Westboro Baptist Church Pastor Fred Phelps ‘on the Edge of Death’ According to Son


Fred Phelps Sr., pastor the Westboro Baptist Church, is near death, according to a message posted to Facebook by his estranged son Nathan:

I've learned that my father, Fred Phelps, Sr., pastor of the "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptist Church, was ex-communicated from the "church" back in August of 2013. He is now on the edge of death at Midland Hospice house in Topeka, Kansas.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Terribly ironic that his devotion to his god ends this way. Destroyed by the monster he made.

I feel sad for all the hurt he's caused so many. I feel sad for those who will lose the grandfather and father they loved. And I'm bitterly angry that my family is blocking the family members who left from seeing him, and saying their good-byes.

NatephelpsNate Phelps, as you may recall, left the church and became an LGBT advocate.

Nate appeared on an interview a few years ago which revealed quite a bit about the church:

"In his first in-depth television interview, he tells journalist Peter W. Klein about a childhood dominated by a fear of going to hell, and says the Westboro Baptist Church shares some of the same traits as a cult. Phelps says his father regularly beat his mother and 11 siblings, used racial epithets and blamed the world’s problems on homosexuality….In the interview, Phelps says that his father was once a brilliant and well-respected lawyer who led several anti-segregation cases and was honoured by the NAACP as a civil rights hero. Nate Phelps now considers himself an atheist."

You can watch the interview HERE.

Patheos adds, of the news about Fred Phelps:

I just got off the phone with Nate and he confirmed what he had written. The rumors had been flying for several weeks, he said, but after a conversation with some of his fellow “excommunicated” family members, he found out that the rumors were true. He elaborated on that final line, too, saying that the Phelps family is now blocking anyone who is no longer with the church from seeing him, including Fred’s sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews.

Why was he kicked out of his own church? Did he have a change of heart near the end of his life? There’s no definitive answer to that and Nate has heard different things (so any explanation is pure speculation right now).


  1. Jere says

    For the past several years I’ve thought he looked more creepy than The Adams Family and The Monsters combined. He will soon be spinning on a pig roast in his own hell that he so believed in. I hope he ends up next to Jerry Falwell. They should have plenty to talk about in between bar-b-que’s.

  2. RayRay says

    ‘Excommunicated’ from his own Church? That begs for details.
    Sorry for your life of hurt as that man’s son Nathan but not sorry to see him go.

  3. Macmantoo says

    Probably excommunicated for having sex with too many of his kids or grandkids. The guy was sick. May his death be extremely painful.

  4. Jonathan says

    JJ, “next of kin” is a singular person, not a category of persons. Nathan has no rights to see his father or participate in discussions of his end of life care, I believe his wife Margie is still alive. If she is, she is his next of kin and would have complete control both of his medical care and who can and cannot see him. If she is dead or incapable of making those decisions, I’m sure the family has vested the position of next of kin in Shirley Phelps-Roper, his daughter and current leader of the church. Neither of which would have any reason to include Nathan or any other former church member in this process.

  5. HAHA-NO says

    Is it bad that my first thought was “YAY! Good riddens!”? I certainly don’t wish any ill will to another human being (Yes even Fred),but it felt good knowing his days are still coming to an end soon. I suppose it’s the emotion I’ve felt reading his signs at a gay pride event in the 90’s and listening to the words of hate his family spewed from their mouths personally.

  6. Mags says

    My first thought was, “May that filth-riddled hate-mongering sewer of humanity burn in hell.”. And then I thought that’s not very Christian of me… Wait, I’m not Christian. May his legacy disappear with him, may it be forever forgotten, and may we never hear of this excuse and absurdity of a human being again.

    Oh wait, how much do you wanna bet that Sarah Palin or any of her Tea- crazy ilk will start touting his “ground-breaking” preaching and godly love for Sainthood.

  7. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    Well, despite the inner angst and rage that the mere mention of his name provokes, we should all take the high road and wish his family well as they struggle to deal with his eventual passing and how it will manifest personally within their lives.

