Seeking Hormone Therapy, Convicted Wikileaker Chelsea Manning Petitions For Name Change

Convicted Wikileaker Private Chelsea Manning has petitioned a Kansas court for a legal name change to match her female identity. The day after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison for violating the Espionage Act, Manning released a statement announcing her transgender identity.

Chelsea_manningManning is seeking the name change as part of a longer battle to secure hormone therapy during her time in incarceration. The New York Times has more:

Manning has asked to receive hormone replacement therapy and live as a woman while incarcerated… [and] will go to court, if necessary, to obtain the hormone treatment.

Civilian federal prisons are required to provide such treatment, if deemed medically necessary, for inmates diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Unlike in military prisons, the policy also allows inmates who believe they are the wrong gender to dress and live accordingly as part of their individual treatment plans.

The military has said it does not provide treatment for gender dysphoria because Pentagon policy dictates that transgender soldiers are not allowed to serve.

According to Lauren McNamara (aka Zinnia Jones) — an activist, friend and former defense witness for Chelsea Manning — civilian courts have found in almost all cases that prisons are required to provide hormone therapy and increasingly surgery as well for trans inmates. If Manning succeeds in her quest to receive hormone treatment and other trans accomodations, she could help set a precedent for future trans soldiers both in and out of prison. 


  1. John says

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Good luck with that, Brad.

    Hope you and Edward Snowden are miserable. Although being Tyrone’s bttm b!tch in jail is probably exactly what you want.

  2. ElCid says

    This whole story is just too bizarre. I can understand some people who feel insulted by her petitions.
    I’m not sure she (being an inmate) deserves all the treatment she is demanding. There are millions of people who don’t break the law and yet never get the treatment for their conditions.

  3. Thedrdonna says

    @ElCid: I understand that position, that’s the way I used to feel, too. However, over time I realized that since this is considered medically necessary treatment by most medical orgs and physicians who specialize in this area, the fact that some (for profit) companies might make use of existing prejudice in order to avoid footing the bill doesn’t make it right for our government to do so.

    There are also those who would argue that X isn’t covered by our existing prison medical system. I think it’s a bit disingenuous, though, to argue against improving the system based on the fact that it’s crappy already.

  4. Tyler says

    Disgusting. Another transgender with absolutely no moral character, and with an overriding selfishness. These people are sociopathic narcissists.

    Manning should be focusing on being a well-behaved inmate and how wrong it was to betray one’s oath and the trust of the men and women in his/her/its unit.

    The military should not only reject the request, it should punish Manning for wasting military resources by making the request.

  5. Vanya says

    No medical org has held that hormone “therapy” is medically necessary in every case. And “medically necessary” has a specific meaning in the context of a constitutional right to free treatment. The issue is “necessary to what”?

    A prison is required to provide basic care and it is not required to provide cosmetic or elective care. But in between those 2 extremes is something like HRT. In some cases, it might be that HRT is the only way to prevent suicide. Transgenders tend to be very suicidal and mentally disturbed. So in those cases, it might be medically necessary. But in other cases, there might be no suicidal risk or such risk could be managed with anti-depressants. So it is case by case and great deference is given to the prison officials to decide the best course.

    My guess is that this will be denied, Manning will appeal and it might be a great case for the Supreme Court to set down firm rules about treating transgender disorders. It is an important issue because many transgenders are languishing in prison, having committed crimes against their communities.

  6. andrew says

    Trans activists care more about Bradley Manning’s free hormone shots than they do about the 4-year old boy tortured to death by “transwoman” Kryzie King or 3 sex workers murdered by “transwoman” Doug (“Donna”) Perry.

  7. TheDrDonna says

    @Vanya: Not medically necessary? Why look here, I just happen to have one of many many links proving that’s wrong:

    Courts have affirmed that the prison system is required to provide treatment for “serious medical need”. That standard is determined by attending physicians, rather than anonymous internet commenters. If an attending physician prescribes treatment, then it would be a violation of the eighth amendment to fail to provide treatment.

