women and left their naked bodies on the banks of the Spokane River. She was arrested earlier this year and served jail time for federal weapons charges. Police say they matched Perry’s fingerprints to the crime scenes, according to the affidavit.

    When detectives interviewed Perry and asked why the murders had stopped, she replied, “Douglas didn’t stop, Donna stopped it,” according to the affidavit. Since then, Perry said she is “paranoid and emotional but won’t hurt anybody.”

    “I’m not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn’t. Donna has killed nobody,” she told police. When pressed if “Doug did” the killings, Perry replied, “I don’t know if Doug did or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did or did not,” according to the affidavit.”

    This is what LGBs get linked to when they accept the label LGBT.

  5. Barbara Marie says

    One uses the bath room for which they are dressed and should act accordingly to the sexual presentation. There are some guide lines that can be found if one goes to Lambda Legal on the use of a bath room. I am there for one thing, to perform a bodily function and leave.

  6. Thedrdonna says

    Hey Timmy, so would you say all gay men are like Jeffrey Dahmer? There are a few bad apples in any group. Only bigots seek to claim that everyone in that group is the same.

  7. Jere says

    So let me see if I understand their position correctly. If it was a woman transitioning to a man and because of hormone injections, top surgery and dress; they have a full beard and look and act like a man, they should still be required to use the ladies room? And THAT would not cause a stir among employees or customers? Right!

  8. Vanya says

    Jere, why should anyone have to deal with the consequences of transgender appearance issues?

    You create a bizarre appearance that makes most people uncomfortable to use the bathroom around you? Thats your problem. Go behind a bush. Or go before you leave home.

  9. Ayma Nidiot says

    As a transgendered McDonald’s employee, I sympathize with Ms. Bowens. I used the men’s room several times at my McDonald’s before a customer complained about it. My store manager effectively barred me from using the men’s room, or else I’d be fired. Luckily, however, there is a “family” restroom (a.k.a. gender-neutral) restroom in the Playplace.

    Still, it is grueling that places like McDonald’s would ever invoke such discrimination upon its employees.

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