Johnny Weir Appears in Court on Domestic Biting Charge

Figure skater Johnny Weir-Voronov and his husband Victor Weir-Voronov appeared in a New Jersey court on Tuesday to resolve a domestic violence complaint, Radar Online reports:

Weir_voronovAbout a month before the games in Russia, Weir’s husband, Victor Voronov, filed a police report in which he alleged the three-time U.S. national champion of biting him, a source revealed.

Despite the allegations, the couple appeared to have worked out their differences: Radar was in a Lyndhurst, New Jersey, courtroom on Tuesday morning, where the pair put on a united front and requested the Lyndhurst Municipal Court judge to dismiss the case.

Sitting next to each other, Voronov put his hand on Weir’s knee and whispered into his ear before the case begun.

When Weir approached the bench in an unusually subdued black ensemble, the judge took note of Weir’s impeccable style and apparent celebrity status, remarking: “Nice hairdo!”

The judge then reportedly asked the "victim" to approach the bench where a request to dismiss the case was granted.

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  1. justagirl says

    Can we just stop talking about Johnny Weir and let him fall into obscurity. His skating career is over and he is nothing but an attention seeking turncoat. Regardless of the fact that this story is embarrassing , its still publicity for him.

  2. enchantra says

    In the world of drag queens, Johnny Weir is FAR from being the most obnoxious of them. Some of you guys remind me of the right wingers who complain that there “aren’t enough Christians on TV shows.” Of course there are lots of Christians on TV shows, but no one wants to watch people sitting in church, praying, or talking about “getting right with Jesus”. It’s boring.

    You complain about Johnny Weir and yet for some reason you think that RuPaul is fabulous, and she is, but she’s not exactly raising our stock with whomever it is that you think matters.

    Johnny Weir is a swishy girly boy who is actually pretty fabulous in a sport other than cafe klatching, bitchy Kardashianizing, doing hair or designing clothes for people who really have more contempt for us that you would like to acknowledge.

  3. enchantra says

    ANd BTW, kissing your puppy is a perfectly natural thing to do. Chihuahuas love to give kisses, and it’s not like they can retrieve a duck or pull a cart.

  4. graphicjack says


    I don’t care if Johnny Weir is as camp as a velvet-lined, diamond-studded tent with a disco ball in it. I think Johnny Weir’s a jerk and attention whore because he was supporting the Russian government for their anti-propaganda laws during the Olympics. He’s also expressed other views that I can’t abide, such as loving to wear fur. Ru Paul, on the other hand, is someone who actively supports gay causes and I agree with her on most issues that affect our community. This has nothing to do with him being a total flamer. This has to do with his objectionable opinions. If you love him ,feel free… but I still think he’s an attention whore.

  5. ratbastard says

    Victor sounds like an even bigger b*tch than Weir. The responding cops must have had a hard time keeping a, pardon the expression, straight face. I know I would. And if I was the judge, I.d charge them with something, anything, just for wasting tje court’s and police time.

  6. wwolffus says

    Why on earth, even in a moment of rage, would you feel it necessary to file a police report on your husband for a bite mark, and have the court system spend it’s time and money on a spat. Can’t you just talk it out?

    If this is a pattern with them, I’m smelling a divorce down the pike.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, domestic violence is always bad.

    But I wonder where Johnny bit him. I hope it wasn’t Victor’s penis. That wouldn’t be in Johnny’s best interest, would it? Although some people do get carried away when doing oral sex. The taste of penis drives some folks plum crazy.

    Tetanus shot anyone?

  8. MCnNYC says

    Johnny Weir commentary ruined the figure skating competition for me with his SLAVISH Russian cow-towing.
    As well as his clownish style choices.

  9. Canny says

    I actually used to like Mr. Weir back in the day (I would watch his reality tv program) but, when I saw him in full Russian military garb, my love for him just evaporated. He never had to go out of his way to support gay rights in Russia, it was his choice, but when he blatantly supported that regime and even denigrated gay rights activists it was over. Done and done.

  10. Bobubye says

    Oh Great! just what our community needs: gay couples taking their domestic spats to court. With community members like this, who needs right-wing bigots.

  11. Skip Intro says

    Okay, so I’m really gay. Does it mean I’m self-loathing because I’m not a fan of Johnny Weir, Perez Hilton, Bobby Trendy, Clay Aiken or the ‘Leave Britney Alone’ boy? I’m over all of ’em.

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