    Oh, also, those same organizations have recognized the findings that medical transition is oftentimes the only treatment that effectively treats gender dysphoria. So, regardless of how many laypeople claim that all trans people need is therapy or antidepressants, that’s not medically necessary and it’s not what the medical community has decided is necessary.

  8. TheDrDonna says

    @Andrew, how should trans advocates “care” about those people in a way that satisfies you? And what bearing do they have on Chelsea Manning?

  9. andrew says

    TheDrDonna, Its not about satisfying me. It’s about satisfying basic standards of human decency.

    How should trans activists express concern about the 4 victims of transgender murderous violence? The same way they express concern about any of their usual causes? Why has no trans blogger blogged about these cases? Why has no trans organization demanded “justice” for these victims? Why has no trans organization denounced Doug Perry and his lawyers for trying to use transgenderism as a way to escape responsibility for murdering 3 women?

    I’ll tell you why: it is because trans activists don’t give a rat’s *ss about anyone other than themselves. They don’t shed a tear for that 4-year old boy because he isn’t one of them. They are more likely to launch a “Free Kryzie” movement than they are to spend 2 seconds thinking about the dead child. I have no doubt that you view that tortured, dead child as a frustrating public relations problem and nothing more.

  10. TheDrDonna says

    They don’t advocate justice for the same reason that no gay orgs advocated justice in the Dahmer murders, or those committed by Andrew Cunanan, Wayne Williams, or Erik Menendez: those people are not representative of the group “gay men”, and it would be absurd for someone to say that gay orgs are somehow required to comment on every action, however horrible, that could be committed by gay men. If you’d like to use the actions of an unbalanced few to paint an entire group, could you explain to my how those people listed above aren’t representative of gay men, but the people you talked about are representative of trans folks?

    It really sounds like you don’t give a rat’s posterior about the vast majority of trans folks who are trying to live our lives in peace, but would rather persist in your own bigotry. You probably won’t shed a tear for the trans folks who are murdered regularly (nearly half of all LGBT folks murdered are trans), because you aren’t one of us. You’re more likely to start a “Free Michael Magidson” movement than you are to spend 2 seconds thinking about the woman he murdered.

  11. Vanya says

    Dr Donna – The link you gave is to list of quotes every one of which supports what i was saying. HRT is not required in every case. It should be evaluated case by case, with the final decision being the prison doctor’s. Prison doctor will determine necessity based on prison context, not on what is necessary under an insurance contract. 8th Amendment is not the same as insurance contract. 8th Amendment requires basic care to sustain health, not to make prisoners happy. Since he waited for years never requesting this procedure, it obviously is not necessary for him.

    Should also be noted also that transgenders kill themselves because they are mentally sick. Even after surgery, their suicide rate does not go down. Only 1/4 of transgenders do not kill themselves or attempt to kill themselves. This is the most mentally ill population in the world.

    Should also be noted that link you gave is to group that is created and funded by LGBs. Transgenders exploit LGBs to do their work and to spend LGB money on them. How much transgender money ever went to Lambda Legal?

  12. Thedrdonna says

    @Vanya: Ft. Leavenworth has specifically stated that in no situation will they prescribe hormones. That is unconstitutional, because as the quotes I linked to state, there are many scenarios in which a doctor may prescribe them as medically necessary.

    Your point about it taking her years to come out is ridiculous, by that logic gay people should be able to pretend to be straight if they don’t come out as teenagers because, due to them waiting for years to come out “it obviously is not necessary for [them].”

    You’re making up statistics about trans suicide: 41% attempt suicide, which is perilously high but hardly the 75% you claim.
    In addition, your claim that surgery doesn’t cause suicide rates to drop is based on a quote taken out of context from a single study. Most of the studies agree that surgical interventions cause a significant improvement in life quality for trans folk. That’s sort of beside the point, though, because Ms. Manning has said that she is not interested in surgery at this point.

    On the topic of how much money is given by trans folks to LGBT advocacy groups, please present me with evidence that LGBs solely fund those groups. Your claim that no trans money is going there is ridiculous and unprovable, given that they don’t publish their donors’ names. By that same token, you can’t prove that 98% of their funding doesn’t come from trans donations.

