1. says

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the woman’s voice but why of why on earth would you wear a dress cut so low as to expose those God-awful flat boobs? She is an attractive woman. I have to ask myself, “What are you thinking? Do you seriously believe the exposure gives you sex appeal?”

    I did, very much, enjoy Ellen’s diss at the beginning of the show expressing how well the male female impersonator impersonating Liza looked. Of all the gowns and dresses Liza (as well as her sister) look pretty ridiculous. Where was Joey? Always public shy, the one true love of Judy, it would have been nice to see her son Joey. He may have been there but I did not get a glimpse. I will review the video. I have to wonder why they didn’t perform at the Oscars. Apparently they were simply invited and to invited to sing. Lorna has a lovely voice while Liza’s, at this stage in life, is only a character of her once glorious self.

  2. Bryan says

    That was not a great performance, and that audience was standing for everything. Bette Midler was just okay, Idina Menzel was forced, U2 was….U2, and they all got the audience to its feet. Standing ovations are pretty meaningless now.

  3. Tatts says

    Absolutely horrible phrasing. She sang it like some first-round reject on American Idol–no sense of the words or the structure of the lyrics in her phrasing. Awful.

  4. pete n sfo says

    I TOTALLY love PINK. She was the wrong choice for that song.

    Maybe Kristen Chenowith, or even Anna Kendrick who was already there. It needed vulnerability that just wasn’t there.

  5. Chip says

    Definitely odd phrasing choices, but I thought she sounded great. Better than Idina or Bette at least. Also the song that carried the most pressure for the night.

  6. will says

    I can’t believe Bette Midler’s 68. She sounded decent. Liza’s about the same age and her voice is shot — proabably the booze and the drugs?

  7. DRoseDARs says

    Oh Pink, I do love you but that “o… *take breath* …ver the rainbow” thing you were doing was awful. Come on, girl, you’re a far-better singer than that.

  8. UFFDA says

    Pink seems to be a cool person with generous ideas about life, and certainly about gay people. Still, she’s kind of a down-low type, kinda cheesy and not very talented at all, as this rendition of a famous song shows. The real value of a great many public “entertainment” figures is not that they actually have extraordinary skills, but that they stand for and express liberating ideas of potentially great value to people who want to live better and more liberated lives.

  9. Steve says

    Should have had Kristin Chenoweth sing it instead of Pink. Pink is a good singer but she is a pop singer foremost and they cannot typically do long phrases or have a wide range.

    Idina seemed off tonight too. Maybe it sounded better there but on the TV, she sounded like a banshee.

  10. tsk tsk tsk says

    Judy told Liza to NEVER sings her songs no matter how much they beg. Liza has always stuck to what her mother said. Pink did well. Not the best version but, not the worst either. And it could have been worse…Xtina could have warbled all over it…”SomeWHERE-eeeYA-eeYYAA-ohhhOHHHHH-I said OhhhOOOWWWoooha–ver the raAAAAAAAAAIIIIINbow-eeYO-ee-YO-eeYO!!!”

  11. says

    Merely adequate…Pink is No Judy! And Barely a ‘tribute’ to Oz…more just a ploy to sell more blu-rays for the 75th anniversary.
    Nice to see the kids together, though, if only in the audience…they Should have been on the stage, and allowed to at least say a few words on their mother’s behave.
    Judy…screwed by the Academy once again!


  12. Icebloo says

    I just could not watch the Oscars tonight. I was sure they would find a way to sneak Beyonce into the performance. She is the most over-hyped and over-exposed performer of our time. She is EVERYWHERE and I am sick of her.

    A few years ago the artists who were nominated for best song at the Oscars were not allowed to perform their own songs. They got Beyonce to sing them all. Just disgraceful. These artists may never get a chance to perform at an Oscars ceremony again but Beyonce pushed them all out so she could make it all about her. What a horrible human being. What’s worse is we all know she lip-syncs and can’t sing live !

  13. TonyC says

    I must be loosing my hearing.. I thought Pinks singing was pretty good. It was Bette Midler’s song that made me scratch the walls! All this hype about Bette performing and she turns out to be the funeral director after the dead people announced..

  14. MD75 says

    Wow! There are some very bitter sad queens out there. Reading through most of these comments all I can think of of is Beaker from the Muppets. And endless array of meaningless dribble. Just less funny.