    While a monster to the world, to his spouse and loved ones he is a close and dear family member and will be missed. We should be respectful of this strange, peculiar dichotomy that is his reality.

    Let us all try to be our better angels. Now more than ever.

  8. says

    Odd how things come about sometimes.

    One article about extreme homophobe Fred Phelps dying followed by another one about hugging homophobes.

    Humanizing homophobia. Putting a human face to an idealized hate. That’s what turns hearts more than anything else. All the religious & political rhetoric melts away when the person you’ve been taught to hate is standing there in front of you as another human being. Your childhood friend. Your co-worker. Or is seen as the young civil rights fighter. Or as someone’s father. And finally as an old man lying in a Hospice bed dying.

    Is Fred Phelps really no more than the hate he sewed? If we actually witness an old man lay dying in a Hospice bed and think of him as nothing more than the hurt he caused we’ve failed in our humanity. We need to forgive him. Forgiveness breaks the bonds of hate that hold us back. Show up at Fred Phelps funeral not with signs of hate but with signs that say ‘we forgive you.’

  9. Jeffrey says

    Phelps is a disgrace to Protestants everywhere. I’m praying that he repents of his terrible sinfulness and rebellion against God’s Word.

  10. Zell says

    I will miss him as a demonstration of true Christian belief. The Bible says we should be stoned to death, and Phelps was at least honest about that and didn’t try to reconcile his atrocious faith with a more enlightened reality like the ridiculous milquetoast religious moderates that are far more prevalent and dangerous.

  11. says

    I forgive you Fred Phelps.

    I will never forget the evil you stood for while alive nor will I stop fighting those that think like you while wearing other masks but I do forgive you. Go meet your Maker’s judgement.

    Nathan. My condolences for the life you’ve had to live and admiration for the remarkable turnaround you’ve been able to achieve despite it.

  12. Mags says

    @Moz, it’s more like a Board Committee type elections: when you haven’t been spouting a certain number of absurdities, and attained a preset degree of hatred and ridiculous abject phobia in a given trimester, you automatically lose your place to the next in line in the race for guessing/psyching “god’s” thoughts unto the weak gullibles.

    Yes, there are places where “hearing voices in my head” is regarded as the summit of lucidity.

  13. says


    It’s a shame that such a decrepit people would be taken from all the “GOOD WORK” he’s been doing. Maybe GOD hates him?? Who’s up for picketing his funeral??



    “next of kin” can be plural or singular. It’s like the word “family.” One can say, “he is my only family,” (singular) or “they are all my family,” (plural). “Families” would refer to multiple groups of people.

    Similarly, there are no “next of kins.” The word is open and categorical if, for example, we don’t know who the person or persons are. It is singular if we do and address them individually.

  14. Mags says

    @Serge, now that is a BRILLIANT idea. People in his area should definitely picket his funeral! How about “God loves all his LGBT children”, “God does not discriminate”, “God was Gay for your love!”… Any other suggestions for picket signs should we picket the old homophobe’s burial.

  15. RayRay says

    To those advocating a funeral protest stop and think. You are stooping to the level of the very thing you despised about Westboro. For me that is unconscionable. Stay away from the funeral. Leave the family to deal with their loss however they choose to handle it.

    Let history show that those Fred Phelps worked to victimize took a higher road.

  16. TomTallis says

    He hasn’t appeared in public in several years. Dollars to donuts he’s in the last stages of dementia and was probably the victim of a palace coup. There’s a good chance (assuming the excommunication part of the story is true) that he never knew that he had been excommunicated.

  17. Bernie says

    here’s hoping Mr. Phelps has a long and painful death and when he gets to hell, he is tormented by those he harassed and picketed……the absolute hate and disrespect he displayed at the funerals of those who died serving our country is unforgivable…….

  18. Arkansassy says

    If there’s any justice in the world, there will be a mass of people holding “GOD HATES FRED PHELPS” signs outside his funeral for his grieving family and friends to enjoy!

