DNC Treasurer Andy Tobias Expresses Frustration About Lack of ‘ENDA’ Executive Order

Add Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andrew Tobias to the growing list of individuals expressing concern over why President Obama has yet to issue an executive order barring LGBT discrimination among federal contractors, calling its absence “frustrating and perplexing.”

The Washington Blade reports that Tobias made the comments in an off-the-record listserv for LGBT donors:

Andrew tobias“I agree 100% with those who say it should be signed, 100% with those who believe we should keep pressing, and 100% with those who say it’s frustrating and perplexing,” Tobias wrote. “But I think we would be crazy to let it diminish our efforts to hold the Senate, get Nancy her gavel back, and lay the groundwork for a huge LGBT supporter to win the White House in 2016. (All our plausible 2016 nominees are huge LGBT supporters.)”

Tobias, who’s gay, confirmed to the Washington Blade the email indeed came from him as did other individuals on the listserv, who said the message came from his email account on Wednesday. Notably, these individuals said Tobias told LGBT donors in his email that listserv members should feel free to quote him as expressing those views. Tobias also told the Blade to quote him as such.

The paper notes that the remarks are striking for Tobias, who has a reputation for tamping down criticism and concern over the Obama administration and the DNC for not doing enough on LGBT rights.

Earlier this month, a prominent gay activist accused DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-FL) of discouraging Democratic lawmakers from signing a letter asking President Obama to issue the executive order.


  1. bkmn says

    Obama ran, promising to be a “fierce advocate” but has been anything but. If equality is not extended to the LGBT community by executive order I will be sure to let my local Democratic organizer know why they won’t be seeing any funds from me.

    I’m tired of lip service. Don’t yank my chain again and expect to get rewarded kids.

  2. steve talbert says

    The only movement the Obama admin has made on hay rights was after visible and vocal protests by gay people and supporters. Dems were given a generational majority and squandered it. We don’t need more Dems, we need better ones.

  3. says

    The ideal end to the quote — my fault for omitting it, not the reporter’s — would have been:

    “And let me add the obvious: the REASON it’s perplexing we haven’t gotten the E.O. is that this President has done SOOOOO much more to advance equality, in countless ways by now, than all prior Presidents in history combined. So while it’s perplexing, I have to assume there’s some reason for the delay that can’t be shared with us. I just hope this doesn’t have to go on much longer, because it has human costs we all, certainly including the President, seek to avoid.”

    Something like that.

    Because it would be such a shame — and so incredibly self-defeating — to discourage the community from supporting a big pro-LGBT turn-out in November. So much hangs in the balance.

    Everyone who loves Andy Towle (who doesn’t?) should be registered to vote and should turn out November 4 to hold the Senate, get Nancy Pelosi her gavel back, flip anti-gay state legislatures and governorships blue, and lay the groundwork for a hugely pro-LGBT nominee to win the WH in 2016.

  4. Lemonade says

    A message coming to you from the land of the free – wait – the land of the free if you ain’t a f**.

    America is like a fierce dichotomy; it can’t decide if it wants to be more like [Northwestern Europe & Canada] or [Africa & Russia]. Time will tell what attitude an approach America will choose; maybe it will forever remain this emulsified mess. Gay rights for some, anti-gay oppression for others.

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