Pastor Kevin Swanson Says ‘Frozen’ Turns Kids Gay and Leads Them To Witchcraft: AUDIO

Frozen Young Elsa

Disney's Frozen just can't catch a break from the right wing. First it's accused of promoting same sex marriage, then of being a Satanic vehicle to turn kids gay, and now the latest charge laid at the movie's snowshoe-clad feet is that it's luring children into converting to witchcraft. On Pastor Kevin Swanson's radio show:

These magical powers you find in these movies oftentimes not attributed to God himself, God is not recognized, God is not worshiped, God is not seen as the source of power and thus many of these magical tales turn out to be a means by which children are led into witchcraft.

Because anything that isn't explicitly divine is witchcraft, or something. You can listen to an audio excerpt from Swanson's show below.


  1. walter says

    the right wing sees the devil in everything . they seem to be able to watch a cartoon and find all kinds of hidden meanings and satanic plots . guess that is what happens when you deal in fantasy

  2. spg says

    Ahhh…. I remember the good ol days when prince charming made me gay….and when my Fairy godless mother taught me witchcraft…if only I could find my other glass slipper….sigh….

  3. Bernie says

    I’m not sure how or where Mr. Swanson grew up or that he was ever a child…….but, I guess more importantly, is that his brain is mis-wired because this Disney movie Frozen is made for children and fantasy is very normal for children and there is nothing ominous in this movie except to entertain children….there is no great conspiracy in this movie to “make” children gay or any other agenda…..

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    It’s because god isn’t big box office. Maybe if he gets a People’s Choice award or something we can talk.

  5. JEFF YORK says

    Does this man know the meaning of the word “Fantasy?” All of Disney’s animated movies have an element of magic and fantasy. OMG, I’m a Satanist and I didn’t know.

  6. Chickletts says

    Its true! As a small child I saw Mary Poppins….and now I’m a full blown WITCH! Ohhh I gotta run. I’m late for my Coven meeting.

  7. james st. james says

    All of which reminds me, there really are no intellectual standards for becoming a pastor.

  8. Jim says

    Why are the ravings of a demented person news? Why are we supposed to care or be even the least bit interested? Slow news day is it? What’s next in the news? Alley cat yawls at midnight? Why give these people a forum?

  9. Art says

    Your God is NOT the source of any power except HATE. As such, he should be killed! Satan is more loving than the Christian God.

  10. anon says

    There are hundreds of these outspoken Christian pastors out there. Keeping track of all their ranting will drive you nuts.