Don Lemon Tries to Outdo Ellen with News Media Selfie at Gay Journalist Fundraiser: PHOTO


NLGJA's Javi Morgado, Amy Robach, Tiki Barber, Ronan Farrow, Ashleigh Banfield, Jamie Colby, Rick Reichmuth, Sally Kohn, and FOX News anchor Shepard Smith all appear in a selfie taken by Don Lemon at the  National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association fundraiser on Thursday night in New York City.

Tweeted Lemon: "#Ellen has nothing on our @nlgja selfie."

While the annual fundraiser attracts both LGBT journalists and allies in media, Shepard Smith's decision to attend drew the internet's attention earlier this week when it was thought he might use the occasion to come out of the closet.

No such revelation took place.

The Blade adds:

A Gawker reporter with whom the Blade spoke outside the venue said Smith took a picture of him with his cell phone as he walked to his car. The Fox News anchor rushed past the reporter as he tried to ask him questions.


  1. David From Canada says

    Good to see Ronan Farrow there. I don’t think he is officially out yet, but by showing up he is making an important and supportive statement.

  2. Mike8787 says

    So, is Sheppard Smith officially out, then? Or just attending public gay fundraisers while being in the closet?

  3. says

    Shep drunkenly hit on me HARD one night when i was bartending in HK – “so, when do you get off work? we should go out”

    me: “I’d rather eat glass”

    he’s a creep. and, from what i’ve heard, he’s already using his Fox Money to buy the affections of some sad low-standard piece of GOProud-worthy young meat.

  4. melvin says

    It’s a shame that as a journalist Lemon can only aspire to mediocrity. He seems a harmless enough nitwit otherwise.

  5. Ryan says

    I hate this trend, more than anything else I think. Please famous people. Stop doing this.

  6. Jon says

    Wonder what phone/camera they used. Perhaps he had the iPhone lens reversed. Resolution is terrible.

  7. bford says

    “Tries to Outdo Ellen”

    Tries and fails. I only recognize two of those people, and that’s only after reading the caption explaining who they actually are.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    Where’s Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow and that msnbc guy to make it complete?

    And I think Shepard Smith is basically unofficially out. Has he actually done anything wrong? I don’t make it a habit of watching FOX News but whenever a gay issue has been brought up he has always been supportive.

  9. AG says


    have you started believing that your dreams were true?

    Also, no matter how creepy Shep is, he couldn’t possibly outcreep the little ball of hate that you’re.

  10. Derrick from Philly says


    Yes, you’re right. I think SAM and UFFDA are practicing lip synching for next year’s RuPaul’s Drag Race competition.

    I’ll put my money on “The Many Faces of Rick”

  11. AG says

    Derrick, I am NOT Rick! Isn’t it possible. Just because multiple commenters have a different, or modified, point of view from the legion lock-step clones that close rank around their Politically Chic opinions heroes does not mean we’re the same person.

  12. AG says

    Why do we always accuse Rick of anything when we all know that kiwi almost openly impersonates regular commenters?

    My comment at 3:18PM mocked kiwi’s tale. 18 minutes later, at 3:36PM, kiwi made a post using my handle. He doesn’t even deny what he does. Only people unfamiliar with him and the site could get confused.

  13. says

    Dear Towleroad, new commenting system please. You’ll see a marked decrease in bigotry from crazy people whose opinions are beyond worthless.

  14. AG says


    If kiwi was not upset at my post, he could pose as SAM and UFFDA. That would be funny and confusing in this thread–that was an embarrassing glitch for somebody behind SAM and UFFDA. But kiwi is too thin-skinned and predictable.

  15. Tyler says

    AG, Uffda, Sam (you’re one person so I’ll just call you Rick from now on), you’re trolling is getting sloppy. Online bullying and cowardice is all you have, so suggest you work on your skills. Get it together, Rick!

  16. Craig S says

    AG, actually “we” don’t “all” know that Kiwi is the one posting fake comments under your name or Sam’s or Uffda’s or Rick’s — if he’s admitted or even implied that somewhere then I missed it, and I’ve seen no indication anywhere else either that anybody else’s knowledge of the situation lines up with your assumptions. *Nobody* but the four of you who’ve made it your life’s mission to stalk Kiwi’s every move on here “knows” any such thing.

    At any rate, the faked comments are typically an ironic *parody* of the person whose nick is being signed to them — and the Uffda/Sam burp above isn’t operating on that level at all.