1. Anthony says

    The video is kind of awesome. Michael Jackson !

    But actually, the song itself is pure pop gold. No one can deny that G.U.Y. is sonically amazing.

  2. says

    Sam/Litper (same person, named Rick): you brought transphobia into this (out of nowhere) because you have issues. Many, many issues. That you should be medicated for. Rick, get help!

  3. Tony says

    I love performing in the Philippines! Best audiences ever, this proves it. I’m no Gaga, but I feel this spirit of happiness, joy and love! If you’re reading this, your next vacation should be to the Philippines. Baguio City, Palawan, Manila, Cebu, Mindanao, Zambawanga, just GO!

  4. vocino says

    Ha ha ha!!! Loved it…but, I agree that the fan reaction is as interesting to watch, maybe even more so, than the Gaga original video. This old man finds the enthusiasm of these fans infectious and fun! There is hope for the world with young people like them.

  5. Nelson says

    Thanks for the preview of the Top 4 finalists of the Miss Philippines Universe Pageant.
    Hint : The girl with the blonde streak in her hair looks like the winner.

  6. Chris says

    I know that the “monsters” in the title of the video is what Lady Gaga fans are called, but I couldn’t help read “Filipino Monsters” as some kind of racist epithet.

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