Ethiopian Legislation Would Make Criminal Sentences of Homosexuality ‘Non-pardonable’

The quickly escalating anti-gay trend in many African countries, including Uganda, has tacked on a new bill, this one aimed at increasing the potency of a law already in place.

EthiopiaLegislation states that Ethiopians found guilty on charges of same-sex acts can be imprisoned for up to 15 years, and persons found guilty of engaging in same-sex acts which transmitted HIV are susceptible to 25 years. Now, the Council of Ministers will likely approve a bill which would make those persons unpardonable by the president.

Mail & Guardian reports:

Ethiopia's president often pardons thousands of prisoners during the Ethiopian New Year. When the Bill becomes law, the president will lose his power to pardon prisoners facing charges ranging from homosexuality to terrorism.

As always, it is particularly disturbing to see homosexuality placed alongside inherently violent acts, though we should not forget that the equation has deep roots in American evangelism as well.

Uganda's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community credits evangelical Christian pastors with sparking the anti-gay sentiment that led to the present-day legal repercussions for homosexuals in the country.

Hopefully the bill loses the battle. We will keep you updated. 


  1. Rad says

    Ethiopia? Really? And how much do they rely on the Western world for aid during famine? Someone is obviously not thinking things through.

  2. Randal Oulton says

    Ask the Jews — it’s a time-honoured way of getting the public’s mind off of societal and economic problems that the leaders don’t know how to or have no plans to fix.

  3. Joe says

    CUT ALL AID to these neanderthals unless they prove they have a halfway decent human rights record.

    I’m so sick of seeing the billions ans billions of $$ sent to these people every year, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Yet they hate gays, treat women like cattle and, at the end of the day, hate Americans.

  4. jonnathewoodswoman says

    Ethiopia is a proxy military we’ve used to make sure an islamic government doesn’t take power in Somalia. Brought to you by the Christian church.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    Ah Africa… yet more enlightment from the continent that –left to itself– would likely never have developed vaccines, shoes, the bicycle, the radio, indoor plumbing, the cell phone, leave alone the car, the computer or space rockets.

    Ah Africa! So intelligent!

  6. Jeff says

    Any country that enacts legislation that punishes gay people for being who they are should immediately be thrown out of all international organizations and cut off from any type of outside assistance, financial or otherwise. Period. Enough of this crap.

  7. Mikey says

    We have millions of people starving here. Why don’t we give them the “aid” and cut it off from people who hate us?

  8. ozu says

    “We have millions of people starving here.”

    If anyone is starving in America then it’s by choice.


    As if this new twist of ideology -because this is about an ideological stance, they think they are spiting on the West values by chasing those who were already powerless- would help them improve in any stance.

    For so long we have been indoctrinated into thinking that Africa is where charities must go, we thought it was almost the default of even the only place. It’s not. Let the Russians and Chinese give them their taste for Human Rights. Yeap, that will help them. NOT.

  10. Jeff says

    How many of us knowingly worked and donated to save Ethiopians during the 80s and 90s. No good deed goes unpunished.