  19. Moves Mysteriously says

    The LGBT should be prepared to mourn. Our community owes Fred Phelps a tremendous debt of gratitude. There goes one of our biggest (unwitting) advocates. He was a gift. Mysterious ways, indeed.

  20. RandyNovak says

    @ARKANSASSY Why would any rational person lower themselves to Fred Phelps’ level?

    He’s just a mentally ill old man with a damaged, mentally ill family.

  21. Mags says

    Really @RAYRAY? You’re preaching to those who have had enough of sanctimonious preaching whether in the name of a deity, an ideology, or some entitlement in looking down their noses on those who do not abide by their way of living.

    Looking back at what that Baptist church had done, the lives ruined, the hatred spewed, the disheartened sadness it added to those who were burrying loved ones lost at war, all the phobia, the misogyny loudly preached at the most inopportune of times gone unpunished in the name of Free Speech, isn’t it time to let those who had been slighted the right to demonstrate how godly love can be beautiful and embracing?

    Why not wear your Sunday best, carry your best of “God loves…”Pickets, the ones full of messages of love and tolerance, and drown their moment of saying goodbye to one who was filled with hate, with powerful hymns. It’s rettribution with a most positive and powerful message.

  22. says

    And those people will be no better than Fred Phelps. That’s what he did. Picket funerals. There is no justice in picketing a funeral.

    @Jim in Colo said it perfectly. Let’s all try to be our better angels.
    Stay away from the funeral. The absolute absence of protest will speak louder than anything else.

  23. kdknyc says

    And, since their oxygen is publicity, another reason to do nothing, make no public spectacle that the press can seize upon. Any protest, ANY protest or demonstration, would just give them more of the attention and publicity they crave. Let him die with no notice whatsoever in the press, no publicity surrounding it.

    That he was excommunicated from the “church” he founded. Telling, and poetic justice. Even if he had dementia and didn’t recognize it in the here and now.

  24. Alex Parrish says

    He didn’t deserve our attention when he was active: he won’t deserve it when he is dead. let him be forgotten and all his evil deeds with him. Picketing him will give his death the notoriety he craved and sought. ignoring his death will not. Let him be forgotten — forever.

  25. Mags says

    Yes, let us all just turn the other cheek, let us all stay still and silent because that is *exactly* what history remembers: the holier than thou attitude that brought down the bullies, the homophobic churches and the likes of the Tea Party.

  26. unokhan says

    @moves mysteriously: exactly. at this point his departure is unlikely to take much steam out of advocacy’s sails, but he has been for years a blessing in disguise

  27. RayRay says

    Didn’t think I was ‘preaching’ Mags. I was asking you to stop and think about the bigger picture, the long range picture of what protesting a funeral would produce.

    Protesting at funerals is what Phelps was despised for. You’re proposing to do the exact same thing that Fred Phelps was despised by cloaking it in a righteous indignation.

    No one would have cared for Fred Phelps if he protested in the streets. It is the fact that he protested at funerals that made him so very loathsome to everyone. Think about it. Do you personally want to carry that same loathsome mantle? Do you want our struggle to be stained with the same loathsome policies that Westboro Baptist is universally despised for?

  28. Mags says

    Unlike who post under different names, encouraging and congratulating their own selves on their innate thinking, i’ll post under my own name on why it is on the contrary important to picket this particular burial.

    You preach apathy, inertia, maintaining a holier than thou attitude, while watching those with courage fight for the rights that you with all hypocricy profit from. Your right as a memeber of the LGBT community to be, exist equally and not be persecuted was not won by YOUR SITTING ON YOUR ASS. It was won for the likes of you by those who dared speak loudly, those who dared demonstrate, and those who held their ground for you.

    Picketing that loon’s burial with messages of love would most probably shame his followers, and send the public a clear message what the community stands for and is not afraid to show it.

    Silence has never been an option when dealing with hate-mongers, for silence was always equated with approval.

  29. Paul B. says

    ditto MAGS…let’s do a big gay party in Topeka when he kicks off. I’m packing already.

  30. TB says

    The only place Fred Phelps is going after he dies is six feet under or a crematorium. Better yet and to paraphrase Sofia Petrillo; put him in a steel sak on the curb with the rest of the garbage.

