Federal Judge Refuses to Stay Ruling Ordering Tennessee to Recognize Marriages of Gay Plaintiffs During Court Challenge

Two weeks ago Towleroad reported on U.S. District Judge's Aleta Trauger's ruling ordering Tennessee to recognize the marriages of three same-sex couples challenging the state's ban on gay marriage while the case is underway.

TN_TancoJestyThe Attorney General appealed the ruling but now Trauger has denied that request, Buzzfeed reports:

Trauger on Thursday denied that request, concluding:

The court finds that all four factors weigh against a stay and in favor of continuing enforcement of the Preliminary Injunction. Even if the court were to accept that there is arguably a “serious question” about the merits of its constitutional analysis, the defendants have not even approached their burden to show “irreparable harm that decidedly outweighs the harm that will be inflicted on others if a stay is granted.”

Trauger's ruling appeals to only the three couples involved in the case.