1. Jon says

    Nothing like our changing military projecting an image of “strength” and “force” by allowing this silliness to take place. Drag shows are for civilians, not for our military. Our military is supposed to be for fighting the enemy, killing them if need be, and just down-right scaring them so that they don’t want to mess with us.

    This drag show does just the opposite. But I guess since it’s under the guise of “gay rights,” then it’s okay that this happens.

  2. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Hey Jon or Rick or whatever your name is, I guess you’re right: those guys and girls in Okinawa need to be scary and killing people. They don’t need relaxation, entertainment or humor of ANY KIND. they need to be PRIMED TO KILL–24/7!!!

  3. SpaceCadet says

    Cue the trolls who think that this is further evidence of gay men = drag queens. It’s all in good fun and raising money for a good cause, a cause that specifically supports LGBT service members. And if you read the article fully, you’d see that gays, lesbians, and straights all participated.

  4. NEWTMAN says

    Jon, get over your tired misogynistic hangups. Macho does not automatically equal strength. There’s a long line of physically and emotionally strong drag queens that could kick your ass to kingdom come.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    I wish this comment system would let me “like” or “thumbs up” the comments by DANIEL BERRY, NYC and NEWTMAN. :o)

  6. Jon says

    @ Daniel Berry, NYC – It is Jon. Thanks for asking.

    As for your grossly-overstated straw-man argument, did I advocate for no “relaxation, entertainment or humor of ANY KIND”? Ummmm, no.

    Use common sense, and remember what our military is for. This event was done under the auspices of the military, with its blessing. That’s not entertainment on one’s off-time. This reflects on all of our armed forces, and reflects on our strength and seriousness as a nation when it comes to our military.

    Drag queens, while possibly scary in a back alley after a hard night of drinking, do not scare other nations (a.k.a. Russia, China, etc.). They just make our military look to be a laughing-stock and not taken seriously. Which then emboldens idiots like Putin to keep pushing the envelope and, oh, I don’t know, invade Ukraine?

    Don’t be so driven by an agenda to gain greater acceptance that we end up destroying our very nation’s safety and security in the process.

  7. crispy says

    Before you all respond to Jon, please keep in mind that it’s not nice to make fun of the mentally handicapped.

  8. says

    Jon came by today to tell us all that he has capers for testes. Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to make yourself an afertnoon martini, Jon. Preferable one that substitutes vodka and vermouth for strychnine and bleach.


    trust a story about drag queens to bring out the insecure grown-adult closeted ninnies.

  9. Howard B says

    This looked like a whole bunch of people had a lot of FUN. Why would anyone object to that?

  10. says

    you show me a gay man who denigrates and complains about drag and i’ll show you a guy who never got over the shame his father made him feel for being gay.


  11. Jon says

    @ Howard B – why certain folks, both gay and straight, would object to this event is because these military-folk aren’t private citizens. They are members of the U.S. military. And what our military does, in and out of uniform (when identified as being a part of the U.S. military), sends a message to other nations, particularly to enemies of the U.S.

    This isn’t about “them” having fun or not…it’s about our nation’s reputation abroad, and how we want our military to be perceived by other nations.

    This video is on YouTube. It is SO easy to imagine some propagandist in the Russian officer corps taking this video and then linking to it and sending it out as part of a training video about how far the U.S. military has fallen. It’s just begging to be used as a piece of propaganda, and we’re essentially gift-wrapping it and putting a nice pretty bow on top for our enemies with silliness like this.

    It doesn’t matter if “a whole bunch of people had a lot of FUN.” The military isn’t about having “fun.” It’s about scaring other nations so that they don’t want to risk going to war against us. This will make us a laughing-stock.

  12. mike says

    And by the way, if you think Putin invaded Ukraine because he doesn’t take our military seriously, then you have zero understanding of that particular issue.

  13. Seb says

    Disgusting. To be fair, this clownish spectacle also included straight military personnel. Ideally, every one of these people would be given a dishonorable discharge, but since this was an authorized event, that can’t happen. They should be written up for poor judgment as should the command that approved this and discharged if it ever happens again.

  14. says

    Seb, Roger, Jon – you should join a suicide pact. there. i said it.

    oh, who are we kidding? you’re all the same sack-less trolling loser.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    In the documentary “Before Stonewall” (which should be required viewing for every homo in the world) they talk about a troop of drag performers during World War II. They’d perfrom before American (and I guess Allied)forces all over the world. Of course, probably all the members of the drag show troop were Gay.

    So, this isn’t anything new.

