1. Paul R says

    Go ahead, pile on the hate. This series is accurate for a certain type of gay man and can be funny. So of course plenty of commenters will despise it. (FYI, I was close to this about 20 years ago, though often with straight people who were amazed how cheaply gays can drink…haven’t been to brunch in at least 10 years.)

  2. Steve says

    @Paul R

    Because nothing is better on a Sunday morning than drinking cheap champagne with concentrate orange juice.

    I’ll skip the day headache from drinking crap liquor TYVM.

  3. Mark A. says


    Champagne is a sparkling wine not a liquor. Wines are subjected to the process of fermentation, whereas liquors are distilled from previously fermented beverages.

  4. steve says

    I thought it was awesome. gay men, portraying gay men (not drag queens) creating content that is honest and funny and reflects what actual gay men are like in some respect…it was funny, relatable, that’s not easy, and they did it. I hope they continue.

  5. luke says

    this was better than the first ep. speaking personally, i’d hate to be friends with these guys, but being real their venomous words would cut me down instantly.

  6. Lucas H says

    ugh, dating apps really bring out my inner bitter queen. every once in a while i get this masochistic curiosity about who is on Grindr and its always the same old headless, shirtless, closeted torsos as the last time i looked, 3 months ago. most of the people who prowl on there are shallow or immature or closeted or some combination of the above. on the one hand its nice that these apps can facilitate meeting new people but on the other hand they tend to attract a pretty sleazy crowd.

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