1. says

    It was funny. Maybe a LITTLE too reliant on a stereotype and I did want to slap the dude who insisted on giving nicknames to every other word. But funny. (And the replacement guy was cute.)

  2. m says

    what is with the Bryce characters mouth and lips? was he late because he was giving someone a bj and there’s leftovers, or does he just have major chapped lips?!

  3. Acronym Jim says

    JAKER, No disrepect was intended for bottoms, but how could we not be the “butt” of top/bottom jokes? What else would we be; d*cks?

    Its word play and puns. No need to get your knickers in a twist. We’re all family here (except the multi-nymed trolls).

  4. Excuse Me! says

    JAKER: “i aint mad. i just find it interesting that gay men often seem to jokingly disparage bottoms. why?”


    I don’t get it either Jaker. I am an oral versatile but I like to top for the “main event” ; ) If anything, I am grateful there are some among us who like to bottom for the one’s who are not so much into that. And to me, that is exactly all there is to it–we do what we enjoy when it comes to sex cause we sure are not doing it for procreation! But the funny thing is that many times those jokes come from other bottoms! Yeah, go figure! Meanwhile, I am glad we have tops and bottoms and not to mention the versatile. Otherwise we would all be walking around with a hard on and no one to take care of it :) So thanks to all you so called bottoms. Bottom line (no pun intended) is that despite all the ridicule we face in society, it is ironic how we too tear down each other with similar hurtful labels and stereotypes. Shame on us!

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