1. Randy says

    “I took an oath as attorney general to defend the constitution and, you know, constitutions are meant to be followed.”

    The Michigan AG’s oath refers to “support” (NOT defend) BOTH the US constitution and the state constitution. If Schuette (I keep saying some other, uh, word) is only referring to one constitution, he’s in violation of his oath and should be removed. Because, yes, the US constitution is meant to be followed, and supersedes the state constitution when it comes to equality and due process.

    Also, the state of Michigan legally wed those same-sex couples, and it is not legal to simply ignore what it has done. That is, if nothing else, a clear violation of due process.

    I hope those couples lawyer up and get this scumbag back into court.

  2. Bill says

    @Dr. Christopher Blackwell: it depends on what he actually does, I wouldn’t put him on the wrong side of history if he (a) refrains from disparaging gays and lesbians, (b) simply states the best legal argument in favor of Michigan’s law, and (c) tells the court that the chance of him winning an appeal is too low to justify a stay that would delay same-sex marriages. This harms no one and gives the appellate court an opportunity to drive a few more nails into the proverbial coffin by possibly setting some useful precedents.

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