Milk and Cookie Shots: PHOTO


By SoHo baker Domique Ansel, inventor of the Cronut.

Set to make their debut at SXSW on Sunday night:

Reps from Dominique Ansel Bakery tell Eater about the inspiration for the dessert — a chocolate cookie "glass" containing a "shot" of milk — came after Ansel tried his first Oreo "a few weeks ago" and was encouraged to eat it with milk, which is not "a natural combination in French culture."


  1. emjayay says

    That’s what I thought too, Rob. And you break off too much by mistake and get a shirt full of milk. So, cute. But stupid.

    A thinner cookie crust with vanilla ice cream inside or stacked up It’s It style would work though. Oh wait, those have already been invented.

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