Bishop Encourages Priests To Marry Gay Couples

Reverend Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, suggests priests get a little creative and go ahead and marry any gay and lesbian couples despite the rules from the Church of England.

The Telegraph reports:

Bishop-alan-wilson11Gay clergy should follow their conscience and defy the Church of England’s restrictions on same-sex marriage, a prominent bishop has said as the most radical change ever made to the legal definition of marriage in Britain comes into force.

The Rt Rev Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, said priests should be “creative” to get around restrictions on blessings for same-sex couples and that gay clergy who wish to marry should do so in defiance of the official line.

Joined by an alliance of seven retired bishops, he condemned the Church’s position on gay marriage as “morally outrageous” and said it made him “ashamed”.

Wilson is embracing the newlyweds and is also calling on closeted gay priests to come out and marry their own partners.

He also claimed that several current serving bishops are themselves in gay partnerships, and urged them to publicly acknowledge their status for the sake of “honesty and truthfulness” and even consider marrying.

“If you start to live in a society where there is no longer shame just in being gay I think it is like frostbite coming off – it hurts.

Wilson isn't the only key religious member to praise the new marriage equality law. According to The Guardian, Reverend Nick Holtam, the bishop of Salisbury also applauded the newly married couples:

Gay marriage, the bishop said, "embodies a commitment to be faithful, loving, and lifelong. These are virtues which the Church of England wants to see maximised in society."

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