Jason Collins to Get Second 10-Day Contract with Brooklyn Nets: REPORT


The Brooklyn Nets are planning to offer a second 10-day contract to Jason Collins, according to the AP. His first contract expires on Tuesday. The Nets would sign him again on Wednesday and if they were to renew that contract, would have to do it for the season.

Yahoo Sports also reported on the possible second deal.

Collins plays for the first time in Brooklyn this evening and faced the media at home for the first time this afternoon.

(image brooklyn nets twitter)


  1. Paul R says

    I wonder what the coverage in that room would be like if he were playing for a team outside a major media capital. (Seriously, I’m just wondering.)

  2. says

    I dunno … if this were me it might be wiser for me to turn a second 10-day contract down. You want me? I want a nice salary and a 3-year contract. His jersey will generate over $100,000 in sales and that’s just a low estimate. Imagine what his autograph will go for? EVERY team should be scrambling to get this guy on their roster.

  3. walter says

    and the earth hasn’t stopped spinning the moon has fallen from the sky and the pope is still catholic

  4. Jerry says

    Mike: There are still salary-cap considerations, no? He’d be doing well (considering where he was before, an unsigned free agent) to get a contract for the rest of the season and EVEN HE knows it. Diva posturing with people who have other options is generally not a good idea. There are still SEVERAL unsigned free agents out there, even if the trade deadline has passed.

  5. Randy says

    I don’t get why you’d hire someone for 10 days, and then 10 more days.

    What is going to happen in 20 days that didn’t happen in 10 (or in his previous decade or so)?

  6. Factoids says


    From what I have read, although he’s a solid player, the strategy of the game is moving away from where he’s able to provide the most value. So, if they are thinking of a second 10-day contract, they may like him, but are still not sure whether he fits the overall plans for the team considering where the basketball as a sport is going. Many write ups seem to say he’s a good player for what he does, but what he does is going out of style.

  7. Factoids says

    Also, I read one article that said that despite this approach to basketball, he may be something that the team really needs and provides an advantage, but I can’t remember the details o the article or why they said that

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