1. Rowan says

    Fascinating. I hope they go further in research on ‘mans ability to commit murder’. Are transgenders two different people or does this guy have personality disorder-one is a man and another a woman?

    A serial killer stopped killing. This spits on the face of so much psychological research on psychopaths.

  2. David From Canada says

    Nice try, but no cigar. The dopey excuses that people come up with in order to get out of things, in this case murder.
    When you’ve killed 3 people, it’s not going to be swept under the rug and forgotten just because you’ve changed gender. Douglas/Donna needs help.

  3. will says

    This poor girl is still being tormented by her beastial male side even after the gender reassignment! Men are pigs — they rob and steal and kill and she can’t be blamed for that beause of a simple accident of birth. Society should let her be now so she can concentrate on nurturing her loving, life-embracing female side which is who she actually is.

  4. says

    Being Transgender is not a personality disorder as this woman seems to want to claim. If she has a split personality and her dominant woman personality took over, then I can understand it. Simply being transgender should not be an excuse to get away with murder.

  5. Thedrdonna says

    Everyone changes over time. I’m completely different from the person I was when I was half my current age. That doesn’t absolve me of responsibilities regarding my past actions, regardless of how large a transformation has occurred since then. Claiming that being transgender is a get out of consequences free card is a heinous tactic, and only serves to tarnish trans folk who live blameless lives that don’t involve crime or murder. Let the courts do with her what they will, but don’t bring other trans folk into it.

  6. Homo Genius says

    is it possible that whatever hormones he was shooting made him crazy… no one ever wants to talk about the “roid rage” hormones can cause

  7. Thedrdonna says

    @Homo Genius: it sounds like the murders occurred before transition, in which case she probably wasn’t on HRT. Given that she’s a trans woman, even if she was taking hormones it would be testosterone blockers and estradiol. Both of those cause a reduction in aggression, most notably the testosterone blockers, because “roid rage” is a side effect of excessive testosterone.

  8. says

    The good news is that any intelligent minds, and hopefully there are a few in the court systems, will be able to tear apart this flawed excuse of a “defense”

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Just another reason the trans community struggles to be taken seriously.”

    Yeah, one nut out of three million plus law abiding citizens.

  10. StevyD says

    While change can be good for the soul, it does not absolve you from your responsibilities for what you did before the change.
    Also, the only people who blame the entire community for the actions of one of its members are truly the ones who need a major change, in their heart, in their ignorance, and in getting a life.

  11. Homo Genius says

    @Thedrdonna sorry but anyone I have ever encountered taking any kind of hormone can get a little crazy. And not all so called “trans” people are on some medically supervised program and sometimes self medicate

  12. Andrew says

    Thank you Towleroad for finally covering this story! Transfolk commit crime disproportionately and if Towleroad is going to cover the trans community fairly, then that reporting will have to cover their crimes as well. I look forward to a report on the front-page story from New York City concerning the torture-murder of a 4 year old boy by a “transwoman” who was charged with his care.

  13. Derrick from Philly says


    that’s Rick using Andrew’s posting name. Andrew (a fellow senior citizen of mine) has commented a number of times about working at a LGBT center here in Pennsylvania.

    Andy, is there nothing you can do?

  14. Thedrdonna says

    Homo Genius, why are they “so called”? Why the scare quotes around the word trans? I don’t know how many trans ills you know, but I’ve met quite a few and they don’t seem any more unbalanced or crazy than the rest of society. Regardless, my point was about rage and aggression. That is usually testosterone dependent, and by removing testosterone most trans women find that they are less aggressive, not more.

  15. will says

    The more seriously I take transgender issues, the less seriously I take drag queens. In a way, drag queens are a vulgarization of trans-women. They are to trans-women what blackfaced comics in minstrelry are to african-americans.

  16. Andrew says

    DrDonna makes a good point. Testosterone is related to aggression and violence. Which is why “transmen” who inject testosterone in order to artificially boost their levels are a potential threat to themselves and others. This doesn’t come from me. It comes from the manual put out by the leading advocates for gender reassignment (or “confirmation”) surgery.

