Behold! The Harvey Milk Commemorative Stamp!

Harvey_milk_stamp Stamp News just revealed the design for the U.S. commemorative "forever stamp" honoring San Francisco political figure and gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

According to

The stamp will be issued on Harvey Milk Day, May 22, in a location or locations yet to be determined. Both Washington, D.C., and San Francisco are potential first-day cities. U.S. Postal Service officials announced the stamp subject in October 2013 but have not formally revealed the image.

As we reported last fall, "the campaign advocating for a stamp in Milk's honor began back in 2009… [this] stamp will be the first to feature an openly LGBT elected official."

The Washington Blade also has an in-depth story on the contentious campaign to get the stamp made in the first place.

(via Joe.My.God.)


  1. Dback says

    Was kind of hoping for a nice drawing, but this is a great picture of him and I love the little rainbow spectrum in the corner.

  2. Tyler says

    Styler (Rick), we get it: you’re trying to be shockingly cruel and sociopathic with every comment you leave. Predictable troll is predictable and sad.

  3. Randy says

    Finally, something I can put next to my Matthew Mitcham stamps.

    Stamp collecting is pretty cheap if you’re looking only for gay leaders.

  4. Lee says

    I’m so excited to get this and keep it. What a treasure, and what a great way to honor him.

  5. Bernie says

    I think when this stamp comes out, the national and other gay groups should do a massive mailing to the anti-gay right wingers with this stamp on it! I am semi-serious about this! and that would be worth every penny to see the recipients’ faces!