1. Billy says

    Do people really give their number to random people on the street? Can we have a short conversation first to see if there’s a general interest? Not just “hey you are cute, can we go on a date”

  2. EchtKultig says

    IMHO, not funny, not at all original, and exploitative in a way that would be politically incorrect w/other minority classes.
    (would anyone enjoy a video where white patrons of a hair salon are encouraged to get cornrows because “hey man, you look kinda black, it would look good on you”)

  3. EchtKultig says

    BTW it’s not “the gay” or “the lesbian” version, because these are straight people making fun of gays or lesbians, not gays or lesbians

    more apropos would be male version and female version

  4. Mycenaeus says

    The girl hit on other girls around her age who were by themselves. Oddly, the guy spent most of the video hitting on guys with kids, guys walking with their wives, guys who were with their friends and a couple of senior citizens, so it’s not surprising her got more rejects.

    The girl seemed to be trying whereas the guy had to have known some of the people he approached would be an automatic no.

  5. Håkon says

    I mean, I recognize that he does come across that exact situation, but I wish they had let the camera roll longer… I wonder how far the straight actor would be willing to expand his own comfort zone.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    MYCENAEUS, the guy also added, “Oh, I thought you were…”, whereas the girl never said that. He was more committed to creating the awkwardness.

  7. Mycenaeus says

    The guy also blurted out “oh…you’re not gay?” at the first sign of hesitation from another guy. The girl took any initial hesitation as a sign to keep trying without saying “’re not a lesbian?”, and she did end up nabbing a few chicks that were on the fence.

  8. Håkon says

    Also, he should have been more forceful with the bigot from West Africa. Why didn’t he ask him why, if Nigeria, Togo, Benin, et cetera were so perfect, then why does he live in California?

  9. Sergio says

    “The guy also blurted out ‘oh…you’re not gay?’ at the first sign of hesitation from another guy.”

    Yeah, I thought that showed that the actor wasn’t fully invested in taking on a gay role. The girl was definitely more committed.

  10. EchtKultig says

    “Also, he should have been more forceful with the bigot from West Africa. Why didn’t he ask him why, if Nigeria, Togo, Benin, et cetera were so perfect, then why does he live in California?”
    Right, but his point was cheap laughs and youtube views, not being an activist who gives a damn about anything.

  11. BobN says

    I could never imagine asking a stranger for his number, but in the grand scheme of things, I think a person wearing a tail would be pretty easy to start with.

  12. Pablo says

    I don’t think it has to do so much with the guy’s approach as that it’s just different for gay guys. Seems more acceptable for a girl to be “curious” and test out the waters, than it does for a guy to do that. That’s probably why he seemed to be more awakward.

  13. AJ says

    I honestly think, whatever the intention, this was an exercise in self confidence. If this guy could ask these people out on the street, what’s stopping anyone from approaching the cute guy/girl in the bar. I cringed so hard!

  14. GregV says

    I find it rude to tell people they’re attractive and then say, “No, not really; I said that just to show your reaction on YouTube” (as I assume happens after the camera cuts.
    It’s also nonsense to assume you someone is or isn’t gay because he accepts or declines to give his phone number to a total stranger.
    As for the African homophobe: If California is a “disaster,” then why did you choose to leave that $h;thole you came from. The door is wide open, so please leave. There are millions of others who love California.

  15. sugarrhill says

    I love that the only person to utter the word FAGGOT gets no mention, but the trolls naturally focus all their attention on the African man, that though spouted religious crap remained civil.

  16. Sean Maloney says

    Ironic that the homophobe is confined to a wheelchair. Hey, bud, my gay tax dollars are going to support your ignorant fat butt. Now, walk! #itsamiracle!

  17. GARY says

    Before the internet, you absolutely had to ask for someone’s number. There were times when I was certain I’d get the digits. Others, well, not so sure.

  18. Bobby says

    I appreciate the attempt but this makes gay guys out to be predatory and that all it takes is to be gay to go on a date with someone. Every time he got a “no”, his reaction was, “Oh, you don’t go that way” when it should have been, “Why not?” regardless of their sexual orientation. There are LOTS of gay guys I would not date and it would not be because “I don’t go that way” because I do.

  19. JMC says

    For those of you who are rubbed the wrong way by this, know this guy has a TON of YouTube videos where he awkwardly picks up women under different ridiculous situations, like with a (fake) visible boner. Awkward pickups are just his schtick.

  20. Reality says

    I think it shows something interesting… a guy going up to a girl would never be called a derogatory term or told they were going to hell … this is how far we still have to go. just by asking for a phone number you put yourself at risk.

  21. Paul R says

    Yeah, this is hardly representative of most of the country. Also, she’s a lot more attractive than he is and, even in this stilted setup, is more comfortable. He either doesn’t know how to ask people out (if this can be considered asking someone out) or isn’t comfortable with the gay angle.

    Also, almost everyone she asks is part of her demographic in terms of age and race. That helps explain her high success rate: people are more comfortable around and likely to date people with whom they share superficial characteristics. (Also, women are less threatening than men.) And when she failed, she usually waited for the other woman to explain why.

    He, on the other hand, seemed interested only in shock value, and asked a lot of older people, black guys, and guys with friends, wives, girlfriends, and/or kids nearby. So he knew he was wasting his time and came off as a lech, lunatic, or desperate buffoon. (Note: I’m obviously not suggesting that black and white guys don’t date, but it’s still a different dynamic.)

    It was mildly interesting from a sociological perspective, but it proved/taught nothing. I doubt it would have been any more informative if he’d gone after white guys his age, but at least it would have been more comparable.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never asked anyone for their phone number immediately after meeting them, and I’ve never given anyone mine in that situation. I doubt (or at least hope!) those women would have given out their numbers so readily to a male stranger.

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