    He’s in his hell now. I hope his last days are even more miserable. This is just desserts for his abhorrent and psychotic actions no amount of repentance in this life will give him redemption. Fred you should wish for the overdose because the pain will only get worse. Death rattles soon. Haha Enjoy hell Fred you deserve it.

  31. RayRay says

    One of our movements largest drawbacks but also it’s greatest strengths is that there is no elected office holders and no official policy. We bounce ideas off each other and come up with plans on discussion boards like this one. We all approach our struggle from different perspectives. Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do personally, just offering different views. Go to a few other boards and see what others are saying, what ideas they’ve come up with. My personal opinion is that I’d hate to see any gay activist take the Fred Phelps path. That we all need to measure the consequences of our actions for ourselves and the larger movement. That said do what you think best Mags and Paul B. You’re passionate to the point of attacking other’s activism (that you know nothing about) and have convinced yourself that protesting this man’s funeral is somehow different than when he protested a soldiers funeral or Matthew Shepard’s funeral. My advice is that this is something you’ll regret. Do with it as you think best.

  32. Jason Macbride says

    Fred Phelps lasting legacy will be that his extreme hatred of gay men and lesbians caused many fair-minded people to rethink and abandon their own prejudices.

    That said – good riddance.

  33. says

    I was powerfully affected by Fred Phelps, in the form of anger.

    Because of him I created a number of websites with names starting GodHates…

    Based on the same Bible Fred used, and my own research, I determined that God also hates Barbers, Brats, Crustaceans, Equal Rights, Mixed Fibers, Pork and Vaginas. These domains are all still online. Maybe I’ll keep them online as a tribute to Fred Phelps.

  34. mike says

    As Jim Morrison’s grave is the most visited perhaps Fred Phelps grave will be the most pissed on.

  35. Mags says

    So now suddenly you speak of EXCHANGING ideas! Love it when someone backtacks after PREACHING to “stop and think”, to “not stoop”, because everyone who uttered anything not in-line with your thinking has not stopped and thought what is important for them to do. Still a most entitled, unaware brat.

    My first response to @SERGE was one of light joking, but oh we must not have any of that mirth here! But why not let those who were closely subjected to that despicable church’s wrongdoings offer the same harsh interruptions, although my suggestions were of messages of love and hymns, let those who had to burry their loved one to the despicable cries of god hates fags give some well-deserved retribution.

    If you had stated your opinion as gently and kindly as that last part of your comment, instead of accusing people of not thinking an stooping to these idiots level, pinion on the subject would have been received as just that, an opinion. But there you had to add to it. To call inertia andy apathy ACTIVISM, the meaning of acting on an ideology is now represented by apathy. Look, agree or don’t agree, no problem. Participate or stay inert is no problem either, but don’t put your entitlement to apathy in the way of Activism, that is just encouraging passivity in watching history being done in spite of our standing as an important part of society.

  36. woodroad34d says

    Ooooo, is Freddie in for a shock. Celestial Daddie is gonna give him such a spankin’!

  37. Kevin thor says

    May this disgusting piece of excrement have a most painful death. I spit on his grave.

  38. stranded says

    I won’t let hate consume me. That’s exactly what Fred wants. I know his legacy will continue through his cult and the world is watching in disgust. As a refugee from religion that’s meant I have lived without a family, I really feel for Nate and he has my great admiration for taking such a vocal position against his father’s destructive legacy. I wish for Nate the peace that his father would not give.

  39. jexer says

    Stranded has it right… Do NOT picket Phelps’ funeral, it would please psyco Shirley way way too much.. The crave the attention.

    On the other hand… Feel free to express yourself by taking a huge steaming dump on his grave.

  40. SteveInDE says

    I wish him a long long life. And may he spend each minute recalling how much less painful the minute preceding it was.

  41. RayRay says

    I tried being nice to you in every post but you’re obviously spoiling for an argument.

