Mississippi Anchor Tells The Gay Community To Take A ‘Gaycation’


Biloxi, Mississipi anchor Dave Elliott recently took to social media to suggest that LGBT stories have been hogging the spotlight too much as of late. The solution? The entire community should go on a “gaycation, just for the weekend. Enjoy yourselves!” In his post, shown above thanks to jimromenesko.com, Elliott also professes to be an ally and advocate for LGBT causes. 

Mediaite reports on the fallout from the incident:

Though the station has not issued any formal statement, they did comment on Facebook that “We are not happy at all with the post or any imagined ‘free publicity.’” They suggested outraged viewers should look to Elliott to address his own comments.

In another response, WLOX wrote: “[O]ur station is committed to covering news that happens in our community, and issues important to our viewers — that includes the LGBT community.” The station pointed to several examples of its own LGBT coverage, noting: “Just this week, we aired several stories about the LGBT community on the coast and a march to the state capitol. I would ask that you let that work speak to our commitment to ALL our viewers.”

Elliott later addressed the remarks, writing: “I recently made an insensitive and unprofessional Facebook post regarding the LGBT community. I did not choose my words wisely and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by it. I’ve advocated for justice and equality my entire life. I hope this heartfelt apology is accepted in the spirit in which it is being made.”


  1. Zlick says

    Maybe Flight 370 should go on aircation, as it’s been hogging the news lately. What a nimrod.

    I’m glad it was humorously expressed, and I don’t take particular offense … but as a newscaster, he should realize that the news IS what the news IS … and if he’s an ally, he should celebrate with the rest of us the astounding speed and frequency of gay rights news sweeping this backwards nation.

  2. Ted says

    “I did not choose my words wisely and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by it.” So it all boils down to the choice of words? Really? I wonder what other words he could have used to convey the same message?

  3. Zell says

    Is he wrong? Obviously, newsmaking gay stories should be reported, but even I’m starting to roll my eyes when Huffington Post comes out with “20 dishes to serve to your newly out gay son’s pescetarian boyfriend” or some other nonsense filler. Not that the news isn’t 80% filler these days.

    Jeez, I sound old. I’m only 34. Bottom line, not offensive. In conclusion, get off my lawn, you whelps!

  4. fedorajoe says

    It was maybe an unprofessional thing to say, but there was clearly no malice in it. It sounds like something a friend or family member might say to me. Apology accepted. Let it go and move on.

  5. JJ says

    This is typical Southern etiquette when making an ugly remark. They preface it with I’m a good person and I never say nasty things, but…

    If you want to know their true colors, just listen to what they say after the but.

  6. JWL says

    Many of you on here are retarded, I get that. You wouldn’t know a real slur if it crawled up your butt. Go find a real thing to be outraged over.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    Yeah, tell that to the two boys caught together in bed on vacation in Uganda, Nigeria, Iran, Malawi, next Kenya……

    Sure take a “gaycation” guys but not in the following areas, ( please fill in ).

    There’s a world out there you oaf; and it’s greater than your philosophy , you provincial toad.

  8. JJ says

    @JWL, his message is he’s sick of hearing about the gays. His state actively works to suppress gay equality and now that people are standing up to that and making progress he paints them as a nuisance who need to give it a rest. He may be trying to say it humorously, but not because he doesn’t mean it. That’s just how they talk in the South. They try to sugarcoat their spiteful remarks so you won’t hold it against them. His statement is the equivalent of Paula Deen saying, “I love my black friends, but….”

  9. Greg says

    I live in Biloxi, and watch him daily on the news. In addition, I know him from working in media. Dave is definitely a man on “our side” when it comes right down to it. He called to task a mayor by the name of Billy Hewes who suggested every homosexual has HIV and should wear a “sticker” on their lapel to broadcast this. While I’m not defending Dave’s actions or words, anyone who knows Dave also knows that he doesn’t mince words. This is a non-issue, and people calling him to the carpet need to realize he’s an ally before they send him astray.

