Isaiah Washington Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Seven years after he was fired for using a gay slur toward co-star T.R. Knight, Isaiah Washington is returning to Grey's Anatomy, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Washington will return to guest star for a May episode of the medical drama seven years after he was fired from the series following on-set clashes and anti-gay remarks directed at then-closeted co-star T.R. Knight.

His return to the series comes as Grey's is preparing to say farewell to one of its original and most beloved stars, Sandra Oh, whose Cristina was at one point engaged to marry Washington's character. Oh will exit Grey'sfollowing the end of its current 10th season in May.

Washington was recently cast in The CW's The 100 – his first series regular role since his firing.

Washington recently told HuffPost Live that his life was destroyed by "an agenda" after his anti-gay remarks.

"I didn't have a choice. After the incident at the Golden Globes everything just fell apart. It literally stopped. Whatever the agenda, whatever the plan was it worked. I lost everything. I couldn't afford to have an agent. I couldn't afford to have a publicist for the crisis management to continue. I couldn't afford to continue. I went from 2 million dollars a year to residual checks. Zero. I couldn't get another apartment after I turned in my lease for my $3 million home. I had to put it in my wife's name. No one wanted to touch the name of Isaiah Washington for three years."


  1. Kieran says

    “Washington was recently cast in The CW’s The 100 – his first series regular role since his firing.”

    Yes, we all want to forget NBC’s Bionic Woman revival attmpt that he was a series regular on…

  2. Mikey says

    I will be watching The 100 because it actually looks pretty solid.

    As far as Washington goes, I feel more sympathetic than I ought to, but that’s just my nature.

  3. Mark says

    Hooray! I’m glad to see him come back to close out Sandra Oh’s role. I loved Burke & Christina.

  4. crispy says

    In all the reporting of this, everyone seems to leave out the fact that when he called TR Knight a gay slur, he happened to be strangling Patrick Dempsey. Seems sorta crucial, no?

    I don’t mind him coming back for an episode. Christina’s storyline with his character deserves closure. I just wouldn’t want to be on set with him.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    After all these years he’s still blaming others or some kind of “agenda” rather than acknowledging that is was his own unbridled mouth which caused him all these problems to begin with. Apparently he has learned nothing. As far as I am concerned, he can remain on the fringes of the industry until he learns to accept responsibility for his own actions and words.

    But since he apparently not learned that lesson yet, I predict another attempt at motor-mouthed self-destruction in 3…2…1…

  6. JJ says

    “I didn’t have a choice. After the incident at the Golden Globes everything just fell apart. It literally stopped. Whatever the agenda, whatever the plan was it worked.”

    Yep, the agenda was not having a hateful adolescent bigot and bully sh!t on everyone’s workplace. Although the plan seems to have gone wrong somewhere, considering he’s back with the same attitude.


    “I lost my million dollar house. I stopped making $2 million a year.” Boo f*cking who!

    Gay slurs and anger issues aside (both of which are definitely important and valid reasons for sending him packing), Mr. Washington just seems to have a sh!tty attitude.

  8. Mags says

    Ah. I see he is still the entitled little b!tch who blames everyone for his homophobia, and every little aggressive mishap was caused by the gay Agenda.

    Does Washington sound like he learned not to be a prejudiced prick to anyone? Because he sure as hell sounds like he’s become an even bigger pr!ck than he was before.

  9. Curtis in Westfield says

    I’m hearing very little remorse from Isaiah for having publicly spewed his homophobic rant. I’m hearing “those all-powerful Hollywood gays ruined me….waaaahhhhhh!”

  10. Robert M. says

    The issue with the gay slur was just the tip of the iceberg with Mr. Washington. He’s an impossible man to work with and I predict, since he doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, that all his troubles are waiting for him again just around the corner…

  11. says

    I swear Greys Anatomy had their final season like 5 times now.

    Anyway if they want him to come back for one episode to close out a characters story line so be it. I agree that he doesn’t seem the least bit remorseful for what he said and did . I strongly believe that people like him eventually get their comeuppance.

  12. says

    I can’t feel any empathy for someone who was making $2 million year and then whines that he didn’t save anything because he lived too lavishly and rented a $3 million house, so that when his temper and mouth got him fired, he had too little saved. He’s an actor. Every paying part should be appreciated, no expected to last forever.

  13. pdxblueyes says

    You Couldn’t have had ANY part in that by your choices, could you? Hmmmmmm…

  14. Hue-Man says

    He’s a victim of the injustice of the Gay Agenda. You know those entitled gays who in many states can be fired by their employers simply for being gay.