  17. Andrew says

    Little Kiwi – Do you see the irony in making death threats in comments on a story about a trans triple murderer? I think you are only confirming the link b/t trans activism and violence.

    Derrick – I am not senior citizen. It may not have occurred to you, but there might be more than one person in the world with the name Andrew. BTW, if you think that there are 3 million transgenders in the US you are deeply deluded, and if you think that the miniscule trans population is law abiding, then you haven’t been reading their own literature.

  18. Tyler says

    Andrew/Sam (aka Rick): you’re making it too easy for us to spot you. Troll more subtly next time.

  19. Tyler says

    And TheDrDonna, please don’t try to run away from this. Your role should not be to belittle or deny violent behavior by transfolk. We all need to condemn trans violence whenever it happens.

  20. Thedrdonna says

    I see that the word “excessive” in my statement about testosterone as a source of aggression is being ignored. Most trans men follow a dosage of 50-100mg a week, which is far below the 250-1000mg/week that some bodybuilders take. That also is in addition to those (presumably) cis men having their own naturally-produced testosterone, while trans men are, figuratively, starting from zero. The literature notes that taking testosterone may increase aggression in a trans man, but that’s not at all the same as saying trans men are dangerously aggressive.

  21. Tyler says

    Lol to Rick who thought it wouldn’t be obvious posting an transphobic comment under my username directly after I posted a comment ridiculing him for his transphobia.

    You seem to spend your whole day trolling, Rick/Sam/Andrew/MaryM/Uffda/Roger. You think you’d be really good at it by now.

  22. Mark says

    “The literature notes that taking testosterone may increase aggression in a trans man, but that’s not at all the same as saying trans men are dangerously aggressive.”

    I am sure that will come as a great comfort to any schoolchildren being taught by a “transman.” Or to any employer who issues a firearm to a “transman.” Anyway, if the “transmen” wind up killing someone, as they threatened to do to lesbians attending a music festival recently, they can always say that it was their female alter egos that did it. And if that doesn’t work as a defense, they can use “the cis scum deserved it” defense.

  23. Tyler says

    Hey Mark, you got any proof? I mean of teams people were threatening cisgendered, lesbian women at a music festival, surely it would have been reported somewhere. But who needs proof when you can just demonize an entire group of people with scare tactics and false reporting because you think they’re icky.

  24. Thedrdonna says

    The range of blood testosterone levels that naturally occurs in cis men is usually between 290 and 1300ng/dL, while trans men aim for 500ng/dL. That means there’s cis men out there with almost 3 times the testosterone levels, but I don’t see anyone worrying about those people. It’s almost like that concept was only brought up to scare people about trans men.

  25. Knock says

    Which is the more reasonable position, that transgender people can (and do) commit crime, or that pointing out that they commit crime is bigotry?

  26. Thedrdonna says

    Nobody is claiming trans folks don’t commit crimes. You’re a bigot, though, if you start making claims that being trans is a causative factor in being a criminal. Sort of like bigots claiming that gay men are predisposed to be child molesters, which is patently untrue, but bigots like to blame a whole community for the actions of a few bad apples.

  27. Uhhuh says

    It is not a “few bad apples”. It is barrels and barrels of apples. And disturbingly, many of the “bad apples” – such as the convicted killer CeCe McDonald or the trans protesters who actually disrupted a memorial service for murdered women in Canada – become heroic apples to the trans community. This suggests that transgenders operate under a moral system alien to the rest of society.

    Correlation does not prove causation, but it is the an important step in that process. Now that we see correlation, let’s commit the resources to investigate whether transgender is causative of crime.

  28. pak kid says

    i stand with women and girls against violence by trans activists. 2 b gay is 2 b a feminist and this requires us to stand against those who inflict violence on women

  29. Thedrdonna says

    PakKid and UhHuh, do you have any proof of that that doesn’t come in the form of a link to a TERF-operated hate site like GenderTrender? I haven’t found anyone yet who could back those claims up without a lot of mental gymnastics and referring to the work of well-known bigots.