1. spg says

    Mnpls has had a huge uptick in public violent crime in that area up through the University area, among others the past couple of years. It’s near freeway exits. Everything from armed roberies to attacks. It def not safe at night for anyone to be alone. To me it seems like gangs looking for easy marks, from college kids to people leaving bars. I know plenty of people in that area who wont leave work alone at night or even use the train at night. It may be a hate crime or even someone he knew, but given all the other violence in that local area, I wonder.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    Wow. I never felt in any danger when I was there. It’s not the biggest parking lot in the world, so maybe he parked on a side street. The Guthrie Theater is nearby. At night, it’s a very busy part of the city. I really don’t know if I’ll feel safe there.

    The Sunday Star-Tribune had a big article about how gay marriage is going in the state. The article started on the front page with a picture of two husbands kissing. The Sunday paper is available on Saturday evening. Maybe the beating aggravated someone enough that they wanted to start hitting someone. Letters to the editor this week were from Christians who’s sensibilities were offended by the picture. Perhaps someone decided that beating someone was better than two guys kissing.

  3. JackFknTwist says

    “The details of what occurred are few…..”

    Try looking at all CCTV footage within several blocks of the crime scene; try getting either a look at the perpetrators or any cars which left the scene.

    There are more cameras on every street corner than there pedestrians.
    Who else was in the bar ?
    Who left ?
    Who did he talk to, if any ?
    This assault must be blistering with leads/clues/forensics……and witnesses.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    One can even see at least one camera on this particular building; there must be a dozen within a few blocks which will identify the culprit walking or fleeing the scene at that hour of the morning.

  5. Hansel Currywurst says

    @MIKE IN THE TUNDRA – I doubt there’s a direct link to the newspaper article since haters tend to be non-literate (if not illiterate). Besides, they hate the “liberal media” and would never buy a copy. This is more likely caused by an AM radio hatefest, and perhaps the “news” on the Fox television affiliate, which, coincidentally is KMSP which reported the story, above. They make the news, then they report it; a very efficient business model.

  6. says

    I’m with @JACKFKNTWIST on this – are the police doing all they can do to find the criminal(s) – Security videos, ATM videos – this couldn’t have been an unseen crime, someone had to have seen something. There is no reason any gay or straight person should end up like this. Just pure evil.

  7. Ron says

    PLEASE no one mistake this comment as anything close to blaming the victim, but we must NEVER let our guard down! ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings and if you must travel to your destination alone (especially like this unfortunate scenario), have some sort of weapon at the READY!!!

  8. Ike says

    Keep in mind that Minneapolis has a gay police chief. Anyone who thinks the cops there are gonna idly sit on their hands b/c the lady at the top is disinterested in protecting the GLBT community would be misinformed.

  9. SpaceCadet says

    I’d like to remind everyone not to leave an establishment late at night by yourself. I don’t ever blame victims but there is also playing it smart. Head home with at least one other person, get a ride or cab it. Walking by yourself late at night, often intoxicated, you become an easy target for mugging, beating, or death.

  10. Mark says

    DUH!!! He was gay and outside of a gay bar and the police do not want to call it a hate crime? Bachmann is the hate crime here too. Glad I left MN for the EU years ago

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Hansel Currywurst – I agree about the illiteracy, but they can see pictures. The picture in question was big and above the fold. It other words, it would be visible in all the racks.

    @ JACKFKNTWIST -Minneapolis police tend to play things close to their vest. They may very well wait until they have someone in custody.

  12. ratbastard says

    Statistically, is there a dominate demographic responsible for most violent street crime in MInneapolis? If you’re randomly jumped, who most likely will your assailants be in urban America?

    Isn’t there a big problem in the twin cities with especially Somali refugees resettled there by the federal government regarding violent street crime, and antigay/homophobic attitudes, including random assaults on gay or percieved gay men? I know American so called ‘progressives’ will get their panties in a bunch by these questions, but us it OK to ask?

  13. Tyler says

    Conservative, homophobic and racist troll is once again scapegoating black people despite the fact that the white republicans he so vehemently supports are those most responsible for creating homophobic climates.

    He justifies this blatant racism with a fake story about how a group of black men murdered his father. Don’t fall for it.

  14. Jim says

    Another brutal bashing story. I have to say it again: I’m no gun nut but bashings would be a thing of the past if we armed ourselves and more importantly if we made sure that people know we have armed ourselves. Get appropriate self-defense training, appropriate gun training, and get yourself a legal firearm that you can legally carry when you go out late at night. Protect yourself. Keep yourself safe. Isn’t that better than being beaten on the street and lying in a hospital bed with your jaw wired shut? Nobody–absolutely nobody–is going to defend us except ourselves.

  15. JackFknTwist says

    For the most part these comments are kind and concerned and worthy of our community…..wherever located.

    Just one thought :
    shouldn’t a gay bar/establishment have a door security man , in the interests of their customers ?

    Is that too much to ask a Bar which depends on our community ?

  16. Kev C says

    Some social groups have higher rates of doing violence to gays. What they typically have in common is a “gangster” culture or mentality. Gay bashers almost always attack in groups. Hispanics from Mexico or the Dominican Republic, whites from Eastern Europe and Russia, skinheads, inner-city blacks, devoted rap fans, and devoted sports fans. The gang or male-bonded group aspect cannot be ignored in gay bashings. It is the most prominent feature that so many gay bashings have in common. Individuals who bash gays usually are motivated by a deeper inner conflict with homosexuality.

  17. Derrick From Philly says

    Minneapolis has a huge problem with Somalian immigrants. They engage in a lot of violent crime and they hate gays. I would bet money that the perp is a Somalian.

  18. Mike in the Tundra says

    “shouldn’t a gay bar/establishment have a door security man , in the interests of their customers ?”

    There always has been when I’ve been there.

  19. TKinSC says

    “Jeremy, whose last name was not disclosed by KMSP, was not robbed during the incident, which occurred after he left a gay bar. For that reason, police are exploring the possibility that it was a hate crime.”

    Note to future gay-bashers: Be sure to rob your victims after beating them. That way you’ll get a lighter sentence if caught, and some cash and bling if not.

  20. BrianK1971 says

    Guys…I was there at the Eagle/Bolt that night, and Jeremy walked out of the bar as my husband and I were leaving at bar-close. We chatted in the parking lot, and he stated he was going to walk home, so I got in my car and drove away. I didn’t notice anyone suspicious on the street (at 2:30 AM on March 2, not many people are walking downtown), and I passed Jeremy as he was walking south on Portland Ave, past the fire station at 3rd St.

    I don’t know WHERE he was so brutally attacked…but when I passed him in my car, he was about a block away from the bar, and out of sight of the bar and parking lot…so the comments about the bar’s door security (which they do have, of course) aren’t valid here.

    Also: Please stop with the race-baiting comments. It serves no purpose, and only makes you look as bad as a Teapublican.

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