Gay D.C. Councilman David Catania to Run for Mayor


David Catania, the gay councilman who authored D.C.'s marriage equality bill, will run for mayor, the AP reports:

Catania could pose a challenge to the Democratic nominee in this year's general election, even though the district is heavily Democratic. Catania is a gay former Republican with a progressive record. He first won a citywide at-large council seat in 1997 and has been re-elected four times.


  1. Drake says

    I am going to have to think about whether or not to support him. He has a real temper, he is known for his insults and blow-ups, and after all, he is a former Republican. He knows how to play the system, and never sought office as a Democrat since the”Home Rule Charter” under which the US Congress (our colonial masters) allow limited self-government, guarantees 2 spots on the Council to persons who are members of minority parties, and he is now “Independent”. I think that he would not have won against any Democrats in a primary from his ward, so he went after a guaranteed spot as an “At -Large” (city-wide) council member. It ‘s all within the rules, but his strength remains to be tested. I actually gave him money in his first campaign just because he is gay. I was turned off when it seemed that he is a person without humility.

  2. local_dc_gay says

    Since it looks like Gray is going to win the dem primary, I’ll be voting for Catania come November.

    How folks in this city can seriously vote for someone so corrupt as Gray is beyond me. It’s honestly embarrassing, especially when I hear gays saying they’ll vote for Gray ‘regardless of what new details come out.’ Really? Just because he’s gay friendly?!

  3. Another_DC_Gay says

    I was an avid Fenty supporter and have been a harsh critic of Gray throughout his term as mayor. But I have sat back and looked at the other candidates and how much the city has changed (for the better, IMO) over the last few years and I have to say, I would choose Gray over Catania. Trust the devil you know, I suppose.

    While I think Gray is probably as crooked as many who came before him, I will say the most recent allegations against him seem like complete nonsense. There are far worse people running the city than just Mayor Gray.

    And I would not count Bowser out. I would never vote for her, but I think she has a shot at beating Gray for the Dem nomination.

    And no matter what, in a face off against a Dem in DC, Catania will lose. I don’t see most of the wards in DC voting for him. Hell, most gays I know don’t support him.

  4. Charlie says

    Cantania’s sexual orientation will not be a factor. DC is a post-sexual orientation society. His temperament, his party affiliation, and his race will be factors. His winning will be a long shot. But it has been speculated for a while that Catania was tired of his position and he might not run again. Of course, if Mayor Gray is indicted after the primary his chances at election greatly improve.

  5. Drake says

    I do not think that the guy who made the accusation against Gray is credible. Look, it has been almost 4 years since the US Attorney has been investigating this case. If there really were something solid, they would have gone after Mayor Gray much earlier. Timing the other guy’s plea just before the primary is not fair to the voters. If he did it, indict him. Otherwise, shut up.
    The city has never been run better. Gray tends to be a somewhat understated (color gray) guy, widower who does not run around in fast circles. He is ethical light years ahead of the city council members. Candidate Jack Evans spends all his time cuddling his contributors (non-voters from the suburbs) and has not done anything for his constituents. Nuriekl Bowser is young and will have plenty of time to get more experience and succeed Gray further down the road, but not now. The rest are all “also rans” except for Andy Shallel, the guy with a true conscience with no political experience. He will get protest votes. Vote Gray back in if you want a well-run city.

  6. Reality says

    Just be sure to vote against Gray in April and then we’ll see where we go from there …


    Just what I was waiting for Catania running for mayor. Well good luck with that. While Gray may not be the best. He has definitely did good things for DC in his first term and also DC has a surplus under Gray. Now on to the semantics. In case if anyone is wondering let me be very clear. Regardless of what you’re being told by many in the LGBTQ Community. DC IS STILL PREDOMINATELY AFRICAN AMERICAN! Don’t get it twisted. There are 2 things where he may have made a huge mistake with that community. 1) Last week he said if Wells, or Evans whom are both Caucasian wins he wouldn’t run but if Bower, or Gray wins he’ll run. That is a big signal to African Americans not to trust him. What in the hell has Muriel Bowser did to him?

    Also this US Attorney claiming they have the goods on him but in three years, no charges have been filed to serve that Vincent Gray is alleged to have done any wrong. What we have here is innuendo, released by a US Attorney at a very strategic moment, to discredit a Mayor who has championed the rights and welfare of the District’s most oppressed and disadvantaged citizens. This “news” is a cheap shot, made in the press and outside of a courtroom, to alter the outcome of an upcoming election. And this will also look strange to the African American this is playing out.

    And to add Gentrification has divided Black and White in this city in the worst way. When it comes to Catania It’s David’s way or the highway. David Catania was originally a Republican and he became angry with Former President Bush and the Republican party for not supporting gay marriage.. At Large D.C. Councilmember Catania represents white gay males and their needs. Unfortunately the mostly white gay community in DC from face value seems to be not inclusive of non white gays, especially black gay men.

    Catania will have to do lot to convince Black voters because if anything happens to Gray i.e arrested or forced to resign. All power will UNITE behind Muriel Bowser. GOOD LUCK to him because the white LGBT Community will support him for sure. Then we’ll all find out whose vote is more powerful come November.

  8. emjayay says

    For some reason when I lived in DC back in Catania’s first term I often watched city council meetings on cable TV. Catania was out back then and I was shocked to find that he was a Republican who I always agreed with and who seemed extremely smart, well prepared, knowledgeable and hard working. Of course, it’s the capital but they dealt with local issues. From what I know about DC he won’t win, but he’s about the only Republican on earth I can imagine voting for.