  10. Austin says

    I’ll take a middle road, it is either very offensive or hilariously funny. But, I’d have to know the guy.

    That said, until gays are treated as normal in all aspects of society, ie we’re in sex ed classes, we can get married in all 50 states, we can adopt, blah blah, then I don’t think we can be “in the news” too much.

  11. Joseph Singer says

    Anyone who makes the statement “if anyone was offended” is code speak for I don’t take any of it back, but I’m trying to cover my ass. Oh, and also I’m an insensitive jackass.

  12. says

    Perhaps he’s the one who needs the short break? A het-away to a deserted island, just for the weekend. Come Monday, he’ll be refreshed and ready to face that gay news again!

  13. Tommy says

    This wasn’t funny. It was homophobic, and it’s FUNNY to see how the race baiters on this site who have no issue throwing the race card out over the slightest thing are easy to brush off ignorance toward gay people

  14. Jeremy says

    I cant stand when these priveleged heteros brush off gay rights as not important. Hey pal, if you’re sick of hearing about homophobia imagine how gay people feel enduring homophobia all our lives

  15. SoundTheAlarm says

    Someone who has never experienced a moment of homophobia in his life, someone who has NEVER checked himself (thank you Panti) has taken it upon himself to tell gays everywhere to take a ‘gaycation’ because we’re in the media ‘too much’ according to him.

    Does taking a ‘gaycation’ involve going back in the closet?! Is that how that works?! Because homophobia and its institutional and social manifestations DON’T take a break, EVER. Obviuosly a straight ‘ally’ as obtuse as him wouldn’t know that.

    Also, LGBTs are at fault now for being a topic of discussion, even when it’s Hateorsexuals monopolizing the entire conversation?! F*** off Mississippi Anchor.

    Moreover, supporting our fight “in every way” involves supporting us at ALL times… Not just when one feels like it; we’re talking about equality not one’s lunch-special-flavor-of-the-week.

    Finally, apologising IF anyone was offended says, ‘If you weren’t offended, I’m not sorry’, therefore he WASN’T sorry.

  16. pete n sfo says

    Did I miss something? Have gay people achieved equality nationwide including MI?

    Until that’s the case, his “joke” is really in poor taste and likely reflects his hetero, white, privilege. (And don’t even start w/ the race stuff, I’ve been white my whole life & I know it’s real, especially in the south).

    The guy’s apology seems sincere enough. I’d take him at his word. I doubt he’ll make another misstep like that again, especially on FB.

  17. Nelson says

    God, people are SO scared of having a sense of humor these days. How on earth am I supposed to be offended by a silly little joke, when I myself have turned to my partner and said I’d like 24 hours sometime when I don’t have to be an OFficial Gay Spokesman to people around me. Jeez.

  18. david says

    Please stop saying “lgbt”. Most of the t’s are heterosexual men with a crossdressing fetish who decide to live full time luke this. We hurt ourselves for associating ourselvs with gender dysphoria which is a mental condition and is recognized as such. We have long foght to prove homosexuality is not a mental condition hacen’t we??

  19. dm says

    I live next door to Biloxi in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I know Dave, and I’ve been interviewed by him a number of times. He’s never been anything but kind and respectful. Maybe he could have chosen better wording, but I don’t find his comment hateful at all. He’s really an LGBTQ ally – don’t think that because he’s in Mississippi he’s nothing but a bigot. There are good folks here, and Dave Elliott is one of them.

  20. Anony6 says

    Not surprised at all the “post-gay” gays here who take every chance they get to show the world that they are not offended by homophobic remarks, that they have a sense of humor, that they are just regular people who are tired of the extremes. Frankly, it’s embarrassing that some privileged person can talk down to some of you without you even recognizing it. While I don’t think the anchor is antigay, his “gaycation” comment was very condescending, and accompanied by an fake apology. As an ally, I would have expected him to be more tired of the regular attacks on the gay equality, but instead he’s tired of the gay community standing up to defend itself against those attacks.

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