American Decency Association: Satan is Behind Pro-Gay Honey Maid Graham Cracker Commercial

Honey maid ad

The American Decency Association, an evangelical advocacy organization that opposes alleged pornographic and vulgar media content, is joining the anti-gay boycott of Honey Maid graham crackers over the company’s feel-good “This is Wholesome” tv ad last month that featured a same-sex couple with their children. 

Writes ADA’s Steve Huston:

It’s not a matter of acceptance; it’s a matter of an evil agenda which is being pushed upon America and around the world. Satan continues to attack God’s design and skew it to his own workings. He continues to take words like “wholesome” and “family” and twist them for his own purposes. He takes a symbol of God’s promise (the rainbow) and hijacks it, twisting it to his own design. Satan calls it normal; God calls it sin. We live in a day when “evil” is called “good” and “good” is called “evil.” That which is meant to glorify God (family, the church, etc) is being taken and bent out of shape until it is hardly recognizable. –

Who knew the prince of darkness had such a sweet tooth that he'd use Honey Maid to push his own agenda?

[via RightWingWatch]


  1. HadenoughBS says

    I don’t know about your claim, ADA, but, in my household, I think it’s my love of satin which is behind the indecent thoughts I have about wholesome graham crackers.

  2. Burt says

    This just shows how desperate these people are when confronted with a changing world. Their other arguments haven’t worked, so now it must be graham crackers promotions.

  3. Nick says

    For a good chuckle check out the list of accomplishments on their web site. If ADA is so concerned with “pornographic and vulgar media content” why not also look at the glorification of guns and violence.

  4. northalabama says

    i bought a box last grocery trip, and i’ll buy another box next trip. may not even eat them, maybe i’ll donate them.

    i’m still trying to figure out why god created gay people who support satan in his devilish works, then kill straight people and followers with natural disasters following gay events – i’m so confused…

  5. Esther Blodgett says

    I feel this man is preaching to the choir, but how many in that choir actually believe what he is saying? It is this sort of talk that makes a man a buffoon among his own congregation?

  6. gregorybrown says

    Do ADA members hold decent cookie parties with CoupleDozenMoms? No grahams (except for a stale confection called Franklins), nothing touched by unclean Girl Scout hands.

  7. tim S says

    I haven’t had grahm crackers since I was a kid, I will buy a box of honey maid the next time I am at the store.

  8. TampaZeke says

    You HAVE to see the new ad that they made in response! It’s better than the original. They took the haters on and smacked them down with more love.

  9. lalagirl says

    What a beautiful commercial. It shows diversity and acceptance and the real world. Gay people existed even before the bible so shut up people

  10. mike says

    WOW – we are buying 100 boxes of honey maids and giving away in our dental office waiting room

  11. Louis Cyphre says

    Can the ADA and every other “Christian” group please get together and come to terms with which Testament you are going to preach and follow?? You sit in your safe little narrow minded worlds preaching the HEBREW bible (Old Testament) but claim to be christian … By every definition of the word – hypocrite
    Until a sane intelligent person can come forward with an all accepting unifying message of peace, love and free will WITHOUT judgement …. I will continue to eat my Honey Maids while looking out my living room window lusting after the Transgender partner of my neighbor down the street!

  12. Susan says

    Decency? Seriously? You people are indecent in every way. You preach hate and you live by a book of violence and hate. Shame on you ADA

  13. Reality Check says

    The only vulgar thing here is that a hateful, bigoted opinions as expressed by this organization exist. I mean really… do you guys listen to yourselves and what you say?