1. Chrislam says

    They’re really stretching and grasping now. When evangelicals aren’t allowed to marry and a business denies them service because they are an evangelical….then let’s talk.

  2. Daniel Villarreal says

    Life’s hard when you’re rich, white and Christian. SO OPPRESSED OMG!! WON’T SOMEONE STOP ALL THE RICH-WHITE-CHRISTIAN-BASHINGSoh wait they aren’t happening

  3. Jim says

    How many of these “last acceptable bigotries” are there? Philip Jenkins wrote a book telling us that anti-Catholic prejudice was the last acceptable bigotry. Pushy atheists noisily tell us that anti-atheist prejudice is the last acceptable bigotry. Now anti-evangelical Christian prejudice is the last acceptable bigotry. What other prejudice will be the next last acceptable one? What about the meaning of “last” escapes these people?

  4. Daniel says

    Really, the last acceptable form of bigotry is against people who have no proof of their claims and yet want everyone else to live by their rules?

    I have no problem with that.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    Christian Evangelicals have never known a second of state sponsored bigotry in the history of the USA. Never. They seem to think that if someone refuses to abide by their religious notions, then they are being discriminated against. Hell, if a gay person were to flee being stoned to death by these people who literally believe in the bible… I’m sure Ralph Reed would be complaining that the gay person is denying Christians their right to practice their religion (by stoning the gay guy to death!).

  6. Henry says

    Gay people don’t wish to impose anything on anyone, but to lead our lives with dignity – like they do. What we seek to do is to bring a stop to *public* bigotry such as those revealed through business practices, homophobic attacks and loss of financial equality. I don’t believe as a loose collective we care two hoots about what people privately think, but when those actions suppress our right to self determination and pursuit of happiness, that’s unacceptable.

    Christians (and I am one) in addition to other groups, often wish to impose their views on others to the point of public suppression. Gay men and women aren’t the only victims of their ‘hatred’. They wish to prevent us forming life long, loving bonds with members of the same sex, they wish to deincentivise our couplings by penalising us through tax law and not recognising our unions. Us rejecting that suppression is NOT the same as us actively working against THEIR marriages, tax laws for different sex couples, and beating them up as they do to us. There is such a difference.

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    boo-f**kin’-hoo, you da*n fool. Is anybody beating and killing evangelicals for being evangelicals? No, but plenty in your camp are doing that to us–or, at best, see nothing wrong with it.

  8. Richard says

    Now that they’re losing, they’re the victims. Christians have been claiming victim status since the ancient Roman era, but here they still are, persecuting and ostracizing people at will. We need more lions.

  9. Hey Darlin' says

    Bigotry requires prejudice.

    No one is judging these Evangelical “Christians” without knowing them, they are judging their ACTIONS.

    If you stop forcing EVERYONE to change to be the person you’ll never be, you will be amazed at how less persecuted you’ll feel. You have the power to change your own feelings! Free yourself!

  10. David says

    “The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice enforces federal statutes that prohibit discrimination based on religion in education, employment, housing, public accommodations, and access to public facilities.”

  11. robertL says

    Religion has had the freedom over the years to support : war, pedophiles, the search for gold, conquest, colonization, not paying taxes. The list goes on and on. Let’s not do a rewrite of history. And by all means do not misinterpret the meaning of the word bigotry.

  12. Jack M says

    Nobody knows the trouble he’s seen. When’s the last time a Christian has been tortured,beaten or killed this country because of their beliefs?

  13. woodroad34 says

    His religious liberties stop where my freedom and rights begin. No one stops him from practicing his superstition–he just can’t do it in public accommodations, just his private life. If he wants to discriminate in his private life, goody for him. When he enters into some kind of public accommodation or business that affects society as a whole that’s where his private little pity party ends. There is no right to be a bigot.

  14. Randy says

    Things are getting posted on this site, without the original video ever being watched (for example, the Big Brother episode, which included a drag queen that nobody noticed).

    Reed’s comment was in the context of “Hijab Day” where the lesbian police chief donned a hijab, a symbol of sexism against men (presumed rapists) and women (intended to be powerless), and a symbol of a religion that would shun her (at best) and which today continues to murder gay men like us.

    This is a clear First Amendment violation, and Reed is correct to protest it. But of course, his religion benefits significantly from similar violations he’s prepared to overlook.

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