Author Marcus Ewert Dishes On Physical Relationship With Allen Ginsberg And William Burroughs

“Basically he blew me; that was a big part of it. And he was really good at it. He did this thing where he had his hand and his mouth working at the same time, and he’d take time out to explain to me what he was doing….It’s very Allen that he’s always peppering anything he’s saying with little tutorials. But I was totally down for that—it was what I’d signed up for. I wanted the tutorial, I wanted to understand how the f–king world worked. I wanted somebody to help me and mentor me.”

William_burroughsEwert then talks about his desire to bed Burroughs (pictured). He said that when he met Burroughs, he got the feeling that Burroughs was worried that Ewert might reject him:

And Ewert didn’t flee, but rather returned the gesture, putting his hand on Burroughs’ knee and giving it a light squeeze. Even through the thick jeans, the poet’s leg felt bony and frail, which only turned Ewert on more. A skinny young thing himself, the idea that somebody found his frame attractive, even someone 57 years his senior, was an aphrodisiac. “It was like hugging my doppelganger, and that totally turned me on,” he says. They found themselves naked on the bed, engaged in what could be described as chaste, fumbling sex. No kissing, but a sweetness despite the absence of overt affection.

“I don’t think there was any oral at all, I think it was just hand jobs and humping. At one point I felt this little splash of fluid against my leg and, you know, he’d cum, and then I probably jerked myself off and came. And then we’re lying in bed in this post-orgasmic peace and after a while he goes, ‘Ah, that was great. That was the first time this has happened in years,’” Ewert recalls. “And I’m super happy because I had enjoyed it. Also, the little calculating, crusty 18-year-old part of me was excited by the fact that he hadn’t had sex in a long time. He’s already 70-whatever, and I’m guessing he’s not going to have a lot of sex besides me going forward—he’s not going to live that much longer. I was like, That’s awesome, I’ll go down in history as the last person to have had sex with William Burroughs. I don’t know if that’s totally true, but it gives you a sense of my mind-set at that time.”

Ewert also famously appeared shirtless on the cover of Deflowered, the second album by queercore band Pansy Division (below). Ewert is currently working on another children's book called Mummy Cat and a sequel to 10,000 Dresses.



  1. Ken says

    Feeling very stupid right now. I had to look up cisgender and I still don’t get it. The word is an oxymoron, right? Someone please explain.

  2. Homo Genius says


    surely the trans are not going to make us use that now. I mean the default for 99% of the pop is cisgender so there is no need to point that out

  3. john patrick says

    Ken, I found this on Wikipedia: “Cisgender and cissexual (often abbreviated to simply cis) describe related types of gender identity where an individual’s experience of their own gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth.[1] Sociologists Kristen Schilt and Laurel Westbrook define cisgender as a label for “individuals who have a match between the gender they were assigned at birth, their bodies, and their personal identity” as a complement to transgender.[2]”

    Why the word was used in this article, I have have no idea.

  4. kipp says


    Don’t feel stupid. The term isn’t an oxymoron; it refers to those whose gender identity matches their apparent/biological gender. As such, the ‘cis’ is merely redudant – but especially so when shoe-horned into an article whose topics don’t include transgender issues. It does, however, get people talking about transgender issues. In the right context, it can be a useful prompt for deeper thought. In this instance, it comes off more as attention seeking/axe-grinding.

  5. Confused But Not About Gender says

    Don’t you mean “openly cisgender”?

    What does that mean anyway?

  6. Nate says

    @Homo Genius You are disgusting and transphobic. I can’t wait for history to leave bigots like you in the dust.

  7. booka says

    Gee…sure, he was physically very pretty, but, that he was mentally a Star f*cking predator given to detailing his bad sex conquests; is decidedly ugly….no, hideous.

  8. Ken says

    Okay… I guess I actually understood the word correctly. It was the fact that it was placed in the article for no legitimate reason that had me confused. I feel as if I’m tiptoeing toward political incorrectness, but, come on, pointing out that someone is comfortable with their birth-gender seems a little extreme.

  9. BettyBoop says

    Csigender is an adjective thats totally not required for this story.