  13. Tyer says

    Lol at the fake Tyler above.

    Rick, if you’re going to impersonate me, the trick is to make it convincing. I’ve never once uttered a transphobic remark on this site. Because I’m not transphobic. But your posts, under your various names, are. So most people just assume it’s you anyway. Silly, silly troll.

  14. KaliMa says


    I’m a transexual individual and I am upset that Kryzie murdered Mylz Dodson, an innocent little boy. My heart goes out to him and his family. He did not deserve to be killed but Kryzie deserves to rot in jail. The issue is plain and simple. Kryzie murdered him and should rot not that she is Transgender. I don’t think it’s just Transgender people that should/will express concern for Mylz, the innocent victim but everyone. She did not kill him because she is transgender. She killed him because she’s an evil person that was stupid enough to not hire a nanny or leave the child in the care of a competent adult.

    To answer your questions with a question, “Why has no trans blogger blogged about these cases? Why has no trans organization demanded “justice” for these victims?” Read this open ed

    I think it goes the same for any LGB organization.

    As far as Donna Perry/Doug Perry, I’m not sure what doctors allowed her transition. Because they have to follow The World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards of care which if doctors had followed, they would have clearly diagnosed her with other mental ailments that transitioning would not have helped. I do hope the women she murdered do get justice.

    As far as Manning, personally if the doctors follow the standards of care then she should get treatment. However, it’s not fair that she can get free treatment and surgeries, if it’s allowed, because transexual/transgender individuals like myself that just want to live our lives and follow the rules have to spend out of pocket because insurance carriers don’t pay for “sex transformations or related services.”

  15. TheDrDonna says

    Kalima, I agree with you on every point, including your last one. However, the way you phrased it is somewhat vague, so I might be taking it differently from the way you meant. I think that it is unfair that US prisons provide treatment for medically necessary procedures that private insurers won’t cover, and I think that the parties in the wrong in that regard are the insurance companies. I believe that those companies are making use of our society’s endemic prejudice against trans people to avoid having to cover transition-related procedures, in order to save a few dollars for themselves. I find that morally repugnant. In the U.S., we should be able to rely on our medical providers to treat any condition with all medically necessary methods, regardless of whether that takes place in prison or in the law-abiding populace.

  16. Vanya says

    TheDrDonna, the issue is not LGB funding. Issue is whether transgenders give money to Lambda, which provides trolls like you with trans information. You used link from Lambda. Do you pay for what you get? Do other transgenders pay? Or do you leach off of gay people like parasites?

    Transgender suicide AND attempted suicide rate is 74%. Learn to read you illiterate! Suicide rate is 41% and then add 33% attempted suicide rate. That is 74%. Name any other group in the whole world with such a suicide and attempted suicide rate. Not even prisoners serving life terms or people with 3rd degree burns have such a suicide rate. Transgenders are sick. Also, studies show no decline in suicide rate after surgery. Not a single sentence, but scientific conclusion of peer reviewed study. Problem is not with body appearance but with mental disease. Best treatment for transgenders is not surgery but confinement to mental hospital until suicide risk is gone.

  17. TheDrDonna says

    Vanya, please provide evidence of the numbers you cite. I’ve heard the 41%, but the 33% is entirely new. Also, please provide, say, three studies that show that post-surgical outcomes for trans folks show no improvement in suicide rate. I don’t mind waiting, but I know it’s going to take a while because you won’t be able to find more than one.

    And, also, you were trying to make the issue about LGB funding and how it is the sole supporter of LGBT organizations, which you can’t prove. You’re the troll here, with your made up numbers and your false claims of consensus, not to mention your strange one-sided analysis of funding issues. Prove me wrong. Show that less than 5% of donations to Lambda Legal are contributed by trans folks. Prove that your suicide numbers are accurate and not misinterpreted. I’ll be waiting.

  18. Vanya says

    Doesn’t matter if Lambda funded by LGBs or by straight people or both. Has nothing to do with my point, which is that transgender do not give money. You cannot point to any transgender donors. You do not say that you give money to Lambda. Why not? Because it is better for you to use them and give nothing. This is what a parasite is.

