1. inor says

    Curious to consider the implementation of anti-homosexual laws to be a means to shed the colonial past, when it was precisely the colonial overlords that first introduced the laws and their underlaying sentiment.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    So let them have that “publicly-funded trust” to try and compensate for loss of international financial aid. We’ll see how long these supposed values hold when serious money starts coming out of their own pockets. You won’t be seeing parades then– they can’t afford them.

  3. JackFknTwist says

    The combination of lack of education and the feel-good entertainment of magical religious stories is a toxic combination.

    A total boycott of all Uganda produce must be implemented.

  4. SpaceCadet says

    Oh, please even straight dudes love blow jobs. They are just asking for political scandals where public officials get caught engaging in oral sex and then they face the repercussions of their own dumb laws.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    I fell bad for the LGBT in Uganda and other repressive African countries. If I were them, I’d book the next train to South Africa where there are at least protections for LGBT or book a flight to Europe or North America and promptly seek asylum.

  6. RK says

    Seriously, they are too stupid to realize how stupid and ignorant, not to mention backwards, the world thinks of them. God forbid they travel to the West. I would block all of their visas.

  7. Gregory in Seattle says

    It is difficult to imagine how a hell-hole like Uganda could become even more of a hell-hole.

    Unfortunately, one does not need to imagine.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    As if the racists on this blog could care about the real victims of anti-Gay violence in Africa.

    But let us not forget that it was only a few decades ago that folks like the racists on this blog threw Jewish children to German Shepard dogs to be torn apart. And the mass shootings of Jewish children, and the gas chambers and crematoriums.

    Oh, yes, your racist legacy of inhumanity isn’t that long ago.

    Africans AINT the only people on this planet who have savages among them.

  9. Adrian Wood says

    Uganda was never a colony. Uganda was a protectorate and the difference is very important. It is therefore extremely stupid of Ugandan politicians to keep bleating on about their colonial past. They never had one. They used to have respectable kingdoms; particularly in the south before Amin started the rot. Now, the witch-doctor ethic and the ignorant phobias have taken over and most of the country is smothered in this ridiculous paranoia that no-one can be normal unless they are in a male female relationship. Now see this: AIDS as we know is all too often passed from man to man and obviously, also from woman to man and vice verso so do they really think that AIDS is a criminal act when passed from man to man alone?
    The Ugandan government deserves only contempt for what they are doing.

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