Lesbian Requests Stoning At Harlem Church with ‘Jesus Would Stone Homos’ Sign: VIDEO


Intrigued by the Harlem church billboard that said, “Jesus would stone homos… stoning is still the law,” openly lesbian Facebooker Jennifer Louise Lopez went to the church to get her stone on and took video of her visit.

Sadly, the man who answered the door had no stones and said that the gentleman who usually does stonings would not be in until tomorrow. Luckily, Ms. Lopez seems open to returning later so that she may receive her due death at the hands of Jesus’ righteous warriors.

Watch the video, below:


  1. Homo Genius says

    Just as a tangent… since these type of xians are all about the “law”…. women can and should be stoned for a litany of things related to them menstruating. Seriously. God mentions the homo like once but he goes on and on about the menses

  2. MIke says

    Had this sign been seen in the South, there’d be all sorts of South bashing going on here. Anti-gay stories from “The City” are becoming all too frequent here. WTF is going on???

  3. Sean Maloney says

    @ Anon (typical, isn’t it? No stones, also, apparently.) Boy, and I do mean “boy,” that church doesn’t know “Jesus” AT ALL, in other words, why would a man who was clearly homosexual attack his own people? #clueless

  4. some yank in Rio says

    love this woman and hope she keeps going. religious intolerance, hatred, and stupidity, know no geographic boundaries.

    call them out whenver you can

  5. says

    Matthew 5:19 “Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” http://bit.ly/SKx1y6

    Romans 3:23 “(F)orALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” http://bit.ly/QHnD8a [Now read the rest of that paragraph, beginning with v. 21, about how we’re made righteous through Christ’s sacrifice & not by the law!]

  6. Steve Talbert says

    I thought it was Thor and lightning and thunderbolts?? But not for gay, just random if you are at the wrong place and wrong time.

    Or was that Zeus? Neither liked their dad. I think the passage was Jesus will GET you stoned.

  7. says

    Did the dude at the door have two different materials in his clothing? Was he lying about the “Stoner” being there the following day? If yes to either, isn’t that reason to stone him too? And the sign actually has the color red in it, that is the devil’s color, red should never be used, it is evil

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