1. bandanajack says

    they fit the backing track nicely, but i’m not at all sure it needs one. brilliant rhetoric.

  2. edude says

    PSB, by putting their music to those words, are going to get them much more exposure, across the board.

    Just my gay opinion. :)

  3. theotherlee says

    TIGERMAN, what about the message don’t you like?

    As far as the added PSB track.. I like it, I just think it’s too loud. You can barely hear Panti at some points.

  4. peterparker says

    Her speech is brilliant, and anything to get the message out there is a great thing.

  5. NOTICE says

    ok i liked the speech, and i like the pet shop boys, but this combo is a trainwreck for me.

    i think the music couldn’t dilute and detract from the message more. it makes it seem totally trivial.

  6. Rich says

    The backing track drains the power from the speech. Panti’s original pauses and silences are effective, and the edits and extended music passages don’t enhance it, unfortunately. You really have to hear the emotion in Panti’s voice while speaking about the internalized self-hate that can result from homophobia to be moved by it.

    I don’t mean to knock Pet Shop Boys — their intentions were good — it’s just that the project’s outcome distracts from the message in this case.

    Just search “Panti homophobia speech” for the original.