Illinois Republicans Who Voted For Same-Sex Marriage Under Political Attack


The rightwing fringe of the GOP continues to eat their own, this time in Illinois where the three Republican state representatives who voted in favor of same-sex marriage last fall are the targets of a series of attack ads that mock and condemn the reps for their vote.

Ron SandackThe ads are predictably homophobic in nature: one billboard ad from the group Illinois Family Action says "You can kiss the GOP goodbye with officials who vote like Democrats" next to an image of two men kissing, while Liberty Principles PAC sent out a mailer with a photograph of Rahm Emanuel in a leotard and the line "Now we know where [Representative] Ron Sandack learned how to dance." The PAC is spending $13,500 to attack Sandack.

When interviewed by ABC Chicago, Sandack said,

I'm trying to expand our party. I'm trying to win hearts and minds by being inclusive. And I think some folks don't like that.

In the meantime, LGBT advocacy group Equality Illinois' Illinois Unity PAC are backing Sandack and Ed Sullivan, Jr. with at least $150,000 in spending.


  1. Jere says

    GOP = The party of old white people. They are dying off. They are becoming the minority. They must change or die. And if they think that giving “lip service” to LGBT, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, etc. will make us overlook their actions, policies and voting records, they are sadly mistaken!

  2. Joe in Ct says

    @jere — I can assure you that the GOP is not becoming a minority. They are a minority. And as an old white man, I find your comment about old white people offensive and simplistic. Can you hate the GOP without being racist? I think so.

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