    Transgender people are estimated to be less than one percent of the population (the DSM1 IV says 1 in 30 thousand males are transgendered and probably 1 in 100 thousand females) So wouldn’t that be like identifying people as two legged or having ten fingers in every story? No one feels the need to say he wasn’t struck by lightning or that he hasn’t been in a plane crash. Same odds.

    Transgender people deserve the same respect as everyone else, but cmon the word csigender is only appropriate in the context of articles about transgender people. The only reason the word csigender appears in this story is that the author learned a new word today or took a women’s study course at a community college.

  10. Homo Genius says

    @nate plz. its a word made up by trans on usenet!

    But the author did not use the correct pronoun. He should be referred to a cis man

  11. cooley says

    The reason it’s mentioned that he is cis is because his book 10,000 Dresses deals with a transgendered kid.

    The topic of the kids book wasn’t explicitly discussed, but anyone who knew that might wonder.

  12. freak says

    Oh just stop with the cisgender crap, Villy. We all know you were hired to push your trans status down our “ignorant” gay throats, at least be honest

  13. Homo Genius says

    @cooley I think few people would get confused and think burroughs and Ginsberg were into tranny jailbait

  14. Íñigo Montoya says

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  15. kipp says


    Aha – I read the coverage about 10K Dresses but hand’t thought of it. So the cisgender wasn’t entirely non-sequiter – just a little shoe-horned.

  16. JMC says

    lmao @ the way he talked about potentially being the last guy to ever have sex with Burroughs, oh my god. He was quite the little star fvcker. Can’t say our list of celebrities we’d shamelessly give it up to are at all similar but good for him for getting what he wanted.

  17. phil says

    So he had sex with someone 57 years older than him and now he’s bragging about it for attention? Pathetic and disgusting.

  18. phil says

    So he had sex with someone 57 years older than him and now he’s bragging about it for attention? Pathetic and disgusting.

  19. petes says

    Why does the gay community always feign such horror when when being accused of being paedophiles, then turn around and celebrate paedophiles like this?

    I think it’s time to stop reading this blog.

  20. MaryM says

    Surely the fact that Ewert is ‘openly gay’ implies that he is cisgender.

    Why has that word been shoehorned into this article in such a ridiculous and unnecessary manner.

    Are the trannies complaining again?

  21. says

    The article refers to Ewert as an underaged boy. That simply is not true. According to his account he was 17 and the age of consent for Colorado is 17. People stupidly use “underage” to mean various things from under 21, to under 18, to under the age of consent. It should be only used in relationship to the law. A 17 year old is not an “underage driver,” but a 13 year old would be. The laws vary but in most states age of consent for sexual purposes is actually below 18, typically around 16. In fact, Ewert’s relationship would not be considered underage in 40 of the states.

  22. says

    underage has always referred to anyone under 18. As you “come of age” at 18. I don’t know what you’re going on about.

    Also you transphobes need to stop acting like the word cisgender just came about in the past year or something, it’s been around for as long as gender identity. If you were born a male(you have a penis) and live your life as male you are cisgender. It’s not that hard to work out.

  23. elgar says

    I can understand why a lot of men wouldn’t liking the term cisgender. Whether grammatically correct or not, It sounds like sissy or ‘sis, words with connotations and labels that most men are brought up to avoid.

  24. Charlie says

    Ginsberg was a card-carrying member of the very real (at the time) NAMBLA and a toad who consumed underage male like they were Kleenex. He couldn’t be left in the room with a teen age boy for fifteen minutes. I have several friends who had to fight off the aggressive advances of that hairy midget.

    I know: his poetry. But yuck, the archetype abusive guru or false Buddha.

  25. James says

    Someone really should write a book about gay men and the sexual appeal of fame. Maybe Andy Cohen could write the intro.

  26. B. Wilson says

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. The use of the term ‘cisgender’ in describing someone should not be causing so much emotion and vileness.
    There is no denying that trans rights/awareness is years behind that of the LGB community. There is no denying that there is a significant amount of transphobia (of varying degrees) in both the LGB and straight populations — both groups can be just as vile in their transphobia/hatred.
    We are entering a time when the trans community is working on visibility and awareness and are making some small strides in getting their legal rights recognized.
    In an ideal and future world, the designation of both cis- and trans- labels will be irrelevant to almost all stories. But, as a cis gay man (yeah, I used it) I don’t mind being reminded by seeing the term (in fairly irrelevant contexts) that there are trans folks (and they are struggling too).
    Fighting for our rights and building awareness of both communities is NOT a zero-sum game (though the system wants us to act that way to keep us down..and we keep buying into it).
    I expect this kind of reaction to the use of the word cisgender to describe someone from the straight world. I want this discussion to happen there.
    I expect the LGB community to get over themselves and realise that just as we expect others to work on ridding themselves of their homophobia/heterosexism, we must do the same with our transphobia….and there is apparently more work to do than I thought with our own community.