  15. Robert says

    My 1st time hearing Pink and alas my last. Perhaps the worst phrasing I’ve ever seen–she couldn’t get through a word, let alone a phrase, without gasping for air. I kept wondering if she has a respiratory disease.

    Meron & Zadan, producers of last year’s and tonight’s show, made some terrible choices for both years’ ceremonies, and among the worst is having Judy Garland’s 3 children, one of whom is an Oscar winner, sitting in the audience while Whoopi Goldberg introduced the (completely unnecessary) tribute to their mother’s iconic film. WTF?? Not to mention honoring Oz’ 75th anniversary instead of all the extraordinary films that were nominated for best picture in 1939, frequently called the best-ever line-up. Or honoring the actual winner, Gone With the Wind. Or, if they just wanted to honor Oz and Judy, why not show the clip of her receiving her juvenile Oscar at the 1939 awards??

    @MikeRyan: yes Joey was there with Liza and Lorna. I saw them on the red carpet together. The cuts to them during the show primarily focused on Liza and I’m not sure you could even see him.

  16. Frogview says

    I love Pink. But I think she was nervous or scared to sing this iconic song. I kinda felt sorry for her as all the breaths she took were distracting.

  17. Jay says

    No one has sung “Over the Rainbow” better than Judy. Why have someone else do the song in a tribute to the “Wizard of Oz.” And why gather Liza, Lorna, and Joey and not have them do something? Very disappointing.

  18. JeffNYC says

    “Where was Joey? Always public shy, the one true love of Judy, it would have been nice to see her son Joey. He may have been there but I did not get a glimpse.”

    He was sitting right there, to Lorna’s right.

    And his name is Joe. At 58 years old, you’d think he’s old enough not to be called “Joey.”

  19. Dback says

    Thought Pink did a beautiful job, and her dress was amazing–she looked like the Oz book’s vision of Glinda, much less Michelle Williams waif or Billie Burke bubble-headed matron, and more powerful, sexy sorceress.

  20. antisaint says

    Pink’s performance wasn’t terrible. I thought it was actually a solid performance that was kind of fatally marred by her phrasing/breathing, which is a shame because she’s capable of better — this is the same girl that does Cirque De Soleil while singing, wtf?

    Bette Midler *barely* scraped by on that. I think she should let that be the last time she sings. I felt the same way about Barbra and Shirley Bassey last year. Hang it up before it gets embarrassing.

    Idina was disappointing. I didn’t realize it was her at first because of JT’s flub, but when I did, I thought I’d be happier not knowing.

    What was the deal with that song from ‘Her’ exactly?

  21. MarkSquared says

    Huge Judy fan here…and I thought Pink was fabulous. It was a tribute for a contemporary audience, clearly not targeted to snarky gay men of a certain age.

  22. Christopher says

    Love Pink. She made the song her own. Hint to the old queens: She a rock-and-roll singer–you know, ‘Those damn kids and their music’ singer, (you’ve said it enough!)

  23. Garland Fan says

    Young Judy Garland’s rendition was fresh, vulnerable and wishful – in keeping with her character and the movie. Pink is probably a good performer, but she changed the feeling of the song entirely and lost the youth and charm of the original. I do agree that Pink’s breathiness distorted the song. Sort of sad on the 75th anniversary of a clasic.

  24. Graphicjack says

    Why compare Pink’s performance to Judy’s? Of course it won’t be the same. Of course it won’t be as good. But Judy’s dead so we can only hear it on records and in the film. SOMEONE had to sing it, and I actually thought Pink was lovely. She was the best of the three female singers last night. I don’t know there were so many esteemed music critics on Towleroad… Lol… I doubt any of you could even sing “Tequila” well in karaoke, and for those not in on the joke, that song has about three words to sing in the entire song, and you basically just shout them out without any musicality.

  25. john lalor says

    Pink sang over the rainbow nice,but Liza and Lorna should have said a few words on her mother’s behalf,the version was the stage version not the film should have sung film version.

  26. Icebloo says

    A beautiful arrangement but Pink’s vocals were below average. She missed a few notes and her breathing is AWFUL. Even a child knows not to breathe in the middle of a sentence !

  27. Mike says

    Why so many bitter people on here? i love Pink, she did a fantastic job and that audience was filled with some of the best in the industry from young to older. doubt they would give a standing 0 if it was not well deserved.

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