Justin Bieber Swears at Court Reporter in Miami Deposition: VIDEO

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I had started to like him when he first turned into a bad boy–even though I’ve never heard him sing a note. But now I don’t know. That little motha’ f.cka’ is out of control.

  2. Emma says

    Im a fan of him, yes i’m young but right now I don’t care.
    I know his behaviour hasn’t been very good lately and I don’t support that. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I have to. I will always be a fan of his no matter what happens too. I just want you to imagine being exactly where he is right now with the media in his face, and also having the law to deal with. You would probably feel the exact same way if you were in his position. Reading these other comments is really pissing me off. Just imagine dealing with the stress he is dealing with. I don’t doubt you people haven’t hummed his songs once or twice while walking on the street!

  3. mike says

    He’s one of those young celebs who’s going to one day be about 45 and fat and totally unattractive. Probably will have squandered through much of his money and be living in some low-rent-by-the-week Hollywood apartment.

  4. Rad says

    Thanks to George Takei, I understand that there was a high school in Chicago that played JB’s “Baby” in between class as a fundraiser, having students pay for it to stop. They raised over $3000.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    Don’t you fret. He’s still a star to your generation. Hopefully, he’ll mature and behave responsibly (unlike me and a few others who come to this blog).

  6. says

    this is what happens when an uneducated child is used by all the adults around them for their money – everyone says yes to him, nobody calls him on his s**t and he’s on a doomed path. this will not end well.

  7. Ryan says

    Court-mandated rehab or a minor prison sentence would be a kindness to him at this point. If the law does not put its foot down on Bieber in at least some way, there’s every chance that kids are going to be reading about some tragedy involving Bieber.

    But the scariest thing is it could as easily be a DUI hit and run type of thing as it could be an OD. His actions effect other people and he’s shown no evidence to suggest he understands that.

  8. Kurt says

    All this talk in the gay community about how terrible bullying is….and yet right here we’ve got presumed adults getting their rocks off bullying and abusing a teenager. Ironic, hypocritical and sad.

  9. says

    Like most tween popstars, Justin Bieber had a limited period of popularity before his audience either moves on to the next Flavor of the Month or they reach puberty and develop better taste in music.

    Bieber’s latest concert film bombed and lasted in theaters as half as long as a jar of mayo in the sun. His newest singles have flopped, and most of his fans have moved onto One Direction, much like they latched onto Justin after they grew tired of the Jonas Brothers.

    Poor little boy is trying so hard to shed his teenybopper image in order to stay relevant, but is failing much like David Cassidy did when he posed quit the Partridge Family naked on the cover of Rolling Stone. The few pop singers whose careers made to it adulthood – like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake – succeeded because they had TALENT, not because they peed in buckets and slept with Brazilian transsexual hookers.

  10. jjose712 says

    When a teen star talks a lot (and sings) about his religious beliefs and how he wants to remain virgin till marriage, you could predict he (or she) will melt down sooner or later.

    In this case, he really wanted to be a bad boy (who is ridiculous beyond belief because he looks as innofensive as a love bear) and that speeded the process

  11. Fern says

    I really hate the way people bully him too. It must be tough being hated by the entire world. I don’t blame him for being angry, I would be too. Hope he steers his life into a more stable place and people back off with all the hate.

  12. ratbastard says

    Does this young man have any redeeming feature? And yes, he’s obviously many peoples (family, ‘friends’, hanger-ons, etc.) meal ticket. I’m afraid for him his marketability is fading fast. His 20s are going to be rough, and if he makes it to his 30s….he’s in for a rude awakening.

  13. Fern says

    He’s responded on twitter:

    Justin Bieber ‏@justinbieber 6 hrs
    Love how some people love to twist and justify the horrible action of others. We all have a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed

  14. Bill says

    Guys, the disposition was 4 1/2 hours long. What would a video of the same length with the same number of segments show if the segments were selected at randomly distributed times? TMZ claimed to have cherry picked the segments so how representative those are is a legitimate question.

    Also, how did TMZ get this stuff? You’d think a lawyer would not make a disposition public before a trial in order to avoid prejudicing a case by revealing material that a judge would rule is not admissible, thus making jury selection more difficult.

    I really am not interested in the personal life of some kid, but a question of whether people are trying to interfere with the right to a fair trail by releasing material that should not be made public at this point is a different matter.

  15. SpaceCadet says

    I don’t believe in bullying the kid but he is clearly feeling very entitled when he should be humbled with all of the success he’s had. Instead he’s self-destructing, destroying his career, and alienating his fan base. Usher and Justin Timberlake both turned 20 in the spotlight without all of the tabloid shenanigans.

  16. Liam says

    The headline is wrong. He swore at the opposing counsel not the court reporter. This deposition is nasty as they often are. This is about his bodyguard being sued by the poparatzi who claims the bodyguard beat him up. Justin got upset when the lawyers started asking him about Selena Gomez who was not there and has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The opposing lawyers are being jerks and he was not putting up with it. I am no Justin fan, I find his behavior of late to be asinine but this deposition was nasty and he had every right to be as uncooperative as possible. They are at war here.

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