1. Michel says

    I DO adore Ellen but I was not impressed this year by her hosting performance. Some funny moments but lots of awkward ones. And she flubbed many introductions. I hope Tina and Amy are asked next year.

  2. Gr8guyca says

    It would be nice to think that the selfie was a spontaneous idea, but it
    wasn’t. Samsung was a major sponsor of the whole show and using
    the Galaxy phone was a product placement deal. As you can tell, it went
    better than anyone imagined. Samsung got its money’s worth.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    What was that they were all drinking in the very last scene. It was in champagne glasses but was sure as hell not champagne. Fizzy apple juice ? Is Hollywood now so PC that real champagne is a no-no? Like no one is supposed to know that anybody actually drinks alcohol…

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