  27. B. Wilson says

    And, after reading some of the comments here (and elsewhere)…..I’m going to start using the term cisgender to describe myself in my professional and personal bios.
    Apparently, I am going to piss off some folks, and get their insecurities on full throttle.
    I can take the heat. It’s time we, the cisgender LGB community, give a helping hand in whatever way the trans community needs, to at least increase awareness and education of trans issues.
    You know, the kind of support we had (or wished we had) when we were in the closet with no rights.
    It’s not political correctness (aka respect), it’s about compassion.
    We will live in a better world when we all become a bit more compassionate and empathetic.

  28. MaryM says

    I think the word cisgender is actually typical trannie homophobia.

    Cis is too close to sissy.

    And we call know that that trannies are very often deeply and viciously homophobic.

    I find the term cisgender offensive.

    So if trannies continue to use it then they have no justification being upset by being referred to as trannies.

  29. MaryM says

    It really is time for the trannie movement to be separated from the LGB movement.

    If the trannies insist on using homophobic words like cisgender then clearly they are not our allies.

  30. Graphicjack says

    Lol… Rick is really working his aliases overtime today. I think the reason most (sane) people would object to being labelled as cisgender is because it’s a label we don’t really identify with. Labels are tricky, and loaded with meanings and stereotypes that people who may technically fit that label don’t appreciate. Asians don’t like to be called oriental because that technically means “foreign” or unusual, and has no relevance to what part of the world their ancestors came from. Look how many words people of colour used before settling on “black” or African American? No one wants a label put on them that has a derogatory or inflammatory meaning, or is just a word they don’t identify with. I can’t get too worked up about being cisgender, but it’s a word I don’t really relate to, and it seems silly to call myself that when the vast majority of the population is cisgender. I was born with one one set of (male) sex organs and am therefore not intersexed (formally called a hermaphrodite) but as far as I know, no ones come up with a word for this, because again, it would cover the vast majority of the human population.

    Usually the only time I have heard anyone being called cisgender end or cis, was from someone who was transgendered and it often came across as derogatory. I have no issue with respecting what the trans community wants to call itself (enough with the word “tranny” assholes) but I don’t see why they also get to call me cis when it’s a word I don’t really identify with. I’ll fight for trans rights, but I’ll also fight for the right to label myself the way I want to be labelled. Stop calling us cis if you want the GLB and straight community to stop calling you “tranny”. Seems fair to me.

  31. MaryM says

    Well GraphicJack – this is not an article about trannies or written by a tranny.

    Why therefore is this person referenced as cisgender person when the story has NOTHING to do with tranny issues?

  32. Rafa in Toronto says

    I’ve just come to an awakening that I’m cis-statured.

    Not only am 6’1″ in height, but I feel within myself an certain congruence with my biological condition. The ability to reach things on high shelves, to walk quickly on the sidewalk with long strides, and to see well, even within crowds… these consequences of my physical condition are things I feel internally at one with.

    I’ve never felt the need to come out as cis-statured, until this article helped me gain and reclaim this self-awareness…

  33. bipedal cis-statured cisgendered homosexual in Toronto says

    I’ve should also add that I am also bipedal. After two long wars, there are soldiers who have returned from war with missing limbs. At the same time, babies are occasionally born with missing limbs for a variety of reasons. Neither of these conditions apply to me, hence my bipedal condition.

  34. Rowan says

    It’s so boring that we can’t say anything w/o being called transphobic!? Like get a grip and not everyone is a troll, in fact the one’s who keep on tediously claiming that Rick is writing all this stuff are in fact trolling. I have a funny feeling Rick left this place a long time ago. He had an agenda but he also had something very inept and intellectual about the way he wrote. He was ALWAYS well written but you guys missed that with your blind rage at what he wrote.

