Stonewall Inn, NYC Gay Bars to Boycott Guinness Over Sponsorship of St. Patrick’s Day Parade

NYC's historic Stonewall Inn plans to dump Guinness Beer and ban sales of it beginning tomorrow, on St. Patrick's Day, over its refusal to drop sponsorship of the St. Patrick's Day parade, which bars gay people from marching, GLAAD reports.

GuinnessPieces Bar and Hardware Bar in NYC have also told GLAAD they will not carry Guinness and GLAAD is continuing outreach to increase the boycott by adding other venues.

Heineken has dropped its sponsorship of the NYC parade over the discriminatory ban, and Sam Adams also dropped its sponsorship of the Boston parade.

Irish Queers will be holding a press conference during this year's parade on Monday 3/17 at 10:30am ET on Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th regarding the parade.

“The homophobic bigotry of this parade is reaffirmed each year by the organizers," said JF Mulligan of Irish Queers, in a press release. "The NYPD’s insistence on sending huge uniformed contingents every year makes it clear that the rights of our communities don’t concern them. Commissioner Bratton hasn’t even acknowledged the community’s outrage. If the NYPD and the City refuses to uphold their own anti-bias rules, how can we trust police officers with our safety?”

Then, at 1 pm on Monday, the group will gather with GLAAD and community activists at the Stonewall Inn at which time Guinness products are to be removed from the bar.

Ford Motor Company is another corporate entity which has chosen to stand by its sponsorship of the anti-gay parade.


  1. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Rather than boycotting Guinness, I pledge to do my part by drinking twice as much Heineken & Sam Adams.

  2. says

    It’s easy for companies like Heineken to walk away from sponsorship, they are not ingrained in the CULTURE of St. Patrick’s Day (Sam Adams wishes it was). This is a cultural event, and Guinness IS that culture. The two are practically synonymous. You cannot have one without the other.

    So here’s my conflict: I get where Guinness, by nature and history HAS to be part of this event, BUT Guinness is also made by a company (Diageo) that is not only completely gay friendly, but is also consistently on the HRC’s top gay-inclusive companies to work for.

    Maybe there is no resolution except the “either/or” argument. It’s like belonging to a country club that (not) surprisingly has no black people or watching the Sochi Olympics on television. Participation in culture sometimes is stronger than participation in politics.

    In this case, I think Guinness should take a stronger stand. Maybe not remove sponsorship… but include a gay float of their own or something. They have leverage here. What are the people going to drink? Coors?

  3. Vera says

    Clap, Clap!

    I mean honestly, we have our own parades, can we just let another group besides our own community have their’s without trying to barge our way in?

  4. trees says

    The Boycott is a long Irish tradition. If no gays are allowed in an Irish-themed parade, I will boycott Guinness and drink Sam Adams Imperial Stout from now on.

  5. GJP says


    If Guinness has so much pull and is totally ingrained in the culture of the parade/the day, then they have a lot of leverage. If their company is truly gay friendly, then months/weeks ago they should have threatened to pulled sponsorship over the issue. Again, if they’re truly central to the parade, then changes would have been made by the organizers upon Guinness’s request. But Guinness didn’t use their power in any meaningful way when they could have, which is really sad when you think about it.

  6. Arkansassy says

    This seems like a lot of fuss over a parade. Shouldn’t our attention be focused on Russia and Uganda where people are actually being persecuted?

    P.S. I love you Guinness and I’ll never boycott your delicious beer :-)

  7. says

    You mean Russia, where gay people can’t march either, Arkansassy?


    Amen to the boycott. Yeah, no gays in the parade. That’s prejudice folks – dont’ stand for it.

  8. Arkansassy says

    @Little Kiwi: Gays have their own parades every year in cities around the country. There’s a big difference between not being invited to someone else’s parade and being arrested for displaying a rainbow flag.

    And I’m sure Gay Pride Parade organizers have their own restrictions on who they will and will not allow to participate. I’ve certainly never seen any fundamental religious groups in a gay pride parade. Is that prejudice?

  9. says

    That’s not a good analogy @Arkansassy, though I agree parade participation in the U.S. is not at all equivalent to the situations in Russian, Uganda etc.

    LGBT-supportive/gay religious groups march in pretty much all Pride parades. Anti-gay religious groups would likely be excluded, for good reason. Likewise, there’s no reason why Irish-supportive/Irish gay groups shouldn’t march in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s not like proud Irish gay people don’t exist. It’s not like they’d be marching in opposition.

    But good things are happening, with boycotts, with pressure from parade sponsors and from reasonable politicians, soon there will be a change in tune towards more openness (and the old leaders will die off) even if they have court decisions supporting the right to exclude.

  10. Arkansassy says

    @Ernie: It’s a perfectly good analogy. Gay Pride organizers don’t invite people to participate who don’t align with their ideology. The same freedom should be granted to others.

  11. says

    Arkansassy, i know you’re a feeble minded trolling plebe, but we don’t have “our own” parades. We have inclusive parades. You should try marching, or viewing one, at some point in your life.

    They’re not merely “not invited” – they’re not ALLOWED to march.

    Your analogies are stupid, and more act as proof that your parents were indeed siblings.

  12. simon says

    What is their ideology? No gays or blacks? Can a Black person be Irish? In other words, can a Black person obtain citizenship in Ireland? Obviously there are a lot of Irish subgroups in the parade. Why just exclude gays? Probably there will be some banners like Irish veteran association or even African Irish.

  13. Arkansassy says

    Unless the people in the St. Patricks Day Parade are holding anti-gay banners and beating up gay people just let them do what they want. There’s a difference between fighting for your rights and being whiney.

  14. says

    @Arkansassy: Who says Irish gay people don’t align with the ideology of a St. Patrick’s Day parade? They’re proud of being Irish. They aren’t against the parade. You were comparing them to anti-gay religious people who abhor LGBT Pride parades. So, no, your analogy doesn’t hold water, or green beer for that matter. I’m not sure what’s so hard to understand about some Irish people also being gay, proud of both?. (Irish groups would be welcome to march in a Pride parade and likely have.)

    Even as the old-fart leaders of St. Patrick’s parades wish to exclude the gay Irish, the fair-minded majority is speaking: political leaders, corporate sponsors, etc. So it will work out ultimately, and not they way the dinosaurs want it to. And part of the reason inclusion will win is the very pressure you call whining.

  15. InspectorGadget says

    Thank you Ernie, Little Kiwi, and Simon for taking a little of your time and energy to decontstruct this troll’s verbal diarrhea.

    I’m not sure if you all are speaking above this individual’s head, or this person’s attitude inoculation is too strong by this point, but thank you for trying. Even if you didn’t get through to this individual, the exercise benefitted you for making strong arguments and readers benefitted from reading them.


  16. disgusted says

    Why can’t gays just be freaking gay and stop freaking pushing there way on everyone it’s like religion if u into it so be it but damn don’t try to force everyone to except it or push it on people damn ok your gay live ure life and shut up wht the hell! Every things gotta scream gay? Look you flakes are never going to get the entire world to accept this abomination it’s a birth disorder common scene should tell u there something wrong with it if everyones gay who the hells gonna procreate the planet two men slamin one another or maybe two dykes bumpin, smh god doesn’t agree according to the bible but lets ignore that fake as religious peps! Everyone gonna be selective now about which parts of the bible to follow this world is a piece of crap

  17. MaryM says

    Diageo is so not gay-friendly. It owns Red Stripe beer which is produced in Jamaica. LGBT employees in Jamaica are not protected from discrimination.