1. Bill says

    It’s not really a similar incident, but some years ago I saw a Kinsey Sicks performance in San Francisco (think it was their irreverent Christmas program) and just before the start, they played what sounded like a recording from a telephone answering machine with a redneck Texas accent, more or less asking them to respect the areas fundamentalist sensibilities. It was outlandish enough that I thought it might have been a comedian good at accents reading from a script (given that I was in San Francisco, I figured nobody there could be that dumb). Regardless, everyone laughed. Out of curiosity, I asked a cast member after the performance and it turns out they had been on tour, did a performance in Texas, and one of the locals had left a message on the theater’s answering machine. So, they copied it and used it in their act.

    Hint to homophobes: don’t mess with drag queens, even a cappella singers who just dress up in drag as part of their performance. You will regret it.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    ” The restaurant welcomes everyone”.

    Idiots refusing to bake marriage cakes please copy.

  3. woody says

    well, murphy should worry.
    visible gay sunnysider lou rispoli was murdered a few blocks from murphy’s restaurant a year and a half ago. his killer is still unaccounted for as far as i know.
    report it, mr. murphy.
    put up a security camera.
    protect yourself.

  4. woody says

    if i still lived in the celtics, i’d be frequenting your restaurant to show support!

  5. MaryM says

    I bet ít’s a christian behind this.

    Mental illness causes people to behave in strange ways.

  6. Rick says

    “Feminists hate gays….”

    Yes, they do. Amazing that so few gay men understand that, bizarrely believing instead that women, in general, and feminists, in particular, are sympathetic towards them…..I guess mistaking their condescending amusement with gay men for respect……Eventually, however, the truth will be impossible to avoid…..

  7. says

    Women are so powerful that a fear of them has resulted in our resident troll being a neutered and anonymous excuse for a man on the internet! yay feminism! keeping self-hating insecure homosexual men in the shadows where they belong! woohoo!

    on topic – WEIRD story. worth reporting to the police, if only to put on record that there’s some oddball out there taking a rather obsessive interest in the restaurant and its owner.

  8. Chuck Mielke says

    While I can understand that someone would take these anonymous mailings as vaguely threatening, I see them as positive, “welcome to our community” messages identifying fellow members and supporters. The rainbow, fittingly, includes ALL members, straight, gay, and all the rest: black, white, latino, rich, poor….

  9. Tyler says

    Styler, Rick and MaryM are all the same person posting under different names. Four comments out of eleven were posted by the same guy to strengthen his misogynistic lies. Poor, lazy, predictable Rick the troll. Nobody believes you when you post the same bs rant once so you have to post many times to make it seem as though others agree with you. Rick/Styler/MaryM is such a loser.

  10. Grownups says

    This sounds like the work of a schizophrenic (maybe disorganized cluster). I remember working in this new-age/occult shop, and we had a few of these types who would do stuff like this.
    It’s a bit scary when you’re not used to it, but eventually the restaurant will get used to it. Sounds pretty harmless; hopefully management and staff will get to the point where they can laugh about it.