  19. says

    Donna – ignore this site’s trans-hating cowards. Particularly Andrew who would do the community a big favor by practicing his never-used fellatio “skills” on a shotgun.

    People say Chelsea put Americans in danger – yet can’t cite where, and how, specifically. As for the anti-trans nonsense, it’s all being typed by one miserable man with no life.

    This site’s troll is pretty much like the Catholic League’s Bill Donahue – one loser who likes to pretend he’s many.

  20. says

    Donna – ignore this site’s trans-hating cowards. Particularly Andrew who would do the community a big favor by practicing his never-used fellatio “skills” on a shotgun.

    People say Chelsea put Americans in danger – yet can’t cite where, and how, specifically. As for the anti-trans nonsense, it’s all being typed by one miserable man with no life.

    This site’s troll is pretty much like the Catholic League’s Bill Donahue – one loser who likes to pretend he’s many.

  21. Vanya says

    And look! Its is not just the USA. It is Ireland too!
    Doesn’t matter where transgenders live, mental sickness is part of them. Suicide is extremely abnormal for normal population but is normal for an abnormal population. Should never be allowed in military and should not be given free hormones which working people must pay for.

    “ALMOST FOUR-FIFTHS of Ireland’s population of transgender people have admitted to thinking of taking their own lives, a new survey has revealed.
    A survey commissioned by the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland revealed that 78 per cent of respondents had considered suicide – with 63 per cent of respondents saying they had thought about ending their own lives in the last year.”

  22. Thedrdonna says

    You can’t prove a single gay or straight donor either. They don’t publish their donor lists, so unless you’ve personally donated there’s no proof. I haven’t donated to Lambda Legal, but I have to other LGBT orgs like Freedom to Marry and Equality California. Do you only reap the benefits of those organizations you’ve directly contributed to? Or are you setting a ridiculously high moral standard just because of your own prejudices against trans people?

  23. says

    Donna – hugs to you. But it’s useless. The commenters with their anti-trans nonsense? it’s one dude. one sad dude who will never cop to intellectual honesty. in the words of miss dionne warwick, walk on by.

  24. Thedrdonna says

    Thanks, Kiwi.

    Vanya, it’s interesting how your goalposts move. Suddenly, it’s not about suicide attempts, it’s about suicidal thoughts. Also, I notice nothing to do with pre- or post-transition rates. You can’t provide the data you claimed to have because it doesn’t exist. You made it up out of pure trans hatred.

  25. Vanya says

    Piece on Ireland was a new point. I found the news piece and wanted to share.

    Here is a deal for you. Give proof here of donation to Freedom to Marry and Equality California and I promise that I will post here immediately links to transgender post-surgery suicide studies. I say studies and not study because there is more than one.

  26. Thedrdonna says

    Right, I dox myself and you post a few poorly cited studies that you’re too biased to interpret accurately. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

  27. Thedrdonna says

    Oh, I’m out and proud. Why don’t you post your full name on here, if that’s your criteria for being “out”? Or are you “ashamed” of being gay? Or are you actually motivated only by your bigotry towards trans folks? That last one at least would explain the progressively more and more ridiculous demands you’re making. And you call me a troll? At least the other trolls here manage to keep up. You’re not even good at trolling. How sad.

  28. Vanya says

    You are the troll. You come on gay blogs to make transgender seem normal. But statistic show that it is like walking dead.

    Anyway, I will gladly give my name if you offer something. I offered you something you asked for, which was links to studies. I do that work and give you that information in exchange for proof of donation to Freedom to Marry and Equality California. That is a fair deal. You want second deal and offer me something in exchange for my name, I gladly give to you.

    Truth is you will never take the deal because you know you never gave one dollar to any gay group. You are a liar. Transgender only use gay people and gay groups and give nothing back. Parasite.

  29. Thedrdonna says

    Vanya, I’ve made it clear I’m not going to dox myself. If you don’t know that from my posts already, then I hardly think your reading comprehension skills are up to reading scientific studies. If trying to get personal information is your way of avoiding backing up your broad claims about trans people, then you’re a terrible debater in addition t being terrible at trolling.

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