    None of these sound like Rick. Get over it.

    The cis thing p*ssed me off to because it’s not a real word and just because wiki says so doesn’t mean it’s real. It exists only in the LGBT bubble and has not been properly vetted by academic bodies.

    And I don’t think there is anything wrong with this article per se but I do think there is something wrong with how it’s been reported as something good…what an odd creepy kid.

  35. anon says

    I think I’m going to gag. Ginsberg helped to finance and promote NAMBLA, and you can bet that whoever this guy was, his success is somehow attached to the connections he made through Ginsberg.

  36. Stan says

    I’m surprised by all the negative comments. I found the telling of this story and others related that I found to be honest and touching. I doubt that Ginsberg or Burroughs would object to the fond and forthright remembrance. I remember my own explorations and sentiments with older men when I was of a similar age, and the similarities were not diminished by the fact that my acquaintances were not prominent in their time and fields.

  37. John says

    Sad story regardless of the label. Definitely not full of gay pride or even insightful into what creative people all of these men were or are. Surely, the descriptions of sex were beyond immature and all of the story truly only useful to the man selling his connections to eek out an existence. StarF**uker would have applied to shallow screen legends. Our literary men only raise the profile of a young naked buck to truck stop interlude. Actually, the story would have been more of “read” if the young buck reached to unknown fellows and gave them a last cyclone ride while racking up frequent flyer miles. Though, even straight people have this gossip literature — true or enhanced for our entertainment. Pity the oldest profession in the world is hard to perform as we age. It leads to memoirs.

  38. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Stop with the cisnonsense already.

    I fully support the trans community, but that doesn’t mean I have to support everything anyone in the silly fringe of that community says or does. I get why some people want it, but you just sound stupid saying it.

    There’s nothing wrong with being trans and insisting on counter-labeling the rest of the world just makes you look silly or ashamed.

  39. Chris says

    I see that Daniel Villarreal is doing the same sort of transcentric, poorly written reporting here that he did on other blogs.
    “Cisgendered” is a nonsense word that serves no actual purpose in the language. It is a term used by the trans community in order to degrade and slur anyone who is not trans. It’s silly and insulting and I don’t understand why any blog operator would tolerate it.

  40. KHW says

    Many of the people making comments here sound like heterosexuals who would whine and moan about being called “straight.” After all, it’s just a word heterosexual-hating homosexuals made up. And why do we need a word for heterosexuals anyway. I think its just makes sense to assume that everyone is “straight” since there are hardly any homosexuals around. Plus “gay” used to be such a nice word.

  41. MaryM says

    I think that the deliberate and nonsensical use of ‘cisgender’ in this article about gay pederasts is actually very sinister and homophobic.

  42. Derrick from Philly says


    I’m with you today. I’ve tried to read these comments, and I can’t understand a motha’ f.ckin’ thing anybody is saying.

    I’m not lying. Is it alcohol damage.

  43. entrepoid says

    in the first week that i came out, one guy tried the come on that he had had sex with Ginsberg. Of course I didn’t have sex with him – the idea that this sort of thing makes one interesting or attractive is as puzzling now as it was 37 years ago.

  44. Chaz says

    Apart from anything else Ginsberg was perhaps the ugliest homosexual ever to walk the Earth and his ethical postures were strictly that: fake hippy poses designed to get into doe-eyed morons’ underwear.

    He was the corrupt swami par excellence.

  45. Paul R says

    I think cisgender is a rather pointless term, but I’m not losing sleep over it. I will point out that “cis” isn’t meant to sound like sissy. Cis is the Latin term (prefix) for “on this side of” or “on the near side.” So it’s meant to be the opposite of “trans,” which means “across,” “beyond,” or “on the opposite side of.”

    If you assess cisgender or transgender using those very literal definitions, neither seems particularly appealing or flattering. Trying to make widespread use of cisgender isn’t going to do the transgender community any favors, as indicated by the comments above (even ignoring the needlessly hateful ones).

  46. chevytexas says

    Oh, I dunno… at 63, I’m always (okay, twice) taken by surprise when a ‘kid’ makes an advance. It’s not erotic, it only amuses as I recall certain Institutions themselves accosting me (centuries ago). Today, it just gives me a mental image of Burroughs and Pauly Shore lol