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Adele Makes People Gay, Says 'Doctor' in UK Program About 'Ex-Gay' Quackery: VIDEO


On a UK Channel 4 tabloid-style show being broadcast tonight, Dr. Christian Jessen visits some mostly U.S.-based quack therapists who offer harmful gay 'reparative therapy' to ask them to (the show's title) Cure Me, I'm Gay.

The Telegraph writes:

The names of the treatments are appalling enough: aversion therapy (offered on the NHS well into the Eighties); gay rehab; reparative therapy; deliverance. And if he understandably doesn’t try them all, his enquiries strike a neat balance between laughing at the absurdity of the theories and highlighting how dangerous they are when levelled at vulnerable people. As he points out, therapy is usually intended to build up self-esteem, rather than shatter it.

But Jessen is no journalist, and finds it hard to maintain an emotional distance as brainwashed teenagers inform him that homosexuality is caused by demons. There’s also a feeling that he lets his quarries off the hook: while unmasking arrant nonsense is easy enough, he doesn’t really challenge, or engage, with their arguments face to face.

SmidSeveral of the "doctors" he visits with may be familiar to Towleroad readers. One in particular, Dr. John Smid, ran the Love in Action ministry for gay 'reparative therapy' in Tennessee. Smid came out of the closet in 2011 and now says gays cannot change their sexuality, and has since retired.

So, who knows what approach Smid is taking to this program - if he's recommending his old nonsense for the fee that Channel 4 is paying him — because according to media reports he tells Jessen on the program that if he wants to cure his gayness he should stop listening to Adele:

Retired doctor John Smid from Texas offers rehab and orders him to strip his life of things that encourage him to be gay. He throws out Jessen’s Adele CD and tells him: “Adele is very popular within the gay community. You have to listen to Christian music.”

Smid also makes him bin his tight undies claiming they will “stir his sensuality” and make him want sex.

Looks like Richard Cohen also makes an appearance. Wonder if he'll do any pillow beating?

Watch a preview of the show, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I can't even bring myself to watch the video. I lived through that experience. Maybe in a hundred years or so the world will stop torturing gay people.

    Posted by: HL | Mar 18, 2014 9:17:48 AM

  2. I'm confused. Has Smid reverted to his old ways?

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Mar 18, 2014 9:36:34 AM

  3. So many closet cases......

    Posted by: styler | Mar 18, 2014 10:00:49 AM

  4. Malpractice. Nothing less.

    Posted by: Joel | Mar 18, 2014 10:49:33 AM

  5. The quote above, and the reference to my reaffirming ExGay ministry is false. Any statements that may have reflected this perspective would have only been made prior to 2008 when I was still involved in ExGay ministry.

    I do not know why, or how that may have been reported. In the documentary, they came to me and asked me to do a "mock" intake to the program I used to be part of.

    I haven't seen the documentary so I don't know how they have used this recording. The mock intake was followed by a secondary interview while they were here, with me speaking of the falsehoods in the process and the harms done by wrongly applying addiction recovery techniques to people who were not addicts. We spent quite a bit of time going over the inappropriately applied techniques

    Posted by: John J. Smid | Mar 18, 2014 10:53:27 AM

  6. I'm also not a Doctor! It's so strange that this has been reported. The producers came to me for an interview and asked me to do a mock interview like I used to do at LiA. Then they said they wanted me to review the intake and debunk the things we used to do.

    We talked about the way we misapplied addiction recovery techniques for people who are not addicts and how this produced harm.

    In our program, we didn't allow secular music and would have never said "Adele makes you gay".

    Somewhere along the line this documentary and the promotion has gone way off track.

    Posted by: John J. Smid | Mar 18, 2014 10:56:35 AM

  7. I'm a Gay Atheist that has been listening to Sandi Patty for over 25 years. I'm neither straight nor a Christian.

    Posted by: elwoodl | Mar 18, 2014 11:00:03 AM

  8. I was so disappointed in the production values of Adele recordings, I was tempted to throw them out too.

    Posted by: anon | Mar 18, 2014 11:57:08 AM

  9. @ John J. Smid, if the programme makers and Channel 4 have seriously misrepresented you, you can approach an official organisation in the UK called Ofcom, which can compel Channel 4 to make an on-air apology to you or they can even fine them and force a public apology.

    You can contact them via www.ofcom.org.uk/‎

    Alternatively, you could mention to Channel 4 that it is remarkably easy to prove libel in English courts and substantial damages are regularly awarded.

    However I'd wait to see the programme first, if I were you. Channel 4 is one of the more reputable broadcasters in the UK and Dr Christian Jessen would suffer severe professional reputation troubles if he - an openly gay man - was totally misrepresenting another openly gay man.

    Posted by: dazzer | Mar 18, 2014 12:12:09 PM

  10. I watched the video, but I couldn't see anything other than Dr. Christian's hotness. I might have watched it twice.

    Posted by: JDH | Mar 18, 2014 3:51:50 PM

  11. John Smid has completely renounced ex-gay therapy and openly advocates for LGBT people. He has been doing so for quite some time now.

    Posted by: Michael Bussee | Mar 18, 2014 5:29:07 PM

  12. I can't wait to see this whole program! Please post it when it airs.

    Posted by: Marc | Mar 18, 2014 5:44:32 PM

  13. John J Smid, having watched your section of the show, I can reassure you that you are not misrepresented.

    You are presented in the way you describe above - except you did make the Adele crack. Other than that, you come across as an intelligent, witty and silver foxxy.

    The show also refers to you as a therapist and not a doctor. And it tells about your history in gay therapies that reflect positively on you.

    I'd definitely suggest you watch it.

    I hope this reassures you. And, once again, Sir, you are definitely in the major silver fox club.

    Posted by: dazzer | Mar 18, 2014 6:28:38 PM

  14. The problem is, at this point in the western world, this programme just seems like sensationalistic trolling. Because ex-gay "therapy" is about as pseudo-scientific as ghost hunting shows. What next? "Voodoo - Can it raise the dead? Next week on Channel 4!"

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Mar 18, 2014 7:25:12 PM

  15. Maybe someone can explain this......I was not aware of Adele until my sister told me and I was gay before I heard of Adele......kind of blows this asinine and ludicrous theory.........

    Posted by: Bernie | Mar 18, 2014 7:28:03 PM

  16. Just to clarify, having watched the programme:
    Smid is mentioned in the show as having renounced his beliefs in ex-gays and is said to be living with a "male partner."
    He only says what he says as a representation of a typical reparative therapy view, a view he NO LONGER holds.
    It's not Channel 4 that's misrepresented him, but the media reporting, which have only looked at what he said, and not on the fact that he was saying what he WOULD have said before he renounced ex-gay nonsense.

    Posted by: Freddie | Mar 19, 2014 9:28:39 PM

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