1. a theory says

    Maybe it has hasn’t gained traction with gay audiences because the host and his actions are irritating?

  2. Wavin' Dave says

    Or? Wild guess here: he’s annoying, not funny. What is less than a one-trick-pony? An amputee pony.
    Get a day job!

  3. basementmatt says

    If he was actually funny, he’d be noted in the gay community. He isn’t, so he’s not. Don’t insult my intelligence to make up for your lack of comedic appeal.

  4. MIke says

    I usually think his running in the streets schtick is funny but this one wasn’t particularly and after the same thing 20 times it isn’t as funny as the first time.

  5. Paul says

    Don’t understand all the hate for him in the comments lol. I think some people hear need to take a chill pill :)

    Personally I usually like his frantic on-the-street routines.

  6. vwdavy says

    “There’s still a lack of awareness about the show in certain mainstream circles, and outside of the independently, culturally minded urban gay man, the general gay population is out there watching Bravo, and I’m not on Bravo”

    “Really? Really? Really” -Amy Poehler, Weekend Update sketch, SNL

    If you’re not funny, and just ignominiously unfunny and entirely, ingratiatingly, petulantly and predictably annoying, even your fellow gays will drop you like yesterday’s catchphrase. Bravo? Really? The Andy Blandy Cohen Network? Hardly. Watching ‘Three’s Company’ reruns, followed by ‘Supertrain’ and ‘Manimal’ marathons is far more entertaining, and absolutely less predictable.

    “there should be a stupidity tax……..”

  7. Little Twatti says

    I didn’t realize that all gay eyes were glued to Bravo and were not part of the “comedy community”. The things i learn here.

  8. Rowan says

    The problem is that gays on blogs in the media only talk about who they want and fair enough, it’s THEIR blog but why this has anything to do with what a vast community likes I’m not sure which therein lies the issues I have with ‘community’ and ‘my people’.

    His beef should be with After Elton which is supposed to research and write about everything that is gay related, be it a person or the content.

    When thenewgay tried to work for another side of the gay community, people were so vile, weird and angry in the comments that it wasn’t worth their energy. But that is the mainstream (gay/straight) for you, they hate anyone different.

  9. Harris says

    ‘if it’s not joan rivers or kathy griffin it’s not funny to me as a gay man’ -SHUTTHEFUCKUP! HE”S FUNNY!

  10. Rolf says

    Maybe it’s because the gay community no longer finds a Paul Linde style loud, obnoxious and irritating house faggot even vaguely amusing, but straights still enjoy this type of ‘humour’.
    “Independent, culturally minded gay man” my ass.