Mensch vs. Meshuggah: Jewish Male Pinup Calendar Competition Gets Litigious

Naughty and Nice Jewish Pinup

There are not one, but two Jewish male pin-up calendars available for purchase to fulfill your need for some kosher beef. First, there's Adam Cohen's "Nice Jewish Guys," which he started in 2011 and fills with pictures of charming, smiling, fully-clothed Jewish men, showing the sweeter side of God's chosen people. Then came Duncan Pflaster's "Naughty Jewish Boys" featuring young men, yarmulkes, and little else which Pflaster created to counter the "emasculating" stereotypes and discouraged outward sexuality of Jewish men and plans to release it this fall.

Despite the discrete tastes between the two calendars, Cohen felt that the name of Pflaster's calendar too closely resembled his own and had his lawyer issue a letter to Pflaster, requesting that he cease infringing on Cohen's trademark. Pflaster has countered that he doesn't think that consumers will be confused by the two calendars, calling the claim of trademark infringement "weak" and has no plans to stop making his calendar. Cohen has not commented further on the dispute, but his lawyer said that they consider the issue ongoing.


  1. Strepsi says

    “Cohen felt that the name of Pflaster’s calendar too closely resembled his own and had his lawyer issue a letter to Pflaster”
    Definitely smashing down those stereotypes!

  2. Dback says

    I married a Jewish boy who’s nice (a “mensch”) to the world, but naughty in the bedroom. :) Best of both worlds.

  3. Chris says

    The purpose of the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar has already been completely satisfied by the existence of Eliad Cohen.

    Go ahead and google “Eliad Cohen”. OMFG

  4. Marc says

    Oh god, lawyers are already involved in this silliness? This IS Jewish.
    And Chris, my eyes (and other body parts) thank you for your recommendation!

  5. LJC says

    Really? Cease and desist? There’s plenty of room for kosher hotties! Ah, but who doesn’t love a good a lawsuit…

  6. UFFDA says

    Oh sure, right, they’re jewish, see their special hats. For real proof drap your drawers boys.

  7. zeddy says

    Yeah not my type either. Definitely NOT the NY Jewish type either. More like Israeli soldier type.

  8. anon says

    Wow, this really, really wallows in Jewish stereotypes, doesn’t it? I’m sure on the final page of the calendar is a nice note from the boys’ mothers.