    My very first comment to you was to ‘stop and think’ about the consequences of what you’re advocating. You did nothing but grow more beligerant in every reply since while accusing me of preaching. Reread your posts. Reread mine. See who did the ‘preaching’.

    There is no backtracking other than you with you ‘light joking’ explanation now. You advocated for protesting a funeral. I disagreed and explained why I thought it a bad idea. That is the definition of exchanging ideas. Is that a new concept for you? You advocated again for protesting a funeral even more strongly and directed an attack at me. I tried to let you attacks pass with do what you think best but even that isn’t good enough for you. Now you just need to fu*k off.

    Your false equivalency of silence = approval for a funeral non protest are patently absurd. No one in their right mind would think that a non protest of Fred Phelps funeral by the gay community means approval.

    One thing that is absolutely certain is that a protest of his funeral would arm detractors with the argument ‘No better than Phelps’. What do you think the Matthew Shepard Foundation would say about a protest? Or LGBT soldiers? Or Veterans? Do they want their names associated with protesting a funeral? Or is it all about what Mags defines as activism ‘well-deserved retribution’?

    Or is that more of your preaching commentary that we should all somehow magically know is joking?

  42. mike1969 says

    Don’t forget to take out family members with you when you go Fred! Your kind will be welcome in your hell!

  43. MarcusIT says

    Eeeyeah. Sorry Ragtag, but you were a tad arrogant in your earlier comments. Might rub people the wrong way.

    As for this sad SOB, let him burn slowly in hell. What he and his clan did to the families burrying soldiers was inhumane, if you ever witnessed them in action and hear the weeping of those who lost someone dear while these numbf**k!ts chanted, it was heartwrenching dipped in mute rage.

  44. Will.i.aint says

    Do not understand what would be so wrong in peacefully demonstrating with signs and chants of love , or, how showing godly love is exactly stooping to their level. Because love is exactly what their picketing is about.

    Whatever, just die Fred, and as many have already stated, may it be painful and may you take the rest of your ‘church’ with you.

  45. says

    it’s actually sad when people leave this earth before redeeming themselves. instead they leave the legacy of hatred and shame. Mr. Phelps will have plenty to talk about with Jerry Falwell and Jesse Helms.

  46. Mags says

    Oh honey stop. Either pick up a brush and start painting a “god loves sign” or just stop with the congratulatory fapping. You started with being preachy, and you’re ending with being a bit on delusion. Serge’s comment on that part of picketing Fred’s funeral was obviously a snark, a tit for tat as was my reply. Do not put words into my mouth, and concentrate on the subject at hand. Also, I don’t know if you have any idea what the families of dead soldiers truly went through; the brother of a friend died in Afghanistan and they picketed his funeral. The worse thing ever witnessed, like intentionally and masochistically adding salt to already a very raw bleeding wound. How anyone could ridicule them in hoping the same, is beyond redeeming.

  47. JackFknTwist says

    Someone wrote that Phelps was a member of a ‘Protestant’ church.
    If so he passed through life without any understanding of that great Protestant King, Henry of Navarre, and that great edict of Toleration, the Edict of Nantes, which recognised and gave expression to acknowledging and tolerating different creeds.

    But with Phelps profound ignorance is exactly that, profound ignorance. He probably never heard of Henry of Navarre.

  48. RayRay says

    ‘You preach apathy, inertia, maintaining a holier than thou attitude, while watching those with courage fight for the rights that you with all hypocricy profit from. Your right as a memeber of the LGBT community to be, exist equally and not be persecuted was not won by YOUR SITTING ON YOUR ASS.’

    So this was your first reply for a ‘bit of snark’ when I asked if you really want to protest a funeral? Who’s doing the fapping Mags?

    I’ve lost family and friends in every war since VietNam. I know first hand the devastating heartache of loss of young loved ones.

    Next time someone says ‘let’s think about that’ don’t defend it as ‘well deserved retribution’ and assault them for an entire thread and then condescendingly try to pass it off as you should have known it was snark.

