1. UFFDA says

    He’s a charming guy, always has been no matter how silly the message, but It’s time for Kevin Bacon to have some gray hair.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Kevin Bacon is one of Philadelphia’s gifts to the entertainment world. And his belly is as flat as it can be at age 56. It aint fair. These movie/tv actors have strategies to keep a flat belly. It aint fair.

    Don’t tell about dietary discipline and a dedicated exercise routine. I don’t wanna hear that sh.t. Could it be drugs?

  3. Kswan says

    I agree about the grey hair comment. Dark hair on older men looks so fake and unflattering.

  4. sdl says

    I lost interest and had scrolled down to read the comments when Kevin Bacon started yelling “Hey, what, you guys can’t pay attention for more than two minutes?!” Haha