1. Dave. says

    I love Rachel’s supremely positive insights. She really is a diamond in a murky world of TV news talk shows. Bright, tough, solid and clear cut.

  2. thom says

    Thank you Rachel for taking the high road on this story…I have come to understand… that Fred Phelps was verifiably insane. Mad as a hatter…he had all of the symptoms and traits of a severely mentally damaged soul. He began swirling into madness a long time ago. Any one who has worked with the mentally impaired can testify to this fact. The cheese fell of this crackers’s cracker years ago. I can’t explain daughter Shirley’s behaviors but I would be willing to bet that she inherited this illness. It is best, I believe, for the media to move away from what is left of this disgusting group of sad lost characters. They really aren’t worthy of any news ink any more. It is a real temptation to be smug about the death of their fallen “leader” but I think they will fade out like a newspaper left in the sun. Good riddance to them all.

  3. Arkansassy says

    I sometimes wondered if Phelps was playing the devil’s advocate. His rhetoric was so over the top, I thought maybe he was purposely divisive to expose the ugliness of hatred. From what I’ve read though, he was just an Ass.