Oregon Attorney General Rules Against Backers of Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Ballot Measure

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sided against proponents of an Oregon ballot measure that would allow faith-based exemptions to non-discrimination laws, The Oregonian reports.

Proponents had avoided ballot measure language that mentioned the word 'discrimination' in their 'Protect Religious Freedom Initiative'.

RosenblumRosenblum disagreed, issuing a ballot title that reads:

“Religious belief” exceptions to anti-discrimination laws for refusing services, other, for same-sex ceremonies, “arrangements”

This was the language sought by opponents of the ballot measure such as Oregon United for Marriage as it "makes clear this measure creates exemptions to non-discrimination laws." Ballot supporters such as Friends of Religious Freedom, however, object to the title, claiming that the mention of discrimination is "politically charged" and that the unfair wording will stigmatize the measure. It's very likely they'll appeal to the Oregon Supreme Court.

It is also likely that opponents, though the language is close to that which was sought, will also appeal the ballot measure title to the Supreme Court as the appeal would delay proponents from the start of collecting the 87,213 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot. 


  1. says

    Way to go Ellen!
    Been hoping someone would actually take a ‘truth in labeling’ stance. Laws and organizations that sound like one thing but are actually quite different.

    ‘Religious protection’ sounds so much more palpable than the truth ‘exemption from anti-discrimination laws’.

    National Organization for Marriage (Except Homosexuals)
    American Family Association (Heteros Only)

  2. Homo Genius says

    Its also important to remember that this will not just be about making gay wedding cakes. Women could be denied birth control and all sorts , Mormons could refuse to serve blacks. Its a very scary slippery slope. If any of these gets passed, they will surely morph to include all kinds of “exemptions”. Like why should I have to send my kids to school or pay school taxes since they teach evil science and other things some people don’t like

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