1. Strepsi says

    re: ““We must make decisions that lead in the proper direction for all of our students and for our community.”

    MEMO to Sheridan School District Superintendent Brenda Haynes: gay students are PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY, you raving bigot.

    So are GAY PARENTS, who are school tax paying parents and citizens.

    Branda Haynes: go to one of your schools’ libraries. Find a dictionary. Look up the word “inalienable”, then gat back to us.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    “… to make decisions which are consistent with the mission of our school.”

    Is the mission of the school to preach heterosexual supremacy? Is it to promote homophobic bigotry? Because if it is to prepare students for life, then they are failing miserably.

  3. Dave. says

    It amazes me that they still think that policies as stupid and bigoted as this can make us either grow or shrink in number. Gay people exist in spite of your idiotic way of thinking. We will always exist. We always have. Your policies don’t make us get larger or smaller in number. The only thing that is growing is the number of people that now recognize that.

  4. Michael says

    Well, isn’t that special? They are protecting the interests of their community. And, the kid belongs to a special interest group. Nice REPUBLICAN ideas. Voters could change that. But, they won’t, at least until something that they are, be it black, female, poor or such comes up.

  5. UFFDA says

    This is outrageous and we’ve just had enough of it. It’s too bad Ms Haynes is going to lose her job but her ilk and her day are over. This is war and humane good sense is winning. Pack up your stupid Bible and move your cherry-picking bigotry back out to the sticks where it can die the slow death it has chosen.

  6. wct says

    If you are GLBT and living in Arkansas, get out as soon as possible. The state doesn’t deserve you.

    I left Baton Rouge, Louisiana 27 years ago and moved to Chicago…best decision I ever made. Me and my hubby had a chance purchase my father’s house (by relocating down there). Financially, we would have made a fortune.

    Out of curiosity, we checked the HRC ratings of the two cities:

    Chicago: 100 out of 100
    Baton Rouge: 7 out of 100

    Decision Made!

  7. kit says

    I grew up in Arkansas. I got the hell out. My relatives there always ask if I’m ever coming back. No. Never.

  8. Jonnycakes says

    Here is the text of what Taylor Ellis wrote according to Fox News 16.

    Let’s get it out there for everyone to read Andy and support this brave young man.

    Here’s a copy of the full profile, removed from the Sheridan High School yearbook:

    “I use to be scared to say that I’m gay,” Taylor Ellis, junior, said. “It’s not fun keeping secrets; after I told everyone, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.”
    Ellis’s “secret” was first shared in the summer of 2012, with his friend Joelle Curry, junior, and his mother, Lynn Tiley.
    “I wasn’t surprised at all,” Tiley said. “I don’t care because he’s my son, and I know he’s happier.”
    Ellis, who said he struggles with clinical depression, had just recently stopped taking his medication before telling his family.
    “I was going crazy, just wanting to tell people after I stopped taking them,” Ellis said.
    However, Ellis waited until spring break of 2013 to tell the rest of his peers; he did so through the social media site, Instagram.
    “I put it in my bio, and hashtagged pictures,” Ellis said. “When people would ask me about it, I just said ‘yes I am,’ and that was that.”
    Although the thought of coming out, and the repercussions of doing so, frightened Ellis at first, he found that most of the student body, as well as the teachers, were very accepting of him.
    “I wrote about it in Mrs. Williams class; it was when I first came out,” Ellis said. “She told me she was glad I shared that with her. We had a stronger bond after that, I think.”
    “He had poured himself into it,” Summer Williams, sophomore English teacher, said. “It was one of the best ones I read. I was just so proud of his openness, and his honesty. It was a risk; sharing that with his classmates, but they were very accepting. It was good for him. I could tell he felt better after writing about it.”
    Ellis found that while people do not treat him with disrespect, some do seem to be more distant.
    “Some guys are more reserved around me now,” Ellis said. “But not a lot of people have been mean about it, thank God. I’m actually in a good situation. I’m very lucky.”

  9. says

    Because if we all agree to pretend there are no gay people, that will mean gays don’t exist.

    This is merely an illogical extension of the illogical base assumption that if we all believe in an Invisible Sky Monster that will cause him to exist.

    So, internally, she is consistently illogical.

  10. gunther says

    Ok, Just a second…….
    Do any other yearbook student profiles list their sexuality? Just saying. Our desire for equality should not rest just on information of what we do at home.

    It can be argued that all yearbook pictures provide information on sexuality (or its availability, which is the case. ha!).

    If this is an attempt to join that club perhaps Taylor should have had his senior pictures taken with an outfit that “would leave no doubt” of who he is. Then a stronger case could be made of discrimination. It would be a more effective way to destroy that self-perpetuating provincial desire to whisper defamation, leading to quiet discrimination.

  11. mike/ says

    here is the actual “mission” statement from the high school’s website:

    “Mission Statement – Sheridan High School provides opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential in learning, integrity and citizenship within a safe school environment.”

    doesn’t sound so safe to me and ‘citizenship’ has equality as one of its cornerstones, as far as i remember.

  12. Hey Darlin' says

    “It is clear that the adults who have the responsibility for the operation of the district have the obligation to make decisions which are consistent with the mission of our school. We have done so.”

    In more and more high schools we are seeing the students are the ones who have to lead by example and not let the “adults” who are leading with their small mindedness guide them in reverse.

  13. Ted says

    “We must make decisions that lead in the proper direction for all of our students and for our community.” So she is making a judgement here indicating that being gay and coming to terms with that is the “wrong” direction? Seriously F-Off.

  14. woodroad34 says

    The State of Arkansas considers the Sheridan School District as “needing improvement”:

    The 18th edition of the Report Card on American Education from ALEC (a conservative educational advocacy group) shows that Arkansas is 45th in educational excellence (out of 50); however liberal groups denounce ALEC–but it’s interesting that Haynes own ideological groups don’t think her practices are effective.

    She, like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, are rouged pigs, has obviously strained the left side of her brain and let the right side atrophy. Children, this is why testing of cosmetics is essential–they obviously destroy the brain.

  15. says

    Trust the pathetic adults to feel emasculated by the strength, integrity and defiant courage of a young gay person who refuses to cower before them.

    I wonder how Brenda Haynes would feel having a record of her students committing suicide as part of her school legacy?

    I remember being a freshman in high school, getting my yearbook at the end of the school year and seeing two graduating males mentioning being gay, and PROUD, in their graduation blurbs. you best believe that inspired me.

  16. ToThePoint says

    Hope her c*nt rots out! For they are to stinkiest things on the planet….stinkier than diarrhea.

  17. Mike_in_Houston says

    With regard to the seven profiles, my guess is that the yearbook was planning to run profiles of seven students and, rather than get into a discrimination battle over pulling the one, the administration instead decided to pull all seven. This is similar to what I have read about schools who, rather than allow a gay-straight alliance club at the school, instead withdrew permission for there to be any clubs at all.

  18. Lexis says

    @Steve Rider – “Because if we all agree to pretend there are no gay people, that will mean gays don’t exist.”

    You nailed it.