  15. jjose712 says

    will: No, they are in fact right. He has exactly the same problem Chris Brown has, it’s not that they made a mistake (everybody make mistakes, some are bigger than others) it’s the fact that he learned absolutely nothing.

    He had a bad reputation before the incident, and even being important, the gay slur was not the most important here, he physically attacked a fellow actor. That’s reason enough to be fired

  16. Rich says

    I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy years ago.. I never really liked Washington’s character and after a while I could no longer stand Merideth’s constant whine. It’s hard to believe that stupid show still has viewers.

  17. Michelle says

    He couldn’t get another $3 million home and yet I as a trans person was kicked and dragged in the street last year.

    This man has not learned a thing.

  18. Jordan says

    Wow, so his whole apology tour was for alterior motives and he really didn’t learn much from it.

  19. Kevin A. says

    Sorry but as a black man, I can tell you there’s FAR more talented black actors than him and it’s unfortunate he is getting cast again considering if we’re really going to be honest, he’d not that skilled in dramatic roles.

  20. Duration & Convexity says

    He physically attacked another actor on the set and consistently berated another one for his sexuality. So no sympathy for him here. He showed his true colors.

  21. Duration & Convexity says

    He physically attacked another actor on the set and consistently berated another one for his sexuality. So no sympathy for him here. He showed his true colors.

  22. Jeremy says

    You had a choice before you constantly attacked cast members and even crew while filming that show. Crew members said you made the entire set miserable for everyone. This man is a narcissistic fool.

  23. NortonShorton says

    This quote by him is the EPITOME of privileged. Seriously, does this man even begin to grasp the real daily struggles of most people in society? Sure doesn’t have to do with getting multi million dollar homes again. Not to mention, he had a business aside from acting and was never truly broke. He needs to meet some actual broke folks, and who don’t mistreat coworkers like he did.

  24. Michael says

    If I called a fellow employee at work what he did in the medical field I work in, or had I physically attacked a fellow medical employee as he did, you can be assured my license would be suspended. In life, you have a choice, and your actions have consequences. This big baby needs to stop always feeling so sorry for himself.

  25. FanArt says

    Very insightful comments. I hope some of you post these fantastic comments on the huffington post link of the original article because they could use it.

  26. dorishin says

    I can’t stand that man. How would he feel if a non black actor had bullied him, shoved him and called him the “N” word and then said the “N” word during an awards show interview. I think he would have seen the merits of the persons demise. The “Agenda” is to be a decent human being on the earth. So take your million dollar pity party and go away. You’re not the first racist/bigot to be put in their place. Ask Paula Deen, she lost a hell of lot more than you did.

  27. Bernie says

    sorry, I have no sympathy or empathy for Isaiah Washington; He made the decision to say what he did to TR and at the Golden Globes…..No one made him say those homophobic slurs and more importantly, if you work in the Hollywood and in the entertainment industry, you already know there are going to be gay people and lots of them…..

  28. Mardom says

    This fool always feels so sorry for himself. He has little talent, no charisma and little reflection. Hollywood doesn’t need you anymore, go away.

  29. Mike says

    Boo-effing-hoo, what a prick. I can’t believe this show is so desperate for viewers and “news” that they are bringing him back to guest star. They were perfectly justified in getting rid of him. Horrible decision, Shonda.

    As for the show itself, they never should have killed off Denny. That was like season 2. Downhill from there.

  30. anthony says

    All of you commenting appear to hate him because he expressed his homophobic views, which is fine. However none of you sound any better than he is and should eat your own hateful words. I guess none of you expect people to change or only believe change when someone falls on their knees begging. Instead of spewing hate as he did why not realize that karma gives its own reward. Which in believing this I feel sorry for what it has in store for you all as well. The US has changed in its view to more equality in the past 7 or so years when this happened. Hate from people like Isiah I believe helped to escalate our intollerance of this kind of ignorance. Of course we have a long way to go, but dont forget that to hate those who hate you makes you no better!

  31. stranded says

    He was used as a scapegoat. The point of him being fired from the show seemed more like a marketing ploy and ratings stunt than anything else. I would’ve understood if this would’ve been the start of a massive campaign against homophobia, but as we know, lots of entertainers get away with using hate speech or being openly bigoted, and the media looks the other way every time. Case in point, Eminem continues to use hate speech in his songs.