Brooklyn Nets to Sign Jason Collins for the Rest of the Season


Jason Collins will sign with the Brooklyn Nets for the remainder of the season, ESPN reports:

Sources told on Tuesday that the Nets, who feel they're getting everything they expected from Collins when they signed him for frontcourt depth Feb. 23, are already operating under the premise that the 34-year-old will finish the season with them even though his second 10-day deal doesn't expire until after Friday. Sources say that the internal expectation all along was that Collins would be a Net for the rest of the season, from the moment he signed his first 10-day deal, as long he proved that he could still be an effective defender, which he did immediately.

Great news!


  1. Ryan says

    Robbie Rogers and Jason Collins are definitely making it easier for the next out athletes. Here’s hoping Michael Sam’s draft goes well and someone comes out soon in the MLB, too.

    Then it can start to be normal.

  2. Gaiboi says

    I am so proud of Jason! I too have never purchased a sports jersey in my life, but I will definitely be purchasing one now!

    I was waiting and hoping, before I dropped the cash on the jersey, that he would be offered a season contract! Congrats Jason!

    Now I’m waiting to purchase my first football jersey, hoping Michael Sam will be picked up soon! Wow, this sports thing is becoming quite expensive!

    But hey, my boys are out there and I’m gonna support them!

  3. SoLeftImRight says

    I’m a sports fan, but I also don’t really ever buy player jerseys. I got my #98 in the mail today, and am going to my first Nets game on Monday. Keep in mind the following if you order a jersey from (or, I think, from any authorized outlet):

    “All proceeds from the sale of this jersey will be donated to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the Matthew Shepard Foundation.”

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