1. Paul R says

    I realize that deriding SNL has become an American tradition, but this episode wasn’t as awful as many. The secret is to watch it with a DVR so that you can skip commercials, cringeworthy skits, and most musical acts. Or better: don’t watch it.

    Also=, anyone defending Weir or his sartorial decisionmaking needs to think twice. How exactly is he the media gay? I’ve seen him mocked or even mentioned by the mainstream media next to never in the past couple years aside from (very) passing reference to his Olympics gig. I’d guess that 98% of the time I see his name, it’s on this site. He deserves every bit of ridicule sent his way.

    The new news guy reminds me a LOT of Amy Poehler’s BF on Parks & Recreation. Kind of weird how as the new guy he delivered the bulk of the news items. His co-host was barely there.

  2. BreckRoyMcAlester says

    @Wolf, I haven’t forgotten, but i do see things differently now and feel I may have rushed to condemn Weir too quickly. There is a lot about him that still bothers me, and I don’t think I’d enjoy knowing him personally, but the fact that he very well might have been the best commentator atbthe whole Olympics…most knowledgeable, most chemistry with his partner, knew when to talk and when to shut up, went a long way to earn my respect. He didn’t just make it a showcase for his brand of ego. And the fact that he did it while being unapologetically gay and flamboyant on the air and on the streets of Sochi (so much that athletes and tourists wanted their pictures with him everywhere he went…and the disgrintled Russian police and Cossacks could do nothing about it, made its own kind of statement in a way I hadn’t considered. Both the Olympics and Weir helped me see Russia, the country, as a tragic victim to it’s ruling class and despotic leader…but still a country with a tremendous cultural value and historical contribution to the arts. I came away from the games HATING Putin and the leadership more, but rooting for Russia and Russians to win in the course of history over this disgusting legacy of hate and intolerance. I went into all of this black and white re: Weir, the Olympics, and Russia and now see things as more nuanced. I can appreciate what Weir DID do while wanting him to have done more and I appreciate any increase in gay visibiliy and gay achievement and Weir’s excellent performance did increase both in places an increase was sorely needed. so mixed feelings, but no longer feel he is a money grubbing turncoat just because he didn’t do what I wanted him to do. and I am now glad he didn’t.

  3. RichB in PS says

    I recorded to play this morning, sorry but entire show was flat. Couple skits with Jim appeared either he was not ‘prepared’ or he was embarrassed with the skit…I fast forwarded continuously feeling I did not miss anything or lost 15-mtes of my life…

  4. says

    This could and should have been much much better. Parsons should have dressed in a Russian military uniform, Johnny Weir style of course with full makeup, eye lashes, pretty girl jewelry, and the skit should have centered around Weirs devotion and dedication to shirtless Leader Putin and his own Russian husband who shares an uncanny resemblance to the younger Putin. The mock Weir should have announced his renouncement of his American citizenship to become a full fledged Russian gay citizen with shots of Weir in bondage, bloodied and Cossack whip marks. Now THAT would have been funny!

  5. says

    BTW, the woman doing Ellen was far overused in this episode. She seemed to appear in every skit and, as Ellen, she wasn’t funny at all – just annoying. She didn’t sound or look like Ellen even though she’s been on Ellen’s show and did a much better impression during that appearance. The new news anchor, I read, is the guy who formerly wrote the news bits for Seth Meyers. Good looking, yes, young, yes, but seriously, he wasn’t that funny and took more joy laughing at his own jokes then the jokes themselves being funny.

    I love Jim Parsons and wish he would have exercised more control of the skits and the show itself. And the band, Beck – WTF? They were God-awful – so awful that I zipped through them. This was not one of SNL’s better shows.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    Anyone believing Johnny Qweir Quisling is NOT mainstream media’s latest Gay Stepin Fetchit must have been in a coma the last month. I just Googled his name and “fabulous” and got 207,000 hits.

  7. EchtKultig says

    “All these dolts who watch SNL hoping that it will suddenly become funny all of a sudden remind me of Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch.

    Posted by: Lee | Mar 2, 2014 1:05:49 PM”

    There’s no point to actually watching the broadcast anymore. The funny bits (and there hardly were any in this episode, besides Jebidiah Atkinson) always end up online. I do think there are still some brilliantly funny skits on SNL, like the Miley/GOP “We Did Stop – the Government”, and “Downton Abbey on SpikeTV” of a couple years ago.

  8. EchtKultig says

    “SNL is homophobic.”

    I don’t know. When they make fun of Chris Christie, do we say they are being heterophobic, or fatophobic? When they make fun of hip-hop are they being racist?

  9. dy says

    I imagine every comment left on Towleroad is from some meth addicted old homeless gay troll who gets free internet access at the shelter and gets to put out all his frustration with his different aliases

  10. emjayay says

    OK, that bit could have been better. At least it was a gay guy doing a gay guy.

    Probably a lot of you hated Stefon. Did you see the finale where he married Seth Myers? Hate that too? Straight guy doing a gay guy. I thought it was always hilarious.

    Colin Jost on the fake news was cute but didn’t do anything. Maybe he will get some direction and figure it out. But the guests on the news – the Shack guy and critic Jebidiah Atkinson – were hilarious. The 1860’s (seems more Colonial era) critic character is just an off the wall concept that always works.

    Not the best SNL, but they have always been uneven.

    You can also watch it online the next day and skip stuff you don’t want to watch. You have to watch the same stupid commercial over and over with some mother character going on about how she really killed with her 19.95 family dinner from KFC. Seriously. The American mother can’t even stop at the supermarket or Trader Joe’s once a week and load up on frozen entrees? A vegetable free high carb high fat if you pick the usual fried chicken meal is the bomb?

    Re Beck: He is a critically acclaimed sort of intellectual/arty pop musician and singer. He looks like he’s 20 but has been around for a long time. For some reason his vocal sound was sort of like it was out of phase or something. Like echo but sounding like he was in a bathroom and facing the other way. Don’t know if he wanted that or it was a mistake, but it was that way for both songs.

    Often the musical guests are either really bad or really lame, but that’s pop music today. Sometimes they have some alt band that’s OK.

  11. ThomT says

    Worst SNL in a long time. Totally wasted the talents of Jim Parsons. Beck was the best thing about it and even that wasn’t worth sitting through 90 minutes of flat and unfunny sketches.

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