    Also, it appears they were racially integrated. HA! Maybe Gay folks were better to eacher back then they are now…LOL OPENLY GAY, that is.

  16. Seb says

    Kiwi – U R a horrible person and you clearly have issues with both your gender and with expressing disagreement without violence. Seek help.

    Derrick from Philly – They did drag shows back in WWII. BECAUSE THERE WERE NO WOMEN AROUND TO PERFORM. Plus, drag acts back then were played as a joke. The guys were not really trying to look like women. Of course you have no evidence that all the people who performed were gay. In fact, that would be highly unlikely to be true. And the vast majority of crossdressers and transvestites are heterosexual. You just made that up because in your sick, broken mind, being gay is to be equated with wearing women’s clothing. You and Kiwi both have issues with deep-seated internalized homophobia. Seek help.

  17. james st. james says

    It helps unit cohesion. Nice to see straight support for a gay fund raiser. It’s fun to see people you work with get up on stage and do something you’d never expect. Bonding. Trusting. Both make for a better functioning unit.

    I can’t imagine the Russians doing this and that doesn’t make them look stronger to me.

  18. Tyler says

    Rick has been banned from commenting on the other major gay news sites. Towleroad is the only site that hasn’t totally barred him from posting. This is why he posts so frequently and under so many aliases: because this is the only outlet for his pent up self hatred.

  19. Islam Shall Rule says

    Surely the death of america is near! Your weakness is our strength! When the Holy Mujahadeen kick your severed heads around like soccer balls, we shall all give joyful praise to Allah! Your weakness is our signal for boldness from the Lord of all worlds. Even the Kuf’r in China and Russia will laugh with us! How beautiful shall be your humiliation on that day! Allah’u Akbar!

  20. Tyler says

    Lol, Rick you’re now pretending to be Muslim because the media turned on your religious republican buddies. You’re fooling no one. But you’re a fool to everyone. Stop deflecting and man up to your self loathing!

  21. Derrick from Philly says


    Tyler, I thought the same exact damn thing.

    LOL…this b.tch is crazy…LOL.

  22. Seb says

    James St. James – There is no evidence whatsoever that crossdressing helps unit cohesion. In general and based on historical experience, nonconformity and conduct that reflects a lack of dignity undermines unit cohesion. That, for example, is why soldiers all wear uniforms, rather than varied civilian dress and why they must keep their uniforms and living areas clean and orderly.

    It would be great if the Pentagon used this incident as an occasion to expressly ban crossdressing for all servicemembers regardless of sexual orientation.

    BTW one good thing will come out of this disgusting incident: to the extent that this drag show is conflated with transgenderism, its effect is to make the prospect of trans service even more remote than it already is. Between this incident and “Chelsea” Manning, I think we can safely conclude that trans service is off the table for the next century or two. :-)

  23. says

    indeed. ANDY – change of format, please. internet anonymity is the last refuge for cowards – stop givin them an outlet and they’ll finally just die.

  24. Tom says

    Lol. Little Kiwi=Tyler=Derrick From Philly.

    You are all the same nutjob, Raymond Miller. And Raymond obsesses over trannies and crossdressing.

    Ray, get a clue. There are many, many gay men who are sick of people like you trying to make us into quasi-women or trannies. If you want to be one, good. Be one. Go for it. But stop trying to draft everyone else into your tranny harem.

  25. SpaceCadet says

    Islam dude is hilarious!!! I can’t tell if he was being serious or it was some kind of joke! Lol.

    To the commenter going on and on about unit cohesion, yeah, and the same thing about “unit cohesion” was being used before as an argument to keep out of the U.S. military “colored men”, then women, then gays. Get a clue!

  26. Tyler says

    Seb/Rick/Tom: do you not get the irony of you accusing others of posting under different aliases? Do you lack any and all self awareness?

  27. Dameon says

    Leave it to the AirForce and Navy, wouldn’t expect much else from a bunch of Pogs. Wrong, we are not all brothers and sisters no matter what. Most stand by and watch others do the fighting, sit at they’re desks and take notes. Shows how disrespectful some branches have become, how low they have sunk to fill they’re numbers. Useless bodies filling useless spots.

  28. Tyler says

    “We are not all brothers and sisters no matter what.” Dameon, I’m sorry the cool members of the LGBT community don’t invite you to their parties. You seem like a very bitter queen (and a civilian who has no investment in the military).

  29. D.R.H. says

    Something tells me the nice “lady” in the beginning of the video has only just begun her transition.