1. Mike says

    Agree with you completely and maybe even more so. President Barack Obama can certainly be compared and hold his own with the likes of Lincoln who perhaps has been idealized a little too much by some but also with Jefferson who has not been appreciated nearly enough by almost everyone.

    As far as the Ellen’s selfie at the 2014 Oscars, as she said it even brought twitter down for a time. However I was much more impressed by the time lapse drawing by Heather Rooney that hit You Tube. Now this photographic like artwork is impressive:

  2. Kurtis Edwards says

    I say let’s stop comparing him to past presidents and let him stand on his own. I do believe he’s a great president whose been trying to progress the country. I think in time we are going to look back at the behavior of our congress and senate and see it for what it is… racism. Yeah, he’s plugging the crap out of healthcare… but shouldn’t he be? I mean, throw the media aside… we all want healthcare.

  3. Mike says

    I fail to see why he’s selling at all since every ObamaCare number they’ve thrown out so far has been complete bulshit. Seven million is your goal, oh just say you got seventeen million!!

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