  49. Mags says

    As always, very wrong. My very first comment in regard to Serge’s was:

    “@Serge, now that is a BRILLIANT idea. People in his area should definitely picket his funeral! How about “God loves all his LGBT children”, “God does not discriminate”, “God was Gay for your love!”.
    Any other suggestions for picket signs should we picket the old homophobe’s burial.”

    And of course you replied with preaching on how we should behave. See, you can’t even read what is right there in front of you, fap-fapper :D.

  50. Jeffer says

    I’m for picketing. If anyone in his family still loves him and have supported his views, let them feel the pain and embarassment of having a private family moment disturbed with chants against their system of beliefs. Rot ininfernal hell Phelps.

  51. John in Iowa says

    Once he’s dead, all that will have to be done is to give the SOB an enema and then they’ll be able to bury him in a matchbox.

  52. RayRay says

    Try reading again Mags. I quoted your reply to me, not Serge.

    ‘To those advocating a funeral protest stop and think. You are stooping to the level of the very thing you despised about Westboro.’
    That’s what I said about picketing his funeral. If it was snark why not just say ‘hey Ray, just snark’ ? What I got was the condemning reply I quoted above about my worthlessness as an activist for saying take the high road, to not resort to the despicable tactics of Fred Phelps. Then more replies defending a picket before finally saying ‘it was snark’ and that I should have known it.

    Now in your last reply you finally get around to admitting just how demeaning and denigrating it was for your friend’s family to experience what I asked you to think about in my first post. ‘Stop and think about it’ which you finally did after attacking me and uselessly defending picketing a funeral for an entire thread. But in your mind I’m mentally fapping.

    Your posts are usually very insightful and well reasoned. I wouldn’t have commented on your post today unless I thought you serious. From now on I’ll know better.

  53. RayRay says

    Thanks for the critique. Something I need to work on perhaps. Message boards are fairly new to me.

  54. Mags says

    Again with the condescending and misuse of commenting. My friend’s funeral experience with that church was exactly why I thought people should be given the right to picket Fred’s funeral. In no way did I condescend in preaching to them to stop and think, for I understand the hurt they carry from that particular experience, and believe In their right to get a bit of retribution. Although again, I would fight that baptist church with messages of love, not hate.

    And if you thought my past commenting to be insightful and well reasoned, i can assure you, my insight on LGBT rights and reasoning against entitlement and discrimination have not changed. Maybe your pattern was a bit condescending, and instead of your opinion on the subject, you in fact preached for apathy, silent reproval. No one wins in this, so enjoy your quiet evening while I paint my signs for LGBT rights. As you said, we all fight against discrimination in our own way.

  55. Chuck says

    I want to add to their “Numbers” list on their website (since It’s impossible to leave them a message directly):


    Number of hateful founders you will shortly have


  56. MarcusIT says

    RAYRAY no worries man, stay cool. Like you stated, comment boards are meant for discussion, not emphatically reproaching others’. I’m sure you and Mags will get over this and learn to communicate with each other effectively. We are here, for the most of us non trolls, for the common goal of human rights. Peace.

  57. RayRay says

    ‘Again with the condescending and misuse of commenting.’ Priceless.

    Enjoy your descent to Phelpsville. You have the right attitude.

  58. MarcusIT says

    Maybe it was a bit subtle on my part, but not emphatically reproaching others’ was meant for you my friend. Like I said, you were a tad condescending in your 1st posting. And telling a regular they’re on their way to Phelpsville is not really aiming to as you say, working on how you communicate on boards. Mags has certainly her faults, but she takes LGBT rights to heart and is against bullies. Both in this lost what the common objective was, which is for Phelps to burn in hell.

  59. Jeffer says

    @MARCUSIT, exactly right. The only one on their way to hell is dear Freddie, as for Phelpsville, doubt any LGBT member and supporter would go anywhere near. Especially one who had repeatedly said in her comments God loves fags… What a nasty word.

  60. Cilonen says

    I find it poetic justice that pastor Fred Phelps was harshly rejected by the harshly rejecting church he created, and that he is denied healing opportunities the way he denied others.

