1. Gigi says

    I live in Toronto. Toronto is my home. I did not vote for Rob Ford. He is an international embarrassment and does not represent our fine city or its people. It saddens me that he cares so little about himself, and Toronto, that he’d make a pathetic display of himself once again.

  2. kdknyc says

    Can we just ignore this man, please? He keeps it up because he loves the attention like an overgrown baby–and he even looks like an overgrown baby.

  3. tristram says

    You’re right, MAWM. Or maybe Rob Ford just found a new career opening.

    Beverly Hills Ninja 2 anyone?

  4. says

    Nobody in the CITY of Toronto voted for him. He was voted in by the anti-city folks of the city-hating ‘burbs, and we now have a mayor whose contempt for the city is palpable.

    He’s two deep breaths away from a heart attack. A racist, a homophobic bigot, a misogynist, and if you know anything about human nature i challenge you to view his wife and NOT see a massive case of Battered Wife Syndrome. How many times have the cops been called to his house again???

    The entire city is furious about his TV appearance. He needs to stop trying to be our Sarah Palin, and get back to freakin’ work. Oh right….work….where he’s been stripped of authority and power. RIGHT.

  5. Paul R says

    He looks like Rush Limbaugh but is slightly more coherent.

    I wouldn’t worry much. Washington, DC had a mayor who was caught smoking crack with a hooker (among other things), and he got reelected several times. SF has had several great mayors and several forgettable or awful ones, but none has really influenced the daily lives of its people. Same for most other places (LA, Boston), though the mayors of Chicago and NYC seem to wield a fair bit of clout. Even this embarrassment has boosted international awareness of Toronto.

  6. Troye says

    STFU Little Kiwi. You supported him and your hideous mother did too. There is a clip on YT of her touting him on TV.

    IMHO, your mother thinks she is better than everyone else and is above criticism b/c she married a corporate exec. She is as deluded as you.

  7. says

    To “TROYE” (hilarious new name btw) the troll whose unhealthy obsession with me is likely to reach bunny-boiling levels one day, lemme take the time to prove once again why you’re worthless.

    At least year’s event, the morning after the “Crack smoking video” was released, my mother was actually the ONLY ONE who called him out. she spoke at the event, and she called him out. she called him out to remind him that the pride oath/proclamation is not something you read one day of the year – but something you live and embody every other day of the year. She called out the “elected officials” who refuse to condemn prejudice, and further those that express such prejudices themselves.

    You’d know this had you been there. Which you weren’t. You’d know this had you viewed video of the event. Which you didn’t.

    There’s a clip of her touting him on tv? Hilarious. Find it. HINT- you can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

    And my mother married a chartered accountant, thank you very much. Who after being bored with retirement is now teaching business at a toronto college. This, of course, is pretty much public knowledge: my fam lives openly, something your trolling self hasn’t ever had the orbs to do.

    Now, i know replying to you is probably the biggest thrill you’ll have all week. Month. Year. You are obsessed with me. It’s OK – I’m used to it by now.

    You have to lie about my family because you can’t say or show a single positive thing about your own. For that, you have my pity. Had your mother been like mine, you might have had a chance of being more than the worthless coward you’ve wasted your life being.

    She has consistently spoken out against what Ford has done – for years. And on the occasion you keep lying about, she was the only speaker who called him out. Again, something you’ll disregard because you’re much to obsessed with her son. Me. Oh well. I’m used to society’s unfortunates harboring obsessions with me by this point.

  8. Troye says

    Get over yourself. Obsessed with you? I knew you back in the day and I almost never think about you. But when I saw that you came on here to hypocritically lecture everyone about Ford, I was not going to let it go.

    Your dad was a chief financial officer of a corporation. That is an executive level position. Don’t try to make him out to be some ordinary joe accountant wearing a green eye shade. You can’t pretend that he is something that he never was just as you can’t pretend that your mom doesn’t walk around with her nose in the air. And yes, she and you supported Ford by giving him legitimacy through a joint TV appearance with PFLAG.

    Stop talking about Toronto. You don’t represent Toronto.

  9. says

    You think about me every time you come online. You “knew me back in the day”? HA! Feel free to do what I do – show yourself. You won’t, you cowardly hack of a man. My parents are in their mid-sixites. Mum is the President of Toronto PFLAG, Dad teaches business at a local college. I represent myself. I visibly represent my city. You…..are an anonymous internet coward. you represent Eunuchs of 2014. And my mother was the only speaker that day who called out the mayor – and she did a brilliant job of it. Something you’d know if your eyes and ears had been open, and not focused on Mrs. Miller’s son whom you have an unhealthy obsession with.

    I call your bluff, coward.

  10. Troye says

    You didn’t think I was a eunuch back in 04 when you wanted in my pants. Sooo glad I wasn’t tempted.

    You and your hideous mother gave Ford a PR coup on a day that should have been a disaster. You did this because you both crave the limelight and are ready to do anything to get it.

    Thanks for admitting that your dad was in fact a corporate exec. So glad that he is enjoying early retirement teaching for the lulz, even while actual working and middle class people in Toronto have to keep working. My grandmother chose to help young immigrant children from needy families. A lot of Toronto retirees try to use their time to help others. I guess your dad thought that the best thing he could do is help train the future investment bankers of Canada. Privileged dbag son takes after his privileged dbag father.

  11. Andrew says

    Busted! Little Kiwi is sock puppeting above. He comments as “Deborah” and as himself. What a little s**thead hypocrite you are. Constantly complaining about how everyone who disagrees with you is really a sock puppet, even though it is obviously not correct, even while you sock puppet all the time. Loser!

  12. says

    Uh, that’s intentional. It’s to show how easy anonymity is for cowards, “Andrew” 😉

    try again, with a new name. or better yet do what i do and stop living like an anonymous wimp 😉

  13. Troye says

    Oh, man. Wow. At this point, Ray, I just pity you. Please grow up, get a life, start a real career, and try to relate to how real people live in the real working world.

  14. says

    Why pity me? I’m not the one who needs to hide behind anonymity to say what’s on his mind 😀

    Feel free to talk to me, to my face, at city hall for the international day against homophobia and transphobia, and the pride flag-raising. i’ll be there. but i will never apologize for having the spine you’ve never known.

  15. Troye says

    Good, I will see you there. When you see me, you’ll recognize me as the guy who shot you down when you made a sleazy, pathetic play. But even in 04, you were fugly and annoying.

    And I am not surprised in the least that you will be welcome at City Hall, since you and your hideous mother have both done so much for the mayor. I wonder if daddy CFO makes campaign contributions.

  16. Randy says

    Actually I thought Rob Ford did … oh god I’m going to say it … well.

    He appeared like a lovable fat pumpkin, cheerleading for Toronto, but being insulted by the bad host.

    I guarantee, if _I_ had this reaction, his supporters must have loved it.

    It’s likely that most of what he said was lies. But it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what people saw, and that’s a smug host insulting the lovable Mayor Mc-Saving-Money.

  17. says

    I call your bluff “Troye”, and I look forward to having a conversation with you in person. You know what I look like. Come say Hi 😀