1. Johnny says

    OK, let’s see… the figure is actually between 1 and 30 billion. And the study is not conclusive. And they’re not even sure if they actually had a correct count of how many LGBT people India has.

    I wish I could produce such incredibly vague and far-reaching studies for the World Bank and get paid for it.

    I get that India is homophobic and loses money because of it, but this seems like yet more “truthiness” stuff that can easily be disproved because the research is flimsy in the extreme.

  2. MaryM says

    If you every use a call center and it is based in India, then contact the company that is utsourcing its call center to India and tell them that you do not wish to do business with India.

    India is also the rape capital of the world. Gang rape of women is at epidemic levels.

    Vile country.

  3. rroberts says

    I want to be paid to do a study demonstrating that 97.256% of the time, Band-Aids stick to human skin.

    I’m with @JOHNNY on this. While what data there is doesn’t appear to be deliberately skewed one way or another, this “study” is so vague it ranks right up there on the validity scale with Mark Regnerus’ “study”, making this not even very newsworthy.

  4. Paul R says

    The story’s title is misleading, the the conference and study it’s based on are totally absurd and wouldn’t stand up to even the slightest scrutiny/review.