    I find it kinda sad to read this thread; some of you have been really harsh with each other. It sucks to see non-trolls, who all seem to be LGBT, expending so much energy being heated with one another.
    I think it’s the posts themselves that really get us going on the first place, then some of us come on the comments to vent and wind up offending someone else or being offended by someone else, and then REALLY get into it.
    Relatively recently I made a booboo, and JJ, who I know is not a troll, immediately told me something to the effect that I could never possibly even dream of making a positive contribution to LGBT equality. Wow.
    Thankfully someone going by the name of Wolf stepped in and said something that allowed me to STOP and ‘walk away’. If I could remember it right I would repeat it here…
    Please be nicer to each other.

  61. Baz says

    I say picket. Let them get a taste of their own medicine. But some have stated there should be positive messages, I’m all for that.God after all is never hate.

  62. JOSEPHL says

    Although I get why some preach for taking the highroad, the Westboro Klan does not understand what it means and it will not make a dent in their obtuse prejudiced mindset. The highroad is used with those that possess a bit of common decency. Those a**holes would only keep going until someone starts bullying their everystep. Remember, Anonymous was the only one effective in shutting them down temporarily at least. Not even the authorities were able to accomplish that much. I say fight fire with fire is exactly what some need to finally understand the wrongness of their actions, or at the very least to put an end to their public displays of hatred. Curious thoureddie boy got the boot, would be interesting to know the whole story of that horrible sect.

  63. StevyD says

    While his body may still live, nothing of importance has been alive in that heartless, soulless, and brainless coprolite for years.

  64. *****overTX says

    Do you really have that much time in your life to spend even a minute hating this sad excuse for a man? I shall hear of his death and simply say “goodbye to bad rubbish” and go in with my life and not give him another minute of my time or a second of thought in my life. When he stops wasting oxygen, there will be more for the nice people that I know.

  65. rallyxx says

    Him, McCain and Limbaugh are the deaths that I am looking forward to, to be honest. And I dont even care.

    also, it’s pathetic these nutbags just follow the Bible because they are afraid of hell. Like it is supposed to be a guideline in passing damnation, like it’s the DMV. As if God works like that.


  66. SoLeftImRight says

    On a very short list of people whose deaths in our time make the world a better place. Jesse Helms was another one.

  67. MikeL says

    May he pass comfortably to the other side where he will see the error of his ways and become truly enlightened.

  68. Bill says

    People who are suggesting picketing his funeral might want to ask how his estranged descendants would feel about it.

    Meanwhile, since he was allegedly ex-communicated from his “church”, would they even have a funeral? If he does have one, I can imagine the WBC picketing it – for the PR as it would be the sort of story that the media would not pass up.

    Then there’s the “John Waters” version, where they bury him in a secluded spot at the edge of
    the cemetery, adjacent to an office park where
    parking could be used at night to access the dance
    floor they’ll build over his grave (so the grass doesn’t get trampled).

  69. Richard says

    I understand why some want to take the high road, but picketing his funeral seems altogether fitting and proper — and an acceptable show of defiance against relentless homophobia.

  70. thom says

    ..we all better watch out for Witch Mountain Mascot, Shirley Phelps Roper. She is going to be ridin’ than broom harder and faster..or at least as fast as her born-out-of-wedlock son can push her. I want to be charitable here. The old goat is passing. Fine. Okay.Maybe in pain,maybe not. He has done as much for us (the dreaded gayzz!…eeek!) as any hater out there. He was up front and unapologetic for his crazed views…many “religious” types out there sugar-coat their hate and try to make us feel that perhaps they MAY be softer on us Gayz…RIP Fred. You aren’t going to heaven (if there is one), but have a front row seat in the bowels of Hell….Please refrain from picketing his funeral (if there is one) and pissing on his grave or urn of ashes. We are better that this trash and we should move on with gratitude that he has left us. His homophobia finally did him I..It was virulent and toxic and soul-destroying. It pretty much killed him, as it should have. Peace on the family clan of Satan. Repent before it is too late. You are all in danger….wait, on second thought, go to hell.