Kyrgyzstan Introduces Russian-style Anti-Gay Bill

The ex-Soviet country of Kyrgyzstan looks to be following squarely in the footsteps of Russia in its treatment of gays, as a new bill introduced in parliament on Wednesday seeks to make any statement that creates “a positive attitude to unconventional sexual orientation” a crime punishable by a up to one year in jail. 

Buzzfeed reports:

Kyrgyzstan“The goal of this bill is the safety and protection of the traditional family, and the human, moral and historical values of Kyrgyz society, by limiting the spread of information comprising the formation of positive attitudes to nontraditional forms of sexual relations,” the bill reads.

The bill seeks to limit “the spread of media, photos, video, written materials that include open and hidden calls to nontraditional sexual relations (homosexuality, lesbianism and other forms of nontraditional sexual behavior.” It also seeks to restrict “the organization of and participation in peaceful gatherings that aim to make available to society any information regarding positions on any form of nontraditional sexual relations.”

Human Rights Watch has already come out strongly against the bill, saying it would “violate Kyrgystan’s constitution as well as international human rights law on nondiscrimination, freedom of expression, association, and assembly,”

“This draconian bill is blatantly discriminatory against LGBT people and would deny citizens across Kyrgyzstan their fundamental rights,” said Hugh Williamson, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The sponsors of this homophobic bill should withdraw it immediately, and the government and political parties should speak out against such legislation, making clear it has no place in Kyrgyzstan.”

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which is due to consider Kyrgyzstan’s application for special “Partnership for Democracy” status with it on April 8, should send a strong message that the bill is unacceptable, and make clear that partnership status is wholly incompatible with legislation of this kind.

According to Anna Kirey of Human Rights Watch, a 30-day comment period has begun now that the bill has been published online, after which it can be taken up by parliament.


  1. Existing says

    I suppose the bill is as good as passed, and the area of ‘hunting season’ is expanded. Tragic. :-(

  2. McGill says

    As Obama said, defining yourself in opposition to another is anathema to liberty and freedom.

  3. AG says

    “Is it wrong that I have never heard of this country?”

    No, you’re just a typical American. But be aware that when we, sophisticated Europeans, make fun of Americans, we include Obama voters, too.

  4. Casey says

    It goes without saying that these types of laws are abhorrent and a sad commentary on humanity. I can only hope that in passing legislation/laws like this that these backward countries may have a positive “rebound” effect in other backward places (listening American South?).

  5. BrokebackBob says

    The world is dividing up into two parts and soon it will be time for gay folks to arm themselves to survive. Mark my words.

  6. Cake says

    AG – Don’t worry, we make fun of you too.

    Hopefully the people of Kyrgyzstan will do the right thing.

  7. Gr8guyca says

    This seems to be worse, or simply more blatant, than the Russian laws.
    Those use the pretext of protecting children from exposure to gay influences. This just bans things outright.

    The parallels are being made of Hitler to Putin. Hitler’s first invasions were to unite those countries with a German heritage. Sound familiar? If he follows this course, he will turn gays into the Jews of Russia. They will be blamed for the corruption and deterioration of the Russian soul. They will also be portrayed as allies of the West. They will be suspected of being untrustworthy because they will do the bidding of the West. That will justify them being indentified. Unlike Hitler, gays won’t be exterminated; they will be encouraged/forced to emigrate.

    Unfortunately, I see Russia on that path. It will be made so difficult and onerous for gay people to live in Russia that they will choose to emigrate.
    Mark my words.

  8. says

    Very frustrating.

    The guy who proposed the bill had some weird theoretical gobbledygook to explain the law, and although it’s not in the text, he claims it’s only about protecting children and adults can do whatever they want, but at the same time he said anything other than man + woman sex within marriage is “non traditional.”

    It’s worse than Russia because there’s a prison sentence, not just a fine.