1. johnny says

    I realize saying this is shallow, but I want all my news delivered by this man.

    And by “delivered” I mean personally delivered, in my home, up close and personal, with coffee muffins.

  2. Icebloo says

    It’s at times like this I am ASHAMED to be gay.

    All these silly queens commenting above at how cute this guy is so they have already forgotten what this shi%head did to the gay community less than two months ago !

    Shame on you silly, uneducated queens.

    This shi%head stabbed us in the back by taking a pay check, going to Russia and showing his support for their ban on gays !

    His whole career has been based on his looks and his self-absorbed arrogance.

    Most of you silly queens would forgive someone who stabbed you if they had a nice face. You are ridiculous !

  3. UFFDA says

    ICEBLOO – Oh me I’m sooo ASHAMED, I could just toss my curls and shake shake shake the twinkles right out of my boa.

    Get a grip crybaby. Robert’s did nothing of the sort. The world moves on.

  4. Dagger says

    Wow, ICEBLOO how do you really feel! I think anytime any gay man does something that shows we aren’t all cut from the same cloth or follow the “homo” creed(whatever that might be. is a great leap toward homosex acceptance. I’m sure all the gay websites around the world announced that